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Warner Bros. to lose $200 million for standing by alleged sexual predator Ezra Miller | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Hollywood may be over the #MeToo movement, casting it aside in favor of newer, woker appeals to BLM and the alphabet mafia — but audiences are clearly not. The inexplicable decision of Warner Bros. to stand by serial sex pest Ezra Miller and release his starring superhero film, The Flash, is set to cost the studio a whopping $200 million loss.

In case you’ve forgotten about Miller’s rap sheet, the actor has been:

  • Filmed choking a woman at a bar
  • Arrested for second-degree assault after allegedly throwing a chair at a woman’s head
  • Accused of grooming a then-12-year-old Native American girl and supplying her with drugs and alcohol
  • The subject of a restraining order granted by the Standing Rock Sioux tribal court, protecting the girl
  • The subject of two restraining orders obtained by the family of a different 12-year-old child, whose parents allege Miller was also harassing
  • Accused of housing a mother and three small children in a farmhouse filled with loose firearms and marijuana use
  • Charged with felony burglary, facing up to 26 years in prison (Miller pleaded not guilty to burglary but guilty to trespassing, leading to the former charge being dropped)


And for some reason, Warner Bros. decided to make Miller their next marquee star. Why? Perhaps because Miller claimed the most protected class: the mantle of gender identity. And I say this not because Miller just happens to be nonbinary, but because he has used his gender identity specifically as a defense for his actions. (I tried originally using Miller’s plural pronouns, but for the sake of basic reading comprehension, am trying to avoid pronouns wherever possible.)

Miller initially came out as “queer” in 2012 but didn’t debut a preference for “they” and “them” pronouns until after these recent accusations of violence against women and children. During one of the many arrests, Miller accused the police of hate crimes because an officer addressed the actor as “sir.” When the officer in question said he was just trying to be “respectful,” Miller said if the officer used the salutation again, “it is an act of intentional bigotry and it is a technical hate crime according to U.S. federal law.”

If that’s how Miller spoke to a police officer while being detained for a violent assault, how do we think Miller would speak to studio executives considering shelving The Flash?

But while Warner Bros. may not have considered Miller’s crime spree disqualifying, audiences thought differently of allegations of violence against women and children. Here is some basic math proving the point from box office guru Luiz Fernando.


Warner Bros. spent north of $200 million on the film’s production (well after the choking incident) and $150 million on marketing. Within the States, The Flash garnered $55 million during its opening box office weekend and $15.3 million during its second weekend. Globally, the film has grossed just $212.5 million. Even if global revenue tops $300 million — far from a guarantee, given box office fatigue over superhero movies more generally — Warner Bros. will lose close to $100 million. But studios do not take all the profit, and the film’s total box office haul may reach just $280 million. All in all, Fernando tallies potential losses at more than $200 million.

Even if C-suites have been hijacked by the woke mind virus that places more importance on pronouns than the safety of women and girls, customers have not. Perhaps producers will remember the lesson the next time they consider whether to protect and promote a predator.

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