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A dream was the impetus for a book by first-time author Leslie Williams.

Williams’ first publication, “We Did Something About It”, was released this weekend. The book has its roots in the trial of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Williams kept up with the investigation and sexual trafficking component of the case. As the lawsuit began to unfold, she could not hold back how she felt.

“I felt powered to talk about this subject of sex trafficking. While composing the book, I had a dream about what I was writing about. During that dream, I was able to picture out how I wanted the book to go,” Williams said.

The book follows Dr. Emilia Burke, a single mother and psychology professor at Dartmouth, and Ravi Weiss, an Israeli hacker who developed a program to identify sex trafficking hot spots. It highlights two people on the same mission to put a halt to sex trafficking exploits around the world. Emelia and Ravi travel globally to hunt down the sex traffickers and help save hundreds of women and children.

As Emilia embarks on a journey full of uncertainty, she learns that there are aspects of her life that are beyond her control. Whether she realizes that she can’t stop sex trafficking altogether or her intimate feelings towards other characters, it highlights the main idea of what Williams wants to send.

The book brings more light to a topic that matters deeply to Williams.

“It makes me very, very angry. As a mother, I can’t imagine how that feels. It so prevalent in so many places, and I get so enraged by hearing that,“ said Williams.

“The aspect I find most important in the book is that if you see a problem, find the empowerment to fix that issue and do what you can on a personal level,” Williams said.

From the start, Williams wanted to be a part of something much, much bigger. Williams was born and grew up in Alva and graduated from Alva High School in 2000. After a stint in the Army, Williams joined the Walters Police Department as a reserve officer.

“I joined the military and the reserves because I wanted to help something that was bigger than myself,” she said.

“I’ve been wiring stories since I was a little kid. A few years ago, I made a bucket list, and publishing a book was on the list. It’s been a lifelong dream and it is a blessing, almost unreal to even think,” she said.

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