Virginia to Teach Critical Race Theory to Newborns | #teacher | #children | #kids | #parenting | #parenting | #kids

by James C. Sherlock

George Orwell, call your office. A copy of “Virginia’s (New) Birth-to-Five Early Learning and Development Standards” is on your desk.

For our readers, go here and click the March 19 VDOE press release to download.

The Commonwealth has published “Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning” since at least 2013. They were excellent but voluntary. 

Progressives cannot abide voluntary.

They have always considered parents the biggest obstacle to turning kids into little “social justice” warriors. Virginia’s General Assembly progressives have fixed that problem. The new program is mandatory unless you keep your kids at home until they must by law attend K-12.

Where your kids will get a “late” start on that journey.

Parents have no voice, much less rights in the matter. That is a progressive definition of heaven. (If that word has not been cancelled — hard to keep up.)

House Bill 1012 and Senate Bill 578 approved by the 2020 General Assembly transferred the authority to license and regulate child care programs from the state Board of Social Services and Department of Social Services to the Board of Education and VDOE, effective July 1, 2021.

It was the implementation of a plan pushed by Governor Northam. See here the changes to the law that go into effect July 1.  

A program with the same goals could be managed in a way that actually helps. It is a good idea to provide child educational guidelines for care givers. Virginia has been doing it for years. And doing so brings federal money with it. 

But there is absolutely no indication that the current Board will run this program either beneficially or competently. If experience and the new Standards are guides, it will bring the same dogma, heavy hand and chaos to child care centers, family day homes and preschool programs that the same Board has brought to K-12.

The Board’s new Standards “updated” existing standards that were two years old, clearly because the Board felt those standards did not sufficiently focus on “equity,” “cultural competency” and “culturally-responsive and inclusive standards.” If you think that was a problem, you will be happy with the new version. The new law also comes with new licensing standards and twice-yearly inspections of child care centers, family day homes and preschool programs.  

So, if you need child care in Virginia, your child will be taught critical race theory. From birth. If you don’t like it, stay home with your kids.

We await programs to instruct in vitro.

The standards will be published as regulations by the Board. The inspections will be conducted by the Department of Education.

What could possibly go wrong?

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