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Vital child safety traffic law | #schoolsaftey

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — City and school leaders in Buffalo are looking into a new means to keep children safe on the bus by installing stop arm cameras as students begin the new school year.

A parent tells 7 News reporter Yoselin Person installing the cameras will help keep thousands of kids safer everyday.

“When we send our children to school in the morning. You’re trusting them. You’re hoping that the driver is going to drive safely,” says Nia Badger, a parent/teacher in Buffalo. “You’re hoping that the drivers of the other cars are being safe. This is a way to ensure safety.”

During Tuesday’s common council meeting “Bus Patrol America” Executive Vice President Steve Randazzo made his case for why the company’s cameras should be installed saying it will help enforce traffic laws around stopped school buses.

“And help provide video evidence packages to law enforcement for them to review to enable photo enforcement around the school bus stopping law,” says Randazzo. “And the hope is to be able to make the roads safer and the children safer. The ride to and from school is safer.”

Buffalo Common Council member David Rivera is all for this new initiative.

“Anybody that passes the school bus should be penalized and they should be conditioned to obey the laws,” Rivera says. “Laws are in the books. This is another mechanism to enforcing the law.”

But others like council member Rasheed Wyatt are skeptical of the way the stop arm cameras would be managed.

“I’m very hesitant. I’m definitely for the safety of our children, but how that played out,” Wyatt says. “I think many of us would be hesitant to say that the city is going to do another campaign to address safety.”

If this new proposal goes into effect all 634 city school buses will have cameras installed on them.

“It’s 2023. It’s time to have exterior cameras on,” Badger says. “It’s time to make sure we absolutely ensure the safety of our kids, our future. And I think this is a great way to do it.”

Councilman Rivera says if this proposal receives approval next Tuesday then they’ll begin their contract with Bus Patrol America.

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