Way Beyond Broken-Romans (Catholics) & their Recruits Must Fall! | #schoolshooting | #parenting | #parenting | #kids

Longstanding and continuous plotting and carrying-out of Catholic’s stealing and purging is and has been happening here in Contra Costa County, California, to fund their diabolical, insidious-underground genocide and ethnic cleansing rampages, known as Network Terrorism. In our times, they simply change how they force their supremest terrorist regime’s goals and gain massive financial support by stealing and pillaging while you (their targets) suffer as you are being subjected to their clandestine “Sex Slander Scams Act”, as well as hundreds of thousands of their defiant attacks to take and keep control while you die. You must not allow yourselves to be recruited. Instead, outsmart them and “Make America Pure** Again, FOREVER!”

I Facebook announced the publishing of Part 7, Way Beyond Broken, for July 4, 2020, at 8:00 a.m., and the Nazi government changed the date on my computer and iPhone, poisoned Winnie, my service dog again, and caused a flood in the basement of the Gestapo Jewish Ghetto apartment I’ve been forced into so I do not have hot water. Therefore, the delay of posting for this Patch version.

1. Boys are taught to view females as sex objects (holes). For example, this offensive chant was taught at St Kevin’s private Catholic boy’s school in Australia and used in public in 2019 because the Catholic Church Vatican wants their wicked ways in public and to harm the most vulnerable part of the women’s body and make that normal, fun and silly; “I wish that all the ladies were holes in the road, and if I was a dump truck, I’d fill them with my load.” (Click here for ABC News, Four Corners, “Boys Club: Private private school privilege and a culture of cover up / Four Corners”, Published February 17, 2020.) Somebody taught the boys. They weren’t born to act out sex and hate terrorist cultures. In another boys club rap, notice how they refer to the girls as, “fake”? Part of that is because the Catholic schools teach the girls to be thespians of snobbery and launch antagonistic wars against their male counterparts and that’s considered equal. There was a horrific sex offender case perpetrated by the athletic coach at the same school on a male student victim who was shunned by the school and the subject of the Catholic, “New Inquisition and Perdition”***. The sexually abused student became panic-stricken and had to be hospitalized which is the genocide process of the Catholic Vatican Order unbeknownst to the child-victim. The statement by the news group, “Despite the school’s insistence that it does not tolerate bad behavior, Four Corners has uncovered evidence of how a desire to protect reputation at all costs has allowed a toxic culture to flourish.”, reflects exactly the Contra Costa County legal system, our represented offices, law enforcement and the California medical profession. Decades later, if the Catholic Vatican is allowed to control the legal system, as it is here in California, this victim will be targeted again under Catholic Perdition and his (or her) terrifying childhood experience will be used against him and he will be blamed for other sex offender’s horrific behaviors, be sexually slandered and victimized again and possibly lose all his property, livelihood and life and even exploited by mental health workers using and pushing drugs. What the Catholic Church wants is for victims to experience gender confusion, sexual deviance, commit suicide or hopefully die from undetected Catholic purging methods. This is what we are experiencing here on a regular basis through Cruel Catholic Traps at all government levels and with their family and friends.

2. In an investigative interview on standardized child sex abuse by Jesuit Priests, Peter R. and Wolfgang S., in Germany, the Catholic Nun, Sister Carolina, allowed the offender to live with her to cover-up his abuses. She executes the exact same female heterophobia and misandry that I identify as the nefarious methods utilized by the people in our government here. She claimed that the abused children’s family were to fix the problems, the sister was to warn the other sister, and pretends that the children could have spoken to her without claiming responsibility that she was already blaming them as she admits and believes that the child is to be blamed for sexual predatory behaviors of the priests including doing favors. (Click here for “Abuse in the Catholic Church / DW Documentary, English version published 2019). This is exactly why the people at our legal system clandestinely set-up my blood family members that I haven’t seen for about 20 years, my co-workers, people I knew and people that simply happened to be where I had been, and they terrorized them too.

Rape Mentality Conditioning and Converting

3. In September 2017, two teenage boys, one was a student from De La Salle, Roman Catholic school for boys, raped a teenage girl from Carondelet, Roman Catholic school for girls, both schools are located next to each other in Concord, California. The other boy was sentenced to 9 years in the Department of Juvenile Justice. However, even though Superior Court of California, Contra Costa County, Judge Rebecca Hardie, stated to the media in September 2018 that she would announce the sentencing for the De La Salle sex offender, there is no article that I can find, so far. Why is this? Is it because she sentenced him to a treatment program and gave him preferential treatment because he’s Catholic and the other boy isn’t? There was another rape case involving a De La Salle high school football team player at the same school and his sentencing is stated as up to 10 years in the juvenile system, which means confinement. In a news article, it is reported that his father is a registered sex offender and claimed his son was innocent. (Due to Cruel Catholic M.O.ers removing content from my civil fight for justice article series, I’m refraining from linking the relative articles for these local cases. You can look it up online for more information.) Women legal officials praised both female victims for speaking up. Why won’t the women in the legal system praise me and the other Encina victims? Notice how the government women give preferential treatment to Catholic females? Notice how Catholic females get to speak in public and through the media? Martinez City Councilman, local Catholic Noralia Gipner won’t allow me to speak at the public city council meetings exactly as the motives of Concord City Councilman Laura Hoffmiester. Catholics are forcing others to believe and practice that they are superior and the rest of us have no rights.

4. Recently, 7 football player students of De La Salle, all-boys Catholic high school in Warren, Michigan, were charged in a hazing sex scandal. In a statement to the news media, De La Salle spokesperson said, “…”Over its storied history, the De La Salle football program has been committed to helping young men live out Lasallian Catholic values.:”, along with “…remains to be committed to creating a safe and positive environment for every student within its community, and will continue to provide support to students and families involved in this matter.” I looked up their school’s “Mission & Ministry” statements and they (Catholics) list their religious group as “Christian” and those other people are “secular” and unworthy in their “…charitable acts and good efforts…”. They emphasize that their work is “Corporal”. Defining that literally means, “of or belonging to the body” and their corporal charitable acts are sacramental (literally means rite, a ritualistic act of things and objects, and includes hazing, which is looked at as a “rite of passage” or, for example, the U.S. Navy’s controversial “Crossing-the-Line” ceremony) and that “has the power to open the gates to heaven.”, as stated in their “Christian Service”, “Mission & Ministry” website page. In Catholic ceremony, Sacrament also includes the Eucharist which is the commemoration of Christ’s death by the torturous Crucifixion and represents Christ’s body (bread) and blood (wine) as the Eucharist ritual. In a nutshell, Catholics teach through their school system (and by infiltrating, wiggling-in, and infecting government offices, public schools, neighborhoods, businesses, and communities and society) that you use people up and punish them to make your body feel good at the expense of others, particularly by using the poor and disadvantaged, but not limited to, and the Catholic goes to Purgatory and possibly to Heaven. What is purgatory? It’s Catholic perdition, known as condemnation, damnation, death of your soul and hell, and maybe, hahaha, you’ll get to heaven. (Click here for Feb. 20, 2020, Detroit Free Press article, “7 charged in Warren De La Salle football hazing scandal” and “De La Salle Collegiate, Mission & Ministry” website page) They teach to harm people’s bodies from the time babies are conceived to the time elderly people are on their death bed and everyone else in between contrary to how they present themselves to be special, the right one, and perfect. In this De La Salle case the Catholic Church is teaching discrimination of Black boys to condition all the boys to practice in adulthood. Two of the football players are Black and they were expelled while their White classmates were not. This is how they teach racism without claiming responsibility.

Note: De La Salle school system is under the Catholic Order of the Lasallian Christian Brothers. The Lasallian’s mission (order) are located in 80 countries around the world. (Click here for the Lasallian website) So you can image that every Catholic boy under the Lasallian school system are being taught to sexually attack females, girls, women, Black boys and men, and people in general.

Hybrid-Women and Female-to-Male Gender Forced Conversion

5. If you watched my YouTube channel you know that my mom attended Sacred Heart Catholic school for girls around the 1940’s. Currently, they have “150+ schools in 41 countries” (Click here for International Sacred Heart Schools – Network of Sacred Heart Schools). My mom did not chose to attend a Catholic school. Her wealthy parents believed their (Sacred Hearts) representations that were allowed in their country of Japan. If you know the history of the Roman Catholic Vatican, you know they take control through threats (psychological and physical) and elimination through their Slow-and-Methodical-“Death Sentence” Act. Even Roman Catholic, U.S. House of Representatives, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, recently used this very same Catholic Act to Impeach the President of the United States to proceed with the Catholic Vatican II, “Novus Ordo” (New Order). The Roman Catholic Vatican has a history of despising Asian people and that includes the Japanese people. Unbeknownst to my grandparents, my mom’s parents, Sacred Heart used “Magdalene Laundries Nuns” horrific torture and terrorist tactics on her. Most likely, hoping that she would commit suicide too. But she didn’t. As she became successful in her profession in middle-age she relished being referred to as a “man” and addressed postal envelops reflecting her prefix as “Mr.”. So this gender identity crisis and forced female-to-male conversion began before Vatican II. Sacred Heart was founded by a French nun in 1800 in France. In 1908 the Society of Sacred Heart arrived in Japan to open their schools. Part of Catholic teachings is to brain-change the child to migrate to where the Catholic Vatican’s infiltration goals are to spread. And so my mom was influenced to go to the United States. Her child-rearing techniques mirrored what she learned at Sacred Heart – torture terrorist attacks and female heterophobia. Still today, Sacred Heart refers to the female students as “Mr.”. Here is my quote when I Facebook posted about Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan and in Chicago, Illinois:

“Perri Mink

Update: Sacred Heart in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. teach their ridiculous and harmful “self-governing” and “free” to pursue their own wicked & insidious schemes and to go out into society and have “fun” at it. (I took photo last December 2018.) I’ll post their website and the page changed somewhat. If you read with knowledge of the racist, sexist and World Domination (“global”) agenda, you will be clear of their genocide goals that effect all nations.

