Wake school board gets confidential security update after fatal student stabbing | #schoolsaftey

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — The Wake County School Board’s safety and security committee is re-assessing its school violence prevention plans.

That committee went behind closed doors Tuesday to get what the chair called “confidential security updates.”

“As a parent myself, I understand that feeling and knowing that there are things that I want to know that my children are safe,” said school board chair Lindsay Mahaffey.

Following the fatal stabbing of a 15-year-old student at Southeast Raleigh High School on Monday, board members are grappling with questions about safety and security.

Board member Tara Waters represents the Southeast Raleigh High School community. She is grieving with those impacted by the death of the student.

“The work that we are going to do today and moving forward will help us to come to a place where we can ensure the safety of our students in our buildings and bring healing and hope to our community,” said Waters.

While some neighboring districts have recently added weapons detection systems, Wake County schools does not have that. It’s unclear if that will change. It should be noted, however, that district officials have not confirmed whether the weapon used in Monday’s stabbing was brought in by the suspected student or acquired somewhere on campus.

Some of the district’s current security measures are visible, like the visitor check-in system, staff security badges and cameras. Mahaffey says families should know there are other invisible layers of security.

“We do have to have some things be more confidential so that our children are safe. And that is a request from law enforcement agencies as well,” she said.

CBS 17 asked the chair if she believed the current measures were enough to keep students safe.

Mahaffey said, “I think we have to always continuously be asking ourselves that question, which is why we had a safety audit back in 2019. So that we can make sure that we are continuously doing as much as possible to keep students safe.”

With Tuesday’s security meeting taking place behind closed doors, it’s unclear what more the district may consider to keep students safe.

The safety and security committee’s meeting was scheduled before Monday’s events. The board was expecting to discuss a potential clear bag policy. That conversation has been tabled for another date.

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