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Thursday June 08, 2023 (2 hours, 19 minutes ago)

WEST YARMOUTH –  [HN NOTES]  –  As you will hear in the following HN Video, at around 1:20 a.m. this morning –  6/8/23 –  Yarmouth Police squad cars rushed toward a local barroom for a man reportedly throwing rocks at the establishment.  According to police radio transmissions, he reportedly had just been “ejected” after “trying to solicit” “the barmaid.” 
While responding, officers learned their suspect was an older man who had just driven away on a bicycle. 
As you’ll see, HN was about a block away when a patrolman discovered the suspect turning onto a gravel side-road that runs beside a large white pachyderm (perhaps better known as the landmark ornamental elephant that occupies a couple of parking spaces outside of the old Big & Tall shop on the corner of Route 28 and Pierce Street).
The officer made contact with the suspect without incident, as additional cars arrived to assist. 
The man was obviously intoxicated and voluntarily submitted to a portable breathelizer test.  The “pbt” reportedly showed he was almost three times the legal limit.  Officers determined it wasn’t safe for him to be out riding around intoxicated on a bicycle, placing him in protective custody as the investigation into the alleged rock throwing continued. 
Back at the bar, officers gathered witness information and details about what had allegedly just occurred.  A female witness was then given a ride inside a cruiser from the bar to the parking lot next to the white elephant, in order to “show up” and get a look at the man officers had detained.  And she was able to positively identify the suspect… 
David Husband, age 62, a homeless “Level III” sex offender, convicted in 1999 of Assault With Intent to Commit Rape and Indecent Assault and Battery on a Person Aged 14 and Older, was advised that he was now under arrest for vandalism related to the rocks he allegedly had hurled outside of the bar.  (At this time, it’s unclear what the damages were and what the official charges will be.  HN will provide updated details as they become available.) 
David A. Husband, A.K.A. Dave Husband, A.K.A. David A. Alexander was transported back to Yarmouth Police Headquarters for booking.  The following HN Video highlights the arrest and includes actual police radio transmissions…

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The initial details contained in the above report are based on police radio transmissions and information on scene. All defendants are presumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. The post ***  WATCH ***  LEVEL III SEX OFFENDER ALLEGEDLY TRIED TO SOLICIT BARMAID & STARTED THROWING ROCKS WHEN KICKED OUT first appeared on Hyannis News – News & Information for Hyannis Cape Cod.

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