In the other photo is from Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan. Again, they refer to the children’s association as “fun” or another word that may be translated to, “enjoy”, rather than serve or be responsible and accountable for their individual thoughts and actions. (I took that photo in December 2018 too.)

Today is Friday, June 21, 2019.” quote from my FB post. And, ”

Perri Mink

June 21, 2019


In addition to instructing the children’s association to have “fun”, which means self-gratification, they refer to the girls as “Mr.”. The Secret Demonic Female Heterophobia goals are left out of text, however, I assure you it’s in their verbal psychological warfare & physical torture perpetrated by their teachers, counselors, and any authority over the unsuspecting children. So sickening! Just like what they did to my mom.”

U.S. History snippet: Two hundred years ago the Society of Sacred Heart enslaved Black people in the United States and sold them to pay bills and create more of their orders (Click here for Society of Sacred Heart, Wikipedia and Click here for Armwood Opinion Blog, “The Nuns Who Bought and Sold Human Beings”, August 2, 2019). Exactly like what they are doing with the general population now. From the time we are born to when we die Catholics view people as commodity to use-up and discard. Therefore, we have no rights, at all.

(While I’m writing this article, the hater government officials are hacked in and again causing me to not be able to upload photos properly. Demand that they be indicted and convicted now?)

(Click here for Sacred Heart School, Chicago)

(Click here for Sacred Heart School, Tokyo)

” (FB post excerpt, “…they refer to the girls as “Mr.”.” “Mr.” for addressing the girl pupils is used in the Catholic Sacred Heart school website.)

Killing Babies, Setting-Up Global Human Trafficking on the General Public, Holding Us Captive and Stealing from Us.

6. I learned recently that “Planned Parenthood” was instigated by an Irish-Catholic American, Margaret Sanger, who founded the “American Birth Control League” in 1921. She was against moral values and vehemently fought against white men who were for moral behaviors and expressed in the Comstock Act (laws prohibiting obscenity of all sorts and forms). Sanger was forcing her Catholic ways through genocide (killing babies). Margaret’s goals were about self-fulfillment, “rebelling”, and forcing others to do the way of the Catholic Church’s teachings. Notice that she made no commitment to marriage; Divorced twice. During her uprising and heyday, Anti-Semitism was very popular in Germany with Adolf Hitler and in other European countries, as well as the United States. What the Anti-Semitists don’t explain is that Catholics teach ethnic cleansing and the genocide orders comes from the Vatican. (Click here for, Planned Parenthood, “Our History”, (When you read their spiel, it’s actually their own personal ideals that they force on others, versus an option.), and “Margaret Sanger” Wikipedia). Keep in mind that the Catholic Church has always been Anti-Protestant and that movement had already been in force (more on this subject below, “History of Catholics Hijacking Protestants…”). The Catholic Church always gives propaganda through media to influence the public to believe they are all perfect and good even though behind their Satan Peter (Matt. 16:23) walls (St. Peter’s Basilica) they are plotting and carrying-out their clandestine Ethnic Cleansing Acts. In fact, in their churches, they tell the wives to “Have more babies, have more babies.”, but offend Protestants so they don’t procreate.

Catholics believe and practice that they are the ethnically supreme group. This is ALL LIES.

1. I learned in January of 2020 about the 1970’s Martinez, California Mayor, John Sparacino, an Italian Catholic, who was an active member of two Catholic Orders, Knights of Columbus and Sons of Italy. Both orders believe in social supremacy and that their Catholic Fraternities are to exterminate Protestants and the implication that they are the only ethnic righteous ones, as stated, “…organization of people of our ethnic background the only path for progress.” (Click here for “Knights of Columbus” Wikipedia and “Order Sons of Italy In America” founded in California) He attended St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, which is strategically placed next to the Martinez City Hall, Martinez Police Department and their elementary school that emphasizes they are for themselves, not our community. I proved with their fundraising banner that is the headline photo for my Part 2 article, “Catholics practice their Catholic upbringing in Court: A Cruel Trap”, (Click here). Their narcissistic and volatile terrorist practices exclude us, and steal from us to support their extermination of us and they uplift themselves in public and takeover our communities, state, and county. This needs to stop immediately because they are applying their Catholic Vatican, Holy See, Canon Law, instead of our laws.

(Below is a screenshot of Martinez City Council members and Police Chief illegal “Catholic Recruitment” meeting with St. Catherine of Siena Catholic school children. Click here for The Catholic Voice for their March 9, 2020 article, “St. Catherine of Siena students meet with Martinez city leaders”. Mayor Schroeder is third from right in back row, Police Chief Sappal is fourth in back row and Catholic Councilmember Gipner is first from right in front row.)

Dangerously, in the process, they attempt and successfully create their laws to benefit themselves. For example, Catholics know they are causing hostility and to protect themselves, not only do they place “Heightened Security” law enforcement protections for themselves, they create more restrictions for the general population and pretend they don’t know why there is civil unrest and pay their elite “friends” to research “Gun Violence”. (Click here for, “New gun restrictions coming to California in 2020. Here’s what lawmakers passed this year.”, The Sacramento Bee, published December 27, 2019, and “After a 20-year drought, US lawmakers fund gun violence research”, The Verge, December 19, 2019 news article.) The problem is defiance, volatile violations, such as snapping due to petty vengeance, and disrespect of our rights taught by the Catholic Vatican Church through their numerous offensive acts, including their “Use-People-Up Act”, instead of take care of us. You don’t need to research, you need to apply our laws. Notice that they get services and we don’t. All the laws they changed are to be removed from the books.

Diabolical Women Terrorists exactly like Judge Barbara Zuniga, Presiding Judge Mary Ann O’Malley, Judge Clare Maier and more…

1. Clandestine and manipulative, Ann Miller Kontz, highly educated and working in a high paying job as a chemist in the science pharmaceutical industry, wanted more, more, more and more (shopping, men, breast implants, sexual liaisons, even at the Ritz Carlton, …) and got fed-up with her boring husband and used a sex affair to coerce her homme fatale, Derril Willard, to use bio-terrorism to kill her husband. After Willard was investigated he wrote a suicide letter and shot himself. (Click here for “Ann Miller Kontz Murder of Eric D. Miller Crime Documentary”, Published April 9, 2017) Not only do Judges Mary Ann O’Malley and Clare Maier look like Ann Miller Kontz, they both have the exact same M.O., as well as the other judges, veterinarians and government doctors, such as Dr. Palecbar, Dr. Martha Wilson, Dr. Karen Deli and Dr. Nicole Miller, who I proved with evidence got caught lying in order to pull-off their diabolical sex schemes and scams so they can steal and pillage to live-it-up at the expense of others and use men to perpetrate their dirty-deeds.

2. Perpetual and with covert homicidal tendencies, Celeste Beard Johnson, from Southern California, wiggled her way into wealth by using sex to live-it-up, shop and gain sexual gratification through lies and shrewdness. She exhibited the same unstable behaviors and severe mental illness just like the said judges, government doctors and veterinary practice, Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al. Celeste targeted a woman patient, Tracey Tarlton, and instigated sex relations to use her to kill her millionaire husband, Steven Beard, who shot him in his stomach while he was sleeping. Mr. Beard woke up with his guts coming out. He was able to call the police and survive through emergency hospital care. During his recovery, Celeste was able to suck more money out of her wealthy husband, who was super dumb when he changed his will during a hospital visit by Celeste who had sabotaged his healing there by rubbing dirt in his wound and he soon died. (Click here for “Celeste Beard True Crime Documentary”, Court TV, 2003) This case reminds me of what Dr. Roger Johnson, his assistant, Kathy Shuttlesworth, and sub-contracted veterinarian surgeon, Dr. Kevin Bissonnette, the other doctor interns and Dr. Peter Nurre did to my beloved Pug, Elvira.

It was shocking to find the Beard case and that Judges Barbara Zuniga and Mary Ann O’Malley resemble Celeste’s appearance too. You can find photos on my Facebook (Click here for facebook.com/perri.mink).

