Was ‘Snoopgate’ a counter-measure to hacking?

Details coming out of the ‘Snoopgate’ scandal surrounding the Indian cricket administration seem to be getting murkier by the day. It is now coming to light that the decision to hire UK basedSECURITY and surveillance company Page Protective Services sometime between 2013 and 14 to spy on certain ‘high profile individuals’, could have possibly been a counter-intelligence measure on part of some leading cricket administrators to monitor and eradicate a serious hacking threat.

Reliable sources owing allegiance to a certain lobby in the cricket board said an exclusively rented office in a ‘swankyHOTEL’ IN CENTRAL LONDON had been in use for close to two years, solely to hack emails and phone records of some prominent and influential individuals in India and overseas.

Without pointing fingers at anybody in particular, sources in the know of developments said: “This London office had professionals working on a 24×7 basis on laptops and computers, looking to lay their hands on any shred of data they could. And this kind of hacking wasn’t restricted to just the BCCI. If this were to be thoroughly investigated, it would open a can of worms. Of course, BCCI was one of the victims.”

No investigation has been ordered yet to look into who authorized the hacking inTHE LONDON HOTEL. Sources said that the private data hacked during this period – some of which got leaked in the media and involved cricket, politics and business – may have far-reaching consequences if left in the wrong hands. “It goes far beyond cricket administration. If the truth comes out, there can be serious implications,” said the source.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/top-stories/Was-Snoopgate-a-counter-measure-to-hacking/articleshow/49877642.cms

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