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A ban on the use of snares and glue traps to catch animals has come into force in Wales this week. However there have been warnings from a rat catcher that the move will be a catastrophe for town and city centres where vermin populations are already growing hard to control.

This measure, the first of its kind in the UK, was included in Wales’ first Agriculture Act and the ban on snares is a Programme for Government commitment.

Upon announcing the introduction the Welsh Government said that snares, sometimes referred to as cable restraints, cause a great deal of suffering to animals and are indiscriminate as they can harm species they are not intended for such as otters, dogs and cats. An animal caught in a snare can endure acute pain and suffering.

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Similarly glue traps cause suffering to the trapped animal, including the rodent it was intended for and other animals such as cats. If pets such as cats are caught in a glue trap it can tragically lead to the animal being put to sleep as a result of the injuries sustained.

However one pest controller said that the ban on sticky traps will make it far harder for them to control vermin in cities. Speaking to the BBC pest controller Gareth Davies said that the rat problem had never been so bad and that some of the rats were “the size of a small cat”. He added that the ban would be catastrophic while agreeing that the sticky traps were barbaric.

Gareth said he hadn’t seen the rat problem as bad as it is now in his four decades in the industry. He told BBC Wales: “I was in a city centre restaurant on Tuesday and got called in by a customer… I located this rat wedged up inside between an oven and a fryer, and it was huge. It’s the biggest rat I’ve seen.”

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