3. Two-faced, Jodi Arias, pretended to be wholesome then all of a sudden, obsessive, jealous and explosively reactive, stalked, terrorized, set-up and ambushed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, by stabbing him repeatedly, slitting his throat and shooting him in the face / head. Both Jodi and Travis were living a double-life that included a seedy sex relationship, then during work, appeared as part of the community, exactly like the subject judges and doctors in my case, Mink v Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al, and People v Mink. The judges are clandestine in their use of sex, both at work to intentionally breakdown the legal system and government protocols, to use sex as extortion with co-workers and manipulate government officials, and to destroy litigants, victims, witnesses, innocent bystanders and unsuspecting people and those who need court services through Sex Slander Scams Act and hunt more victims through U.S. government Network Terrorism. “Medical examiner Kevin Horn testified that Alexander’s jugular vein…, and trachea had been slashed and that Alexander had defensive wounds on his hands.”, quote from “Murder of Travis Alexander” Wikipedia (Click here). Horn’s statement triggers mental anguish in me because the veterinarians, interns and staff kept forcing, poking, prodding and torturing my beloved Pug, Elvira, for about a month and a half until she died, even though I kept pleading to them to stop because they were causing more problems. I was refusing their drug pushing, and trying to create healing and therefore I remembered they put her on a formula called TPN and so I asked for that formula. Turned out that Dr. Roger Johnson knew her jugular vein was poked the first time without me knowing because unbeknownst to me, he and his assistant Kathy Shuttlesworth, and sub-contracted surgeon, Dr. Kevin Bissonnette, had plotted and carried-out heinous veterinary medical Ponzi schemes to Animal Traffic Elvira, operate an illegal dog lab, swindle huge amounts of money from me, and intentionally and maliciously caused great bodily injuries on both Elvira and me, and they did. After their murderous rampage, they (Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al), then went on a collection rampage and destroyed my pristine credit score of 820 for regular, and 802 for auto. These people are homicidal, sadomasochistic maniacs. Demand they be indicted and convicted even after all these years because I filed a Notice of Stay of Proceedings in Justice James Marchiano’s Court of Appeal where he, through court staff, claimed that there was no such case. Convict Marchiano for Perjury, and the other crimes I’ve stated.

Rapist Terrorist Men who reflect the certain dangerous “men” in our legal system and medical profession

1. “What lay ahead was a bizarre and unforgettable case that would take investigators from the cutting edge software world into the heart of San Francisco’s infamous bondage scene.”, quote from Dominick Dunne’s Power Privilege and Justice, “The Murder of Nina Reiser (Crime Documentary)” (Click here for video). When I heard this, I shockingly said, “What infamous (and I used the word) “sex” scene?” Hans Reiser, born and raised in Oakland, California, and attended the University of California, Berkeley, married Nina Sharanova, a Russian woman, who was trained as an OB/GYN doctor in Russia. Hans murdered Nina in September of 2006. In April of 2008, Hans Reiser was found guilty of first degree murder of his wife, Nina. During the court proceedings, the legal system was the entity that kept sexually slandering Nina and making her to appear as the problem. The jury was clear that by the photo evidence of Nina and her children, Nina was taking care of her children. Q. Why was the Superior Court of California, Alameda County, already in that sexually debased state that the government officials would sexually slander Nina, the victim who was killed?

1.a. There was already a sex war within their legal system. In 2007 a senior woman, Angela Backers, an Alameda County District Attorney, filed a civil lawsuit against District Attorney Tom Orloff for gender discrimination. That case ended claiming that no discrimination occurred. But later, Orloff begins promoting women. Why? and Who? Notice that the Alameda District Attorney is Nancy O’Malley and that Orloff selected her and she was then appointed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. The lawsuit was a set-up and the appointment was fixed.

I did some research about Backers on June 8, 2020. She graduated from the infamous Catholic, St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California, where she resides. Backers states that she “feels blessed”. Notice that Angela Backers gets to have a career, is married and has children and received tax-paid salary, benefits and possibly retirement while continuing to work in government similar to attorney Jane Elliot, a retired public defender who then got work with the Contra Costa County Criminal Conflict Panel. At Backers age, about 58, she is protected, she gets medical care and it’s specific to her, she has property rights, and she is allowed to speak in public. (Click here for St. Mary’s Alumni, Angela Backers)

(Below is scanned copy from St. Mary’s Alumni, Angela Backers. “31 years” as prosecutor. She’s ruined many people’s lives and decent white men as she tried to ruin Orloff (or did he got paid-off? – Catholic women are extremely tricky and volatile.))

Angela graduated from Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, California, in the San Francisco East Bay.

(Below is a screenshot of Moreau Catholic High School, Law Day IV Honorees, August 16, 2019)

Angela Backers’ gender discrimination lawsuit is fraud on tax-payers and Backers needs to be indicted and convicted for organized crimes as well as money laundering. It turns out Orloff was truthful about her terrorist behaviors, but didn’t connect it to Catholic Vatican and Vatican II Orders. “In addition, “Ms. Backers has a reputation for gossiping about and being critical of other attorneys in the office in a way that is destructive to office morale,” Orloff wrote in a declaration in which he called her “extremely egotistical” and said he didn’t trust her to represent his office “with pride, respect and dignity in all situations.”, quote from SFGate, June 26, 2007, news article, “Alameda County D.A. blasts prosecutor who sued” (Click here). Orloff was tricked by these Hybrid-Women, both Backers and O’Malley. Catholic women terrorize other people out of their jobs and they keep living with rights. They give themselves preferential treatment. No one is perpetrating Sectarian Violence directed at them. I can’t even go shopping for fruits and vegetables without the police harassing and terrorizing me.

I proved with evidence that Catholics overthrew our legal system at the local level in Contra Costa County where the Presiding Judge was Mary Ann O’Malley, who is the sister-in-law of Nancy O’Malley, husband of Nancy’s brother, attorney Dan, and both the children of former Contra Costa County District Attorney Bill O’Malley (deceased January 2019) who resided in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, California where I was employed part-time and served seniors as an independent contractor.

1.b. Catholic Nancy O’Malley used the media as well to make herself appear that she is against sex trafficking, yet, sex trafficking is what she supports by applying the Catholic Vatican, Holy See, Canon Law of lies and ignoring that the legal system officials are utilizing their government jobs for different supremist terrorist operations directed at unsuspecting people who need court services, victims, witnesses, innocent bystanders and people who have nothing to do with the court system. It is proven. They pick and chose, meaning they discriminate and cover-up. In this September 19, 2009, Diablo Magazine, “Week in Review”, “Nancy O’Malley, a member of a well-known Contra Costa County legal clan,…”, (Click here for article) that includes the aforementioned clan members listed above, and additional members not listed. I had sent a desperate packet to Judge Clare Maier and the Contra Costa County District Attorney, as well as other legal entities, describing “…Ku Klux Klan principles…” were being practiced and directed at me. No one stopped this terrorist regime.

1.c. Our laws are not applied as exampled by the U.S. House of Representatives, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a Roman Catholic. In a speech during her impeachment “death sentence” of President Trump (it could be any one she doesn’t like), and ill-spending of tax-dollars, she intentionally used the term, “Novo Odo”, so that the common person, the general public, would not be familiar with the Catholic Vatican II, “Novus Order” where the Catholic Church ordered their women, as I refer, since early 2020, as Hybrid-Women (Mr., male, man with rapist mentality, terrorists), to attack unsuspecting female heterosexuals, Protestants, Asians and non-Catholics to terrorize them to convert, to recruit status, to push-out of their jobs, to steal their homes, and to kidnap people and alienate and annihilate Americans so that our country will be completely overthrown by the Catholic Church. This is disturbing, but notice though how Nancy Pelosi uses the media to dupe the general public pretending she’s talking about the history of the United States of America and she’s incorrect both in pronunciation and historical facts. (Click here for CNN, December 5, 2019, news report, “Pelosi hits back at reporter who asked if she ‘hates’ Trump” and here for Wikipedia, “Great Seal of the United States”) (In January of 2020 I learned that our U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert Wilkie, is fully aware of Hybrid Warfare, so I questioned why isn’t he talking about Hybrid-Women. Click here for Air Force Research Institute, “Research Outreach Engagement”, Winter 2009, Vol. 23, No. 4, “Hybrid Warfare / Something Old, Not Something New”, by Hon. Robert Wilkie. Women have been used as enemy detractors during wars against the U.S.)

1.d. Take for instance, Pamela Karlan, Stanford University, Law Professor. She would be considered a Hybrid-Woman. She attacked a white man. She attacked a white man in public. The attack was based on gossip, false information, a false witness, a set-up. She didn’t do her homework.

Fact 1, Women weren’t allowed to vote in the U.S. until 1920.

Fact 2, Yes, James Madison’s quote is correct, from 1788 (Click here for Founding Father Quotes, James Madison – (1751 – 1836)), but women were still not allowed to actually vote. In fact, women could express themselves indirectly about government offices.

Fact 3, Pamela Karlan excludes females as if females don’t exist. Our history shows that women before us worked very bravely so women could vote and be included as an actual vote.

