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Community Members Speak Out on the Importance of an Inclusive Library Amid Calls for Defunding.

At the center of the debate is the inclusion of LGBTQ literature, sparking a fiery public meeting that was so packed it had to be restricted by the Sheriff’s office. The community is speaking, but is anyone listening?

Ivy Van-Patterson, a local library volunteer, took to the podium with a laser-focused legal critique. “It’s a very small percentage of patrons that are driving the narrative of book banning,” Van-Patterson said, citing the Virginia Human Rights Act of 2020 and the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Miller v. California as evidence that book bans and segregations are not only socially unacceptable but also legally indefensible.

Theo Walls, a 16-year-old transgender high school student, dubbed the effort to defund the library as “ridiculous and dystopian,” pointing out that libraries offer crucial support for everyone in a community, especially marginalized groups. “This could contribute to high suicide rates within the community,” Walls warned.

Chrissy Colvin, from the Happy Creek Voting District, broke her silence at the meeting, admitting that her previous quietude was not agreement but misplaced trust in decision-makers. “What legacy do we want to leave behind?” she challenged the leaders, cautioning that civil rights lawsuits could be on the horizon.

Samuels Public Library Board member Mac Hobgood lauded the library for its efficiency and effectiveness. “It serves the community better than any library in the world,” Hobgood declared. Implicit in his remarks was the idea that the library, which also depends on 8,000 hours of volunteer labor annually, is worth every cent of public funding it receives.

Hobgood subtly tackled the underlying debate around LGBTQ-inclusive literature, stating, “We want to keep the books that should be kept,” an apparent nod to the library’s role in serving the entire community, not just a subset of it.

Kelly Clark, a long-time Warren County resident, introduced another angle by bringing up alleged instances of dishonesty among county supervisors. He also mentioned a questionable payment of $20,000 for consulting to Thomas Hinnant, who heads the group “Clean Up Samuel,” describing it as a possible indication of corruption. “What we need is integrity, honesty, transparency, and accountability,” Clark stated.

Susan Brogan spoke highly of the library’s role in the community, calling it superior to libraries in wealthier counties like Fairfax and Loudon. Meanwhile, Shelby Wetzel, John Cermak, and others emphasized the library’s role as a vital community center and warned against the dangers of even small acts of censorship. “Let’s do better for our children,” urged Noel Williams, drawing attention to Virginia’s poor educational performance.

Joanna Artone, who grew up closeted in the county, perhaps delivered the most emotional speech, reminding the community that the decision to remove LGBTQ+ materials could have life-and-death consequences. “It could literally save lives,” she urged.

The Warren County Library debate transcends simple arguments about public funding or community resources. It’s a battle for the soul of a community, echoing larger conversations about civil rights, legal frameworks, and the role of public institutions in shaping societal values. As Van Patterson concluded, “This is about logical consistency and the importance of inclusive representation.” A resolution has yet to be reached, but whatever the outcome, it will inevitably set a precedent for other communities grappling with the same issues.


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