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Warnings issued for ‘frightening’ AI-powered deepfake video circulating social media | #datingscams | #lovescams | #facebookscams | #datingscams | #love | #relationships | #scams | #pof | #match.com | #dating

Martin Lewis, a financial journalist, and broadcaster, has announced there is an investment scam circulating social media that is a deepfake video of him.

The BBC reports that the scam advertisement has “widely circulated” on social media platforms, in particular, Facebook. The video was created using AI-powered deepfake technology that was trained with video and audio of Martin Lewis. Once the model is trained, its creator is able to get Lewis to say anything, and in this case, to promote a scam that encourages people to sign up for a project that’s “backed” by Elon Musk. The project was described as a “great investment” and “legit“.

Lewis spoke to BBC Radio 4’s Today and said, “My name and face have been the subject of scam adverts for many years, I get countless reports every day. This is the first deepfake I’ve seen with me in it… it’s already difficult enough to persuade people [about scams]. I’ve had friends of mine get in touch with me at times saying ‘hey, I’ve just put some money in that investment scheme you’re advertising’. I don’t advertise, I don’t do investment.


This isn’t the first time that AI-powered tools have been used to get industry figures to unlawfully promote scams, or products, as it was only in February that social media platforms removed a deep fake video of Joe Rogan promoting a “libido booster for men” supplement called Alpha Grind.

I don’t think it’s perfect but it’s the first one and this technology is improving at a rapid speed. And frankly, it’s disgraceful and people are going to lose money. We are scared of big tech in this country and we need to start regulating them properly. Vulnerable people are being scammed and nothing is being done about it,” added Lewis


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