(Click here for CNBC, December 14, 2019, “Watch Stanford professor Pamela Karlan’s opening statement at impeachment hearing”)

Pamela is pretending she’s not a woman by completely disregarding the female gender. She is illegally forcing Cruel Catholic M.O. under Vatican II and Vatican where women are to be rapist-mentalitists and that’s considered equal to a certain type of “man”. And that is totally against our Founding Fathers and our Constitution. – They weren’t for rapists or terrorists. It’s against Protestantism of the Reform Protestants and Calvinists. And it’s a form of genocide and ethnic-cleansing; such as Anti-Semitism. The exact same scenario would be carried-out in your workplace; workplace violence. She attacked a Protestant. Hybrid-Women attack heterosexual females too in the exact same way. Catholic women attack heterosexual females and males too. Notice how Pamela received public praise for attacking another person? It’s disturbing. Pamela Karlan is Jewish. Her partner is Roman Catholic, Viola Canales, from the historic “New Spain” (***The Inquisition of Spain, then New Inquisition by Conquistadors rampaging through Mexico and North America, now the United States, and a path of horrific torture and death of people the Catholics did not like, and they’re still doing it.) families, who is getting public recognition too. Notice how they haven’t been pushed down to joblessness and homelessness? Pamela is not for People’s rights. She is for her type – special interest. Pamela needs to be removed from her Stanford job because she is promoting hatred and genocide. ” “It’s no secret at all that I’m counted among the LGBT crowd,” she wrote…” (Click here for Politico, May 5, 2009 article, “Groups push for first gay justice”). “She’s described herself as a “snarky, bisexual and Jewish women.” (Click here for American Constitution Society, June 22, 2006, “Private: Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan Concludes 2006 ACS National Convention”). Pamela joined the Romans and by doing so is participating with Catholic new path Anti-Semitism as well as other forms of division and extermination.

Holy Bible, Old Testament, snippet: Genesis 9:12-13 (KJB), “And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: I do set my bow (rainbow) in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.”

Currently, I’ve been questioned about the rainbow flag that is used for the LBGTQ pride flag. That flag actually represents Anti-Semitism and another “Final Solution” to end Jewish people and is a genocide process perpetrated by Roman Catholics. In fact, in the Holy Bible, Torah, the rainbow represents a promise with God to procreate forever. In fact, the rainbow is a symbol from the Pagan rainbow symbol for death. You may have heard it used when our pet passes away as Rainbow Bridge. Today, the rainbow flag represents same sex relationships and the end to procreate, and the end to live. The Roman Catholic Church Vatican Ordered all areas where Huguenots (French Calvinists), Puritans (Calvinists), Church of England and King James Bible practitioners, Lutherans (reformers, protestors) and all other Protestants be eliminated through forcing same sex and sexual deviance, such as male rapists who are female heterophobic and attack females so they don’t want to have children. But, notice how Catholics can speak in public that they are married, that they have children or want children and they can stay employed to support their families and friends? Catholics are terrorizing Jews too. In France, Jews are fleeing to Israel. Notice how Catholics and their recruits clandestinely steal and attack Protestants, Asians, multi-racial Asians and white men with their Asian wives, in their work places, at the doctors offices, at the courthouses, by police officers, etc…? Calvinists were violently terrorized by Catholics in Europe where they attacked their private parts, their sexual being. The Calvinists fled to new united lands. The Catholics in our government are using their titles, security clearances, badges, government vehicles, their guns, government issue handcuffs, to take decent, unsuspecting people into custody to eliminate them. They are illegally network terrorizing people, questioning them about their sex lives justifying in their heads that their sex life is why they are to receive no justice, no life through terrorist attacks and to be excluded. The Orders from the Catholic Church Vatican Orders is to clandestinely and systematically target certain people and terrorize them regularly and watch them become angrier and angrier and die.

Catholics have completely saturated our legal system, our representative offices, our government agencies and departments and use tax-dollars for their sex-wars within the government, for their own thespian careers, for hijacking government offices to promote Catholic endeavors, such as sex in the work place to break the system, and making government into dangerous traps, including through Network Terrorism directed at unsuspecting Americans and the general public. It’s for their own thrill, to get their rocks off and has nothing to do with facts as true, matched with evidence and applying our laws.

2. Derek Mylan Alldred, who is from California, used exactly the same scams, schemes, secret demonic sex endeavors, sexualizing women and perpetrating elaborate swindling traps to steal money of all amounts, as far as he could, and steal jewelry, steal dogs, switch home property documents, use uniforms, flash professional licenses, pretend professionalism, pretend he’s a hero, and dupe unsuspecting people, vulnerable women and even hospital professionals, people in government and in society to operate his greedy lifestyle and addictions. It makes my skin crawl that Judge Barbara Zuniga, Commissioner Judith Sanders, Presiding Judge Mary Ann O’Malley, Justice James Marchiano, Sheriff David Livingston, sheriff deputies and local police chiefs and officers, government attorney Jane Elliot, Presiding Judge Diana Becton and other judges, and government appointed psychology doctors wanted me to suffer while they stole all my belongings, my livelihood, my identity of who I am, and torture through separation, but not limited to, stealing my beloved dogs, Candy Cane (Petit Brabancon, also known as Brussels Griffon), and Stella (Chinese Pug) when I read about Alldred’s victim, Tracy Santucci from Sacramento, California, who he duped into marrying him, then behind her back, with electrical lies (If you are watching my Facebook posts and videos, my YouTube videos, you will know that the men and women in government as well as the landlord are playing wicked games with the electrical system in the subsidized housing they forced me into.) to move them to a hotel from her $400,000.00 home, somehow sold the house in a foreclosure and she became homeless.

Alldred’s first victim, an Art History Major at UCLA in Southern California, spent a lot of time with Derek at his sparsely furnished apartment and her dad lent him some very nice and expensive furniture. One day Derek threw the furniture out of the window from 2 stories above, breaking the furniture. Derek lied to the police about the incident. Then he fractured the relationship and “disappeared” never to resolve the damages he caused to the furniture or the money issues. This is exactly what the ex-Catholics did to me when I asked for my belongings that they claimed they packed, moved and stored for me. They said nothing about stealing my property, defiling my antique historical Bretagne ([ bruhtan-yuh ], Brittany French) and Belgium furniture, but that’s exactly what they did except I didn’t witness them breaking my belongings, but they even broke Elvira’s favorite toy, a small, white, furry, wind-up Easter rabbit, they broke my new Taylor guitar, my electric typewriter, and some of my vintage horse collection and new ones too, but not limited to. Then when I called to have them return the rest of my property, they intimidated me, they hung up on me, they wouldn’t return my calls, and my calls would not go through. (Click here for “Seduced by Evil: Preview – Derek Alldred’s First Known Victim Describes Her Experience ] Oxygen”, YouTube video) My question is, does Alldred have friends and family in the legal system and they taught him Cruel Catholic M.O. or is he Catholic raised? (Click here for Twin Cities Pioneer Press, September 15, 2014, news article, “Derek Alldred’s St. Paul hotel swindle reveals long history of deception) In 2019 I had watched the full crime documentary and now it’s no longer available (Click here for no longer available crime documentary, “Seduced by Evil”, that was available on YouTube.) where it’s revealed that he’s from the San Francisco Bay Area. Derek’s behavior is exactly the same as the veterinary practice, Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al as for the swindling and Ponzi aspects (does not include the heinous intent to cause great bodily injuries on both me and Elvira) and how the women and men in the legal system and our representative offices operated too – All con and Nazi. Derek Alldred was sentenced to 24 years in prison in August of 2018 (Click here for Twin Cities Pioneer Press, March 5, 2020, news article, “Derek Alldred, fraudster who duped the St. Paul Hotel, subject of ‘Dateline’ investigation).

3. Joe Caronna finally snapped when his elaborate, insidious and clandestine, long-term financial Ponzi scheme would divest his trusting image when his wife, Tina, questioned Joe about closing costs in the purchase of a new home in October of 2008. Joe had been living a double-life of flirting, sexualizing females and engaged in an octennial affair when he strangulated his wife of 15 years to death. Tina, a Vice President for a financial company, and a Protestant Presbyterian, trusted Joe and loved him very much even though Joe was obsessed and watched his wife even when she went to get her hair done. Joe and Tina had many expensive cars, but when Tina’s dad died, Joe swindled money from Tina’s mom and brother in the sale of her deceased father’s classic cars. At the time Tina was murdered, she didn’t know that Joe was pretending to provide trusting investment transactions to her friends and family and instead stole over $500,000.00. Shortly after her death, Joe asked others to help clean out Tina’s belongings and threw out her Bible, childhood photos and other personal items. Joe also appeared to pretend that he couldn’t stand up out of being distressed over his wife’s demise. All of Joe’s behavior equals to Cruel Catholic M.O. and is disturbing to me because it reflects the exact same insidious behaviors that the legal system, law enforcement and the ex-Catholics used to terrorize me. They stole my original Holy Bible (NIV), my English Bible, a special Bible study book, Christian history book, my expensive gold necklace that my mom selected for me in Japan in the late 1980’s, and my small, yet simple, gold cross that I purchased at Macy’s when I worked their during the Christmas season and my nativity set. (Click here for 48 Hours, “The Usual Suspects”, and click here for “Documentary – Con Man and Killer Joe Caronna (American Greed)”)

