Visiting Plymouth Massachusetts

We recently took a trip to visit Plymouth, MA.  I have never been so I had no idea what to expect….would it be too boring for my two boys?  Would it be much more than taking a quick peak at Plymouth Rock?  Well, I’m happy to say that we all had an excellent time!

We made hotel reservations at the John Carver Inn right in downtown Plymouth.  We chose this hotel because it boasts

John Carver Inn

an indoor theme pool and 80-foot water slide which is right up my boys’ alley!  My boys are 7 8 years old, so this was the perfect entertainment for them.  They would have spent hours in this indoor pool area if we didn’t drag them away to eat and tour Plymouth further.

The John Carver Inn has a restaurant called the Hearth ‘n Kettle on location.  The food is ok but what we loved was that the John Carver Inn included vouchers in our vacation package that gave us $40 off of our dinner bill.  We also enjoyed the pool room (as in billiards), the arcade with many “The Claw” machines and an air hockey table that we played several times.  There is a small weight / exercise room near the swimming pool area, with just a few machines and weights.  The Inn had a gift shop and also a spa.  The one thing I was disappointed about was that they don’t have a laundry room.  Some rooms include internet and some do not.  We were also able to play video games in our room for $6.95/hour…which seems to be a typical price.

We started our tour with Plymouth Rock itself.  As you probably know, Plymouth Mass is quite historical.  There are several books out there relaying the history of Plymouth and Plymouth Rock such as Who’s That Stepping on Plymouth Rock? and also On Plymouth Rock which both tell the history behind the Pilgrims, Plymouth Rock and the first Thanksgiving.

Plymouth Rock

My boys were mildly disappointed that they couldn’t actually touch or climb on the famous rock as it is behind a fence and down lower than the ground level where you stand.

We then walked over to the Mayflower II which is a full-scale reproduction of the original

Mayflower II

Mayflower.  We visited on a very chilly and windy day, just a few weeks before the full tourist area was available to us.  The Mayflower II begins offering tours during mid-March where you can actually climb aboard and experience what the cramped quarters were like in that voyage of 1620.  You can also read more about this voyage in a wonderful and educational book titled Mayflower 1620: A New Look at a Pilgrim Voyage.

Our next visit was to the Pilgrim Hall Museum.  I have to admit, I was pulled into that time as we worked our way through the museum on a scavenger hunt for various artifacts with a difficulty level geared towards each of their school grades.  I was fascinated with what these people all went through, as were my children.  The facts of the voyage are incredible.  It took 66 days for the voyage in a ship that only traveled 2.1 miles per hour.  There was no privacy.  The food and beverages were scarce except for beer which even the children drank.  There were pregnant women aboard as well.  Just amazing.

We ended our museum tour in an area of the museum where they were doing crafts and various activities that my kids loved.  As one wrote with a quill pen the other was making an old fashioned story book.  They had dream catcher stations and an area to make Wampum beads which the Indians used as money.  The museum admission was inexpensive and the kids got to leave with a memento from that era.

All and all, I would do it again but in warmer months.  We all had a blast!

Have you been yet?


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