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Be careful not to fall for another one of these scams!

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With the advancement of civilization, many good things emerged, an example of this was the internet. However, the evil has also been updated and now these “virtual bums” are taking advantage of the innocence of old people and outdated people to carry out unimaginable financial scams.

We have reached a point where we receive more information than our minds can process. This opens up many opportunities for us to fall for scams without even realizing it.

For example, even a simple uppercase or lowercase letter in a URL can confuse our minds and cause us to fall for a phishing scam without realizing it.

So it is important to emphasize that in the same way that technology advances toward the positive side, it also advances toward the negative side. More and more hackers and scammers are taking advantage of flaws in the system to turn the internet into a “lawless land” where they steal everything and get away with it.

An example of this is the new Cryptocurrency-romance scam, a modality where scammers pose as “possible” romantic partners on dating apps to influence their targets to download an app and invest in fake crypto accounts, thus giving a financial and loving blow to the victim, who, defenseless, ends up bursting into tears because he can’t do anything else.

And even though this may seem absurd, it has been widespread in the last year. The worst thing is that as investments in cryptocurrencies are “not traceable”, the victim will never be able to recover the amount taken by the scammers — Taking an incalculable loss and with almost zero chances of return.

But the worst thing is that this is just one of the scams that are being applied out there. There are several others, much more dangerous and harmful, where you don’t even have a chance to protect yourself unless you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Thinking about this, I have selected some scams that you should keep an eye on in 2024 and be suspicious whenever something like this appears in front of you.

One-Time Password (OTP) Bot Scam

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