4. Efren Saldivar was a licensed respiratory therapist in Southern California from 1989 to his first arrest in 1998 for suspicion of diabolically killing hundreds of elderly patients in the hospital with medical equipment, supplies and drugs while at work in hospitals. He was sentenced to 6 life terms in prison for murder and 15 years to life for attempted murder in 2002. Efren Saldivar was disturbingly nicknamed “Angel of Death”, a term that was a polygraph examiner’s question during his 1998 interrogation and Efren answered, “No.”, which is simply a nickname for a caregiver who kills his / her patients and is a misinterpretation of Jesus’ teachings from the Holy Bible. (Does the government believe that they can blurt and use their interpretation from the Bible for legal gain? (a spectacle), like Judge Barbara Zuniga and Presiding Judge Mary Ann O’Malley? who think they are “god”. If the questions were asking if Efren practices from the Bible and what is his interpretations, that’s different. Making an assumption is illegal.) Efren’s horrific actions however reflect Cruel Catholic M.O. as revealed in medical evidentiary accounts, and court documents and reports thereof. Efren Saldivar was obsessed, controlling, clandestine, and wickedly deviant, but knowingly presented himself as innocent through thespian stardom, lies and denial of wrongdoings and that he’s right (the righteous one). He admitted to putting on an act referring to his media statements as “BS” and “public relations”. This is what is taught in Catholic schools and Catholics force into society, communities, governments, etc…, and what we see disgustingly changed in our legal system, which is illegal. Anther Cruel Catholic M.O. belief and practice that Efren perpetrated was, “Who do we have to get rid of?”, he said. And he purposely selected people that he wanted to get rid of through diabolics believing that he was helping them. (Click here for Murderpedia, “Efren Saldivar”) Also known as doing the person(s) a “favor” with strings attached. This is the word that the ex-Catholic that attorney Jane Elliot contacted to pack, move and store my belongings said to me about allowing me to couch surf at her mobile home and all the stealing, breaking, damaging, defiling and destroying of my belongings was them doing me a favor. I didn’t know at the time that the entire, long-term terrorist attacks directed at me were orchestrated by Cruel Catholic M.O.ers in our legal system, law enforcement and our representatives.

Snippet into Efren’s early life: His parents were illegal immigrants from northeastern Mexico and his mother, Isaura, illegally entered into the United States on purpose so Efren would be born as a U.S. citizen. Before Efren was 2 years old, his father, Alfredo, and his mother moved to Tujunga in the Los Angeles, California, area. In a news report, it is stated that Isaura, “A Jehovah’s Witness, she insisted that the children be raised in the faith that believed in salvation through good works and door-to-door proselytizing.” (Should state, good works inspired by faith in one God.) However, we must question, what was really going on? Efren’s adult life mirrors Cruel Catholic M.O., not Jehovah’s Witnesses. History does show that Roman Catholics (Roman Universal) infiltrate into other Christian denominations and infect, force and manipulate into Catholicism to get rid of other religious groups – a melding process. (Refer to Los Angeles Times, April 28, 2002, news article, “Graveyard Shift. This link has order subscription popup on desktop pc, but not on other formats.)

History snippet: Roman Catholic invasion into Mexico occurred hundreds of years before the origination of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the 1870’s from the Bible Student movement founded by Charles Russell in the United States. After schisms within the movement, and the death of Mr. Russell, the denomination was renamed to Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1931. From 1933 to 1945 the Jehovah’s Witnesses were targeted by Nazis in Germany where they were executed, held in concentration camps and severely annihilated by Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich (Third Empire), the ethnic supremest “Christian” regime. They were really a terrorist group stemming from Roman Catholic Church Vatican.

Catholic Vatican & Vatican II, Novus Ordo, are secretly forced applications of their Canon Law

*Justice (Priest) James Marchiano is fully aware and inflicting their insidious Catholic order of Catholic Hybrid Women and their recruits to carry-out secret espionage and clandestine terrorist operations and attacks on people they don’t like (Sectarian Violence and Female Heterophobia so that Catholics can pro-create, but Protestants and other ethnic and religious groups can’t, such as Jews):

The Catholic Church teaches Anti-Semitism through their Canon Law. Adolf Hitler, a Roman Catholic, who attended a Catholic Monastery as a child, learned terrorist operations from the Catholic Church. Throughout history, the Catholic Church teaches different torture and annihilation processes to convince the masses through fear and their goals are the same, to kill-off people they don’t like because Catholics are supreme. They come up with different names for their terrorist groups, but Catholics never claim responsibility for their terrorist attacks. (Click here for “Watch Free Documentary FLIX”, Roku TV users, then add the channel for documentary, “The Cross and The Star / Jews, Christians and the Holocaust” and click here for only available for rent or buy on Amazon) The Nazis had to eliminate all other voices. “Religious presses were quickly silenced through violence, finances and politics.”, as quoted. Listen carefully to the eye witness accounts of how the Gestapo would incessantly target a family, question them and force the child into the “Hitler Youth” group where they were brainwashed into Nazism and to accept Anti-Semitism, Anti-Protestantism, torturous medical experimentation and genocide. The Catholic Church claimed they were against the Nazis through “pastoral letters”, however, the Catholic Church Vatican kept flip-flopping, wishy-washing, and vacillating against Nazi policies, but expressed publicly they were supporting the nation and patriotism for Nazi Germany. Catholic Vatican, Canon Law 68 is their Anti-Jewish law. Even though for individual Catholic Priests and clergy, some were totally against Hitler and worked against the supremist terrorist regime, many were murdered in the concentration camps. Nazis hated Polish people claiming “inferior culture” and were influenced to annihilate Jews. Nazis perpetrated a snowball effect for one ethnic person to attack another ethnic group by individual attacks as the way. This is exactly the terrorist tactic that the Catholics are carrying-out here in Contra Costa County and in San Francisco Bay Area, but without any notification, announcements, or responsibility. Catholics here have been terrorizing us, silencing us and killing us through medical Nazism, court traps and police and sheriff deputies tracking us so they can ambush us through Network Terrorism. All this religious supremist terrorism is against our laws and U.S. Homeland Security is to report in the news, on their websites and publicly, such as billboards, government mailings, and by government officials that the Cruel Catholic M.O.ers have been disciplined, including immigrants, and shut them down. And Catholics can not have jobs in our government because they are perpetuating Nazism and applying their Holy See, Canon Law, including but not limited to, their “Mocking Act”, “Keep Silent Act”, “Snap at Protestants Act”, “Overwhelm Protestants, Asians, Jews, Armenians, multi-racial Asians, Greeks, … Act”, and much more. Catholic Vatican can claim all they want that they changed their views on Jews and Protestants, Asians, multi-racial Asians+, but they simply put on thespian shows and become even more secretive in their terrorist operations.

Many of you have read my Part 1 – 6 articles (Click here for “Justice for Perri, the victim exposing cruel veterinary scheme. Court hear cases!” petition with links to the articles) and are familiar with the key judges and justices that kept lying to cover-up the heinous veterinary medical Ponzi schemes that I proved with evidence in my civil case, Mink v Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al, and one of them is longtime, Catholic Priest Seminarian turned government official, James Marchiano who was the second Presiding Justice at the Court of Appeal in San Francisco to clandestinely and maliciously sabotage my case because he applied Catholic Vatican, Holy See, Canon Law, and not our laws. In a December 2016 Contra Costa County Bar Association, “All in the Family” series of interviews of member attorneys whose children join them as law colleagues, Lisa Mendes interviews Justice James Marchiano, his daughter Karen and son David and since I posted that interview on my Facebook, with commentary, the internet page and article are no longer available. Again, that is evidence that Catholics are maliciously covering-up their deceptive practices and that they intentionally infiltrated into our government system to steal, pillage, torture, terrorize, alienate, and annihilate unsuspecting people in the community through their perdition (Catholic Purgatory, Condemnation, Damnation). They need to be shutdown immediately! No religious group or organization can takeover our government, at all! (Click here for my Part 3 article, “Judges practice Catholic Social Action in Court is Illegal!”, published August 7, 2018., and “Judges practice their Catholic upbringing in Court: A Cruel Trap”, published March 17, 2018)

More Catholic practices, Hybrid-Women, Word War-ping, terms and phrases:

Here is an excerpt of the article that clearly proves that this Catholic man is fully aware of the intention to keep hiring Hybrid-Women to carry-out Catholic Orders and further destroy our lives (unsuspecting people who need court services, innocent bystanders, witnesses,…) where we have no privacy rights, no property rights, no human rights, no civil rights, no criminal rights, no religious freedom, no freedom of speech and no justice, which means no peace of mind because they don’t hear cases. In James Marchiano’s (“JM”) statement that “Court appointments are more female today. I would like to see more of this. Women bring a different perspective to the judicial system.”, is evidence that he knows that the women are there to specifically carry-out Catholic supremest terrorist operations, not settle or referee to settlement, as he goes on to say in the next paragraph that “… But (civil) cases aren’t being tried anymore,…”. He incriminated himself in the interview pretending that he didn’t know why the court system is defunct, that it’s a dangerous public trap, and that he and his type are stealing tax-payer’s money, as he claims that “I(JM) set-up a mediation program in Contra Costa County, which exists today.”, and that “When I(JM) was on the bench, I(JM) was very active in community affairs.” (That most likely included marital affairs too.) That means our legal system was hijacked and overthrown so we can not acquire justice and is instead a TORTURE TRAP. That’s illegal! Tax-payer’s are not paying so women can make $200k + per year, plus benefits and awaiting pensions to pretend they are protecting our communities, but instead seeking sex with co-workers, marriage partners, having children, shopping, living-it-up and taking out their aggressions on unsuspecting people who need court services.

(Below is a scanned printed copy (last part of interview, then first part and then middle) of the Contra Costa County Bar Association article, “All in the Family – Marchianos”, by Lisa Mendes, Dec 01, 2016, “Following in the Family Footsteps”, that is no longer available to the public. After I FB posted the interview, the website required sign-in. Then I attempted to access it to link to Part 7, and it froze-up my internet search engine on my pc. Therefore, I will not include a link here to protect the innocent.) (Notice that Mendes refers to her husband as, “debonair”. This is another word for “charming” that Catholics use and is a front.)

Justice (Priest) James Marchiano’s son is “following” in the ruination of the legal system by making it into a playhouse and he’s the “Rising Star” thespian; a show, he’s on a pedestal, he’s planned the gauntlets at the Roman Amphitheater, an alter for the Catholic Church. All these falsehoods need to be shutdown now! You are only good for the theater, not our legal system.

(Below is a scanned printed copy of Justice Marchiano’s son, David’s legal biography. This incriminating evidence of Roman Catholic David Marchiano mirrors my revealing analytical statements I’ve made in my Part articles where I’m simply fighting civilly to protect my rights and other unsuspecting people’s rights.)

Here is an explanation of his so-called “Publications”:

a. “New Parent Leave Act” is used to make someone go away, get out, leave and applied At Will. The Cruel Catholic M.O.er may also target you and your family, accusing the dad of sexually abusing their child even though the government knows it’s a false accusation, but will take the child and place with a sex offender through Child Protective Services and make money at it too. At Will is a California employee law that came about, I’m guessing at this stage, in the 1980’s perhaps. I talk about the California At Will employee law in one of my few YouTube videos.

b. “Word on the Street Employment Blog” is about putting an employee out on the street, making them homeless and Catholics and their recruits personally select their targets. The Catholic Church won’t announce this either. Catholics get to keep their jobs, but we don’t.

c. “Joint Employer Beware” is about smoking pot, then claiming you are a “druggy” and mentally ill so they can force you on pharma drugs. This is part of the pharma-drug cartel but they won’t tell you.

d. “Collateral Damage” is damaging the other person so the Catholic takes over.

e. “The Carrot and Stick” is about “Alice in Wonderland” going down the rabbit hole and we, The People, have no rights and they torture us by running us through their gauntlets. I inform the reader in my Part 5, “Despotic Legal System Commits Cruelty to the Core of Humanity” (Click here for the February 13, 2019 article) where it is proven that Catholics blame everyone else for their destructive behaviors.

Every law he writes or contributes to must be removed and are null and void. He can also be charged and tried for Treason. Reminder: Catholics will not claim responsibility for their terrorist attacks.

“At Will” and “No Fault”

Think about it. The “At Will” employee law was changed about the same time as the “No Fault” auto insurance claim. Now, with all the provable evidence of Cruel Catholic M.O., the “No Fault” insurance claim is most likely Catholic set-up on unsuspecting people years later in one of their other Traps, specifically, their Medical-Genocide Trap to take all your property as they kill you off. In the “No Fault” the Catholic and their recruits are creating false claims with their friends, family and recruits, even if their family member is an insurance agent. Then, after filing a false report (complaint), they steal more from the insurance company. For people they profile, target and terrorize, such as myself, they have attacked us clandestinely when we file a complaint. With the evidence I have now, cumulative years later, they use our decent and honest, previous auto insurance claims (complaints) against us and again damage our property as a snide joke. This is their attack on me simply for seeking justice in Mink v Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al. After they forced me into 1624 LaSalle Street, Martinez, California, as another premediated attack, they began again, damaging my property with their insidious ramped-up terrorist attack where I can not get my car repaired or fixed because the government keeps sabotaging all my rightful efforts. In Part 4 article, “Legal System practices Catholic “Dangerous Psychology” is Demonic”, published October 31, 2018 (Click here for article) there is a photo of Ms. Perri Mink’s classic car that is parked at the unit at said address with a photo of the result of the government’s terrorist attack, a shattered driver’s side window. Since then they continued to damage the tires and at one point claimed it was the sun that caused it. I have not been able to complete any of my insurance claims even though I’m still paying timely monthly payments. (It’s Perri’s first car that she’s had and cared for, meaning responsible for and had no accidents, and kept the car operating regularly since 1980, making her the owner for almost 40 years now.)

(Below is a photo of my classic car when I was stationed at Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, Washington State, in 1980)

(Photo below is my classic car with my Toyota Corolla in 1995 before I paid to have it painted.)

(Photos below are my classic car stripped down to bare metal as I requested because the first paint job in about 1981 was defective from rain and cure time.)

(Below is a photo of my classic car after I got it back in 1999, after a surprisingly lengthy stay, from the body shop in 1999 that I paid for. I had went down to the body shop several times periodically to take care of the progression of body work, but often the shop was not open. Since he was the brother of the manager of my employment, I trusted that he had delays due to a new job and family, so I was flexible. I did finally ask the manager again much later, and within a short time my classic car was returned to me.)(I then paid for mechanical work so it was safe to drive since my classic car was not running for over 2 years.)

(Photo below, taken in 2015, is my classic car that I was able to get back after the terrorist government released me from the dungeon (West County Detention Facility).)

(Below is a photo of my classic car in December 1, 2017 about a month before the terrorist government here and their recruits, including the current landlord and neighbor began clandestinely and systematically damaging my car and denying me auto repair work and insurance claims. At this point the original windshield wiper mechanism functioned as built.)

(I tried several times to upload the photo in an upright position, but the terrorist government keeps sabotaging my right to tell the horrific attacks they’ve perpetrated on me, a harmless, unassuming, working-class, single, heterosexual, Jesus’ teachings believer and practitioner who is head of household. A few weeks before publishing this Part 7 article, the photo was uprighted.)

(Below is a photo of my classic car with 3 flat tires now that the neighbors along with the landlord have damaged over the last couple of years.)

(They also keep cutting the car cover cord.)

(I was responsible for my cars and when I was young did not know anything about the Catholic Church raping, molesting and terrorizing the innocent school children so they would grow up to be offensive, sexually, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally and even perpetrate Sectarian Violence on other religious groups particularly and foremost, Protestants. I never was informed about Cruel Catholic M.O. sex exchanges clandestinely demanded on unsuspecting females asking for help. Although I was fully aware that if you pay for services from a store, shop, office or other business entity, that you are to receive quality work with no deceptive practices. This is still our law today.)

More Local Cases Proving Volatile Divagation Caused by Cruel Catholic M.O.ers

*WARNING* Disturbing Content

1. The owner of the crosses on the hill in Lafayette, California popped-up in my mind over the last several months because I kept recollecting my senior clients who were also targeted by their doctors and they were medically tortured and died. I did not realize to what extent then that Catholics and their recruits were the terrorist regime behind the medical-Ponzi-genocide. The news report I remembered (me thinks through radio because I would listen to radio news at times.) was that the owner, a man, had had routine knee surgery and died of complications afterwards. The report in a news article that I read recently states that he had heart surgery. The article I’m now trying to link to is no longer available. I just looked at it the other day. “Owner of hillside crosses dies” (Click here) After I was surprised to read that news article claiming he had heart surgery I decided to do more research. The owner’s name is Johnson Clark, and he and his wife, Louise, moved to Lafayette, California from Illinois back in the late 1940’s. They became very prominent in the community from Louise forming a nursery school in 1953 and Johnson was the architect and builder, to designing, building and managing many properties, and active in the original senior community. (Click here for “Louise Clark, owner of Lafayette Crosses site, dies at 86”, East Bay Times, August 22, 2011, news article) Either they were very humble people or the Cruel Catholic M.O.ers and their recruits removed public information about all their achievements and memorials. I remember some public outcries about vandalism attacks at their crosses on the hill. Reminder, I lived in Lafayette in the year 2003 while I DIY’d the home improvements to my condominium in Pleasant Hill. Also, I delivered a very difficult, early morning, newspaper route seven days per week during that time as well. Personally, I welcomed the crosses and was thankful. Shockingly, while I was researching about the owner, I discovered a case, Clark v Clark, filed in September of 2005 and assigned to Department 02, which is Roman Catholic Judge Barbara Ann Zuniga’s courtroom (Click here for Clark v Clark, Case #MSC05-02007, on the Superior Court of California Contra Costa County, My Court Case website). In only about a month and a half, Judge Zuniga was recused and the case was assigned to a different department. Details of the case describe terrorist attacks similar to the exact terrorist attacks directed at me but are directed at Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and Louise Clark perpetrated by their attorney daughter, Diddo Clark, a single female, licensed to practice law in the State of California. (Click here for “CLARK v. CLARK A118811”, Leagle) She received her law degree from the Roman Catholic Georgetown Jesuit university, Washington D.C. in 1976. In the local case, it’s explained that Diddo sent abusively accusatory emails to Louise and people Louise knew. Then Diddo snuck into her parents home and stole her mother’s Christmas card list” and used it to berate Louise behind her back by sending postcards to her friends and neighbors who then, some, forwarded the postcards to Louise. Diddo also placed large signs throughout Lafayette to publicly lambaste her mother which were disturbing to Louise and Johnson. The Clark’s changed the locks to the house and Diddo broke in and changed the locks after they left. Then the Clark’s sent a proper letter regarding the house, and instead of abiding to their requests, Diddo “recorded a mechanic’s lien against the property.” Diddo received another proper, but firm deadline request and termination notice from her parent’s lawyer and rather than comply, Diddo filed a lawsuit against them. Later, Diddo put more flyers on windshields of cars near the church they attended with degrading and demoralizing words. In 2007, the court entered Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Punitive Damages to Louise the same day that Johnson passed away. This brings me back to how did Johnson die? Based on the knowledge that the legal system, law enforcement and our representative offices knew at that time that they were using the medical system to kill-off people they wanted to eliminate; Was Johnson murdered? Cruel Catholic M.O. ID:

a. Are Johnson and Louise Clark traditional Catholics? If so, they would be on the elimination list.

b. Is Johnson non-Catholic? If yes, he would be on their elimination list.

c. Johnson is a U.S. Navy veteran. He would definitely be on their elimination list.

d. Court entering judgement on the same day as his death is absolutely Cruel Catholic M.O.; it’s their regular pattern in the Catholic system to manipulate the date and or control the result(s).

The Catholics and their recruits did not recognize Johnson as united with the community or one or more of his children and therefore did not want him to see justice for his loved one, specifically Louise.

After Diddo’s case against her parents, she continued to defy her brother (Click here Diddo Ruth Clark (aka Diddo Clark Reiche) #79876, Attorney License Profile, The State Bar of California, scroll down to Case Number 16-O-12069, “Opinion” [PDF]). Even with all her discord she had the audacity to run for a seat on the Contra Costa County Board of Education. (Click here for San Jose Mercury News, Editorial: Oust liar from Contra Costa County Board of Education, October 29, 2018)

Who killed Johnson Clark?

(Photo from Democratic Underground . com)

Notice that their was no disciplinary action against attorney Diddo Clark for her retaliatory menace, including Network Terrorism, (used to attack my blood family members that I haven’t seen for about 20 years, attack my co-workers, people I knew and who assisted me, and people who happened to be where I was, such as a neighbor), and ethically violating behaviors that Judge Barbara Zuniga was to file. Part of the judge’s job, in addition to refereeing, is to officially report illegal behaviors perpetrated by professionals. That’s our law. But, notice also, that again it’s proven that Judge Zuniga, a recused judge who wouldn’t and couldn’t hear cases, was not disciplined either and that the government officials knew in 2005 that Barbara Zuniga had such mental health problems that she behaved criminally. At that point she should have been removed from the bench to preserve our State of California’s great Laws.

2. As I studied, researched, investigated, wrote and re-wrote legal documents there was a man at the JFK University Law Library, Pleasant Hill, California, that I noticed periodically talking with one of the law librarians, a man. One day he came into the computer room where I was again conscientiously working with many law books. He began talking to me and I responded a few times and our voices caused people in the study area outside to complain. I don’t recall exactly when, but at one point he mentioned offering assistance. I didn’t know who he was and I didn’t ask for assistant. He appeared many times at the time I was there too, but with the librarian.

After I graduated from the Contra Costa County Behavioral Health Court program on November 4, 2014, I was again terrorized out of a living space at the “clean and sober” TLC recovery home where they pretended that I was a homophobic, and before that at their Bay View, Concord, location where the other recovery participants ganged up against me claiming that I was abusing them and snoring loudly, and before that after I was forced into “couch surfing” at the ex-Catholic’s mobile home, attorney Jane Elliot contacted when she and the court gloated that they kidnapped me again and held me captive at Napa State Hospital. I then moved to Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, where I used to serve senior clients, as a desperate safety measure to prevent myself from homelessness. I was still denied access to my Toyota Tacoma that I bought through a low-interest auto loan and paid-off before Judge Barbara Zuniga lied and claimed that I threatened her with a four-page letter in June 2011 and therefore continued taking public transportation for regular travel. That’s when I noticed the man from JFK University Law Library all of a sudden show up at the bus stop at Walnut Creek BART Station to Rossmoor. I acknowledged his presence about seeing him at JFK University and he responded accordingly. We began to have a conversation about our situations and he was living there too, but with his father. It might have been the beginning of June that we went to have lunch together at the local restaurant. He had shared with me that he was an attorney and I asked how often does he have to take a test to renew his law license. His response wasn’t clear to his license. About the same time I was told that Veteran’s Affairs HUD VASH program was placing me in subsidized housing and a few weeks later I was very busy packing and moving my immediate belongings and classic car. Since I was still going to Rossmoor there were times I could get together with him, share lunch or visit his dad. I started to notice that he had control issues with continuous talking, obsession and underlying pretenses. Unbeknownst to me it wasn’t until a few months later that his deception and motives became apparent. I was now being stalked by him. I then discovered that he was no longer allowed to practice law in the state of California since 2002 due to him causing irreparable harm. Then at that time when I checked the California State Bar’s website, in the fall of 2015, his status was listed with a stipulation as to the irreparable harm with some basic legal terms. What shocked me was:

a. He did not inform me that he was not allowed to practice law;

b. That in fact, his license status is as follows: “No longer allowed to practice law.”, due to his harmful behavior that caused irreparable harm;

c. And that when I knew him he was writing legal documents in 2015 and took me to attorney Oliver W. Bray’s law office in downtown Martinez (“Ollie” Bray is the great grandson of Justice A.F. Bray, Contra Costa County Judge, then a justice of the Court of Appeal, San Francisco, and presiding judge. (Click here for Justice A.F. Bray History, Bray Law Firm) He was a member of the Freemasons (Martinez Masonic Lodge), established in 1717, (before the Oxford Movement), who were vehemently against the Roman Catholic Church, in agreement with our first President of the United States, George Washington. But, by 1985 Catholics infiltrated into the Freemasonry. “…an increased number of Catholics joining the order.” (Click here for “Five Secret Societies That Have Remained Shrouded In History”, History . com)), and asked for blank legal pleading paper. I asked why? He never explained why he caused irreparable harm on someone else or people, but his behavior changed to noticeably aggressive and I excused myself from any relations. He graduated from the Roman Catholic De La Salle, all-boys, High School, Concord, California, during the late 1960’s. He may have very well been a victim of clergy abuse and did not receive proper healing skills as many victims do not because the Catholic Church does not want their child victims to heal or any of their victims to heal. He intimidated me and tried to force me to attend their class reunion and I firmly declined several times. This inappropriate M.O. is used by law enforcement, judicial system officials and other government people as a prelude to an ambush on unsuspecting people and even government employees that the Catholics and their recruits eliminate. It’s a “set-up” tactic with premeditated results. Then, he kept wanting me to go with him to the Roman Catholic, St. Mary’s College nearby in Moraga and I asked him if he was aware of the dangerous sexually aggressive environment there and he pretended that it was no different anywhere else and that he would protect me. I declined. For protecting the innocent, I will refrain from including a link to the California Bar Association’s website, attorney information and instead, below is a scanned photo copy of the California Bar Journal, “Fast Track: ‘Bad apples’ now face fast discipline” that I discovered today, Monday, May 18, 2020.

Fast Track: ‘Bad apples’ now face fast discipline
Fast Track: ‘Bad apples’ now face fast discipline
Fast Track: ‘Bad apples’ now face discipline

I did express my concerns to the Veteran’s Affairs Mental Health psychology therapist, Dr. Nicole Miller, and was shocked to discover after I received a copy of my VA medical records that she dictated my distress that he had stalked me as, “stocked”. In addition, around the time he was stalking me, Dr. “Marti” Wilson somehow showed up while I was walking in downtown Martinez and asked me how I was doing. I also mentioned to her that he was stalking me and she had no concern in the world for my well being. I simply greeted and stated a few short sentences in a neutral voice tone as I was walking by her, turning and then going away. At a different date and time earlier before he began incessantly disrupting me, even at the Contra Costa County Historical Society where he kept calling me, I was shopping at Trader’s Joes for groceries and the women that was head of the JFKU Law Library was all of a sudden there too and I even mentioned him and that he was a nice person in the same neutral tone and quickly walked away and she never mentioned a word about his law license status and agreed with me. Were they in cahoots? He possesses the same obsessed, inappropriate and threatening behaviors of attorney Diddo Clark who continues to be actively licensed today though. The terrorist government women are given preferential treatment and walk free. Demand that they be permanently removed from their government jobs as the dangerous men. The women have PhD’s. I now know stands for Ph*** you degree.

2-Fold / Double Whammy

Elimination Goals set in place

Two-Fold / Double Whammy is an expansion of Double Whammy. The first part of this Cruel Catholic M.O. is its esoteric plotting that is exactly how Justice James Marchiano changed our legal system. His interview statements reflect his intentions and actions that ruined a previously functioning legal process and he admits it. He’s guilty of defrauding tax-payers right off the bat. Using their Vatican teachings that are recondite, and extremely dangerous to the general public, for example in my case, unbeknownst to me, throughout, every action the government officials inflicted against me were vindictive and premeditated with “At Will” and “No Fault” behaviors, words and actions on their part. Furtively on all “outside” parties, the officials set-up other unsuspecting people to do-and-say-as-they-say. They use their authoritarian title, their professional licenses, vehicles, badges, guns and falsehoods to eliminate each and every outsider while flip-flopping, vacillating, pretending (using well-trained thespian voice tones that sound kind, then ramp-up to snide, then trap, repeat) so the outsider is and will be destroyed. They keep them isolated so each outsider can not communicate about what transpired and learn about their sinister and insidious doings. For example, I eventually had to ask my neighbors, co-workers and eventually my senior clients, for process service assistance because the process service business tried to dupe me by not serving veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Bissonnette, one of the defendants. Without our knowledge, me or my assistant’s, the officials knew they were network terrorizing to achieve their results of no justice. Because of their private and exclusive entity, their long-term goals continue to attack the individuals that got their instructions from them to follow-through-with on the main target(s), such as, me and any victims of Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al, because the source-creator of their heinous veterinary medical Ponzi schemes (their “Fun Pet Projects”) stem from the Catholic Vatican and branching out by infecting to recruit elite Jews, elite Protestants and their scoping out Cruel Catholic prodigies at their Catholic high schools and colleges just like in dirty football – “We win” (using drugs, bribes, kickbacks, money laundering, sex, intimidation, threats, and terrorism). Because their Elimination Goals are set in place and so convoluted to each target, some of the targets recognize the threat on their life too and flee if they can. Others commit suicide and others fight back civilly. That’s part of the momentum of their Elimination Goals. It’s all illegal. Then they try and change our laws through sneakiness and trickery. In fact, any law they change is to be removed and is null and void. The reason for their Elimination Goals is to steal, pillage and destroy the people they don’t like and ultimately take full control.

Mental Health Care Perfidious Scams

It is proven with evidence that our mental health care is a treacherous scam on unsuspecting trusting patients, clients and consumers. In fact, mental health is directly connected to our legal system, our representative offices and other government entities including Veterans Affairs. Here in my area they apply a new mental health code under Delusion disorder, 297.1, 4. Persecutory subtype. It’s their free-for-all to destroy the witness(es), victim(s), innocent bystander(s) and unsuspecting people to their hearts content.

On October 1, 2013, Contra Costa County Behavioral Health Court program’s director, Dr. Martha “Marti” Wilson, signed the Medical Certification form for the Regional Transit Connection Discount ID Card claiming that I have Persecutory delusions (Click here for Part 5, Despotic Legal System Commits Cruelty to the Core of Humanity, published on February 13, 2019, scanned copy of said form.) knowing that she was lying and participating in Organized Crime Rings with the judicial system, law enforcement, California Attorney General, Social Security and the California Veterinary Medical Board, California Governor Jerry Brown (Roman Catholic Priest), Veterans Affairs and numerous other government entities, including Contra Costa Housing Authority. In fact, they know they are committing Obstruction of Justice, Destruction of a Witness, Perjury, Intimidation, Deprivation of Civil Rights, Tampering, Medical Fraud, Mail Fraud, Defrauding Taxpayers, Domestic Terrorism, and Network Terrorism that spans to other countries, as well as Money Laundering.

After researching this mental health code for this article, the code has been used to claim that people who seek justice are mentally ill. It had been removed from the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and appeared again in 2004. Most likely for professionals to justify stealing from oblivious people in their communities. The average person does not know about the “Manual”.

History snippet: The word “Delude”, which means to deceive, to trick, was first known to have been used during the 15th century from Latin, “deludere”, meaning to mock, to play false. And from late Middle English, “deluden”, from 1400 -50. “1. Synonyms are beguile, cozen, dupe, cheat, defraud, gull.” (Click here for, “delude”, Wordreference .com

Mental Health definitions: Under this applied code, 297.1, 4, is the claim that the litigant, the “complainant” is vexatious and therefore is obsessed in receiving justice by repeated pleas to authoritarians and continued demands for legal action. That their legal grounds are unfounded and the injustices are frivolous. (To protect the innocent, I will not provide links here to mental health article reference materials. You can look up and research while the websites are still available. Below is a scanned copy of public domain psychiatric information.)

My eye-witness accounts:

While I was in Commissioner Judith Sanders Exparte courtroom on numerous occasions, Judith went berserk and snapped at a young, Hispanic looking woman who was an attorney. Needless to say I was shocked. However, when a white male attorney was before Judith, she praised him in public. There was another case where two male attorneys were allowed to discuss with each other about case details with Judith waiting patiently knowing that opposing attorneys are not to even look at each other pursuant to procedural laws. On another occasion, I was in her courtroom and she talked casually with a man from India who had an oxygen tank, but when I was before her, Judith degraded me with snide looks, mocking responses and denied me my rights even though I was following court laws and had already been destroyed by Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al and visibly distressed and traumatized. Judith was also very sly and intentionally created an untrustworthy court setting so that I couldn’t have a rightful Evidentiary Hearing. There are other Female Heterophobic and Sectarian Violent behaviors that Judith Sanders perpetrated that I’ve posted on my Facebook.

Cruel Catholic Word War-ping, terms and phrases because they apply Catholic Vatican, Holy See, Canon Law, not our laws:

What’s your shame to fame? – This is used by the judges giving them a “fun” experience to illegally gather private information about unsuspecting people’s sex lives from the time they are born to the time they die so they can clandestinely terrorize them.

Lighten up. – Catholics claim that their terrorist attacks are silly, fun and normal so their targets (victims, co-workers, competitors,…) need to “Lighten up”, instead of “Enlightenment”. As the target(s) continue to protect themselves through proper “chain-of-commands” the Catholic is controlling the results and the target(s) is jobless, businessless, homeless.

Join the club. – Catholics believe and practice that all individuals are to join them. Them (Catholic churches, schools, organization, institutions), is any entity that they lead is “The Club”, which includes the process of overthrowing the legal system.

Be perverted or die. – This is the same as Catholic convert or die, or do or die.

What goes around comes around.Catholics “At Will”, all of a sudden, believe in Karma and apply their interpretations of snideness that the prevailing party, the aggrieved party, doesn’t deserve justice because at some other irrelevant time, they were bad.

Give me a break.Catholics use this phrase to deny any important information that creates justice.

Yakity-yak don’t talk back.Catholics use this phrase to shut someone up because they are attacking them in some form, verbally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, judgmentally, sexually degrading, and the receiving party naturally speaks up for themselves.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. – Translates to, If you can’t conform to our torturous ways, leave.

Is she / he going to sue us?Catholic guilt because they know they are deceptive and predatory and get caught. This is also meant as derogatory propaganda to influence others to deny people their rights. But for Catholics, their families and friends, they have rights to sue even if they set-up someone to steal their property. Our court system is our right to justice. Catholics don’t believe and practice justice.

I’m not good enough. – Obsessive Catholic men use this towards females who inform him that he’s behaving badly.

I’m not that nice., and Boys will be boys.Catholic excuses for bad and criminal behaviors, as if they can’t change. Pleasant Hill Mayor Sue Angeli who was also the hired property management company for the condominium complex where I owned my condo, used the latter term.

I promise you. – Generally, Catholic men use this to pretend they care, knowing they have no intentions of holding themselves accountable. It’s to create instability on purpose.

Specific to me and my case

What Judge Barbara Zuniga would be saying:

I’m skeptical about this litigant. – Instead of checking facts, adhering and applying our laws, and refereeing, Judge Zuniga plays the devil on the Prevailing Party.

The Mink stinks. – Simply by looking at the attacking actions from Barbara directed at me, not only in the civil court documents, but also claiming that I was a physical threat to her because I explained that I’m a white collar crime fighter in a 4 page letter with several, real case examples, and that constituted her demanding criminal charges against me.

We don’t refer to (use) the Judges Benchbook. – I had cited law from this law book. I believe that it was regarding a six week process for the court to make a decision and that’s when I wrote a follow-up status request and my case proceeded. Little did I know they were still in Never-Never-Land.

Truth or dare.Barbara, Mary Ann and Judith were lying so much, they pretended they didn’t know the difference between the truth and lies. More motivated is that Catholics are taught to lie and so they dare someone to challenge them knowing they have no intentions of coming clean.

Ellie NeslerEllie is the vigilante who, out of rage, shot and killed the alleged molester of her 6 year-old son. Using name calling of high profile cases is to mock unsuspecting people in other legal cases.

Rebel without a cause.Roman Catholic Zuniga was taught to hate Jesus and people who are Jesus practitioners. Rebel without a cause is the Catholic way of hating Jesus (Christ) and that the Jewish chief priests and Sadducees believed that too because they were following the Roman Emperor, King Caesar. Refer to, King James Bible, John 19:15 “But they (Jewish chief priests and Sadducees) cried out, Away with him (Jesus), away with him, crucify him. Pilate (Governor) saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar.” (King Caesar, known as Roman Emperor Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus, lived in Rome, Italy.) The Romans converted to Roman Catholics and are still the same today, Anti-Semites, Anti-Jesus practitioners, Anti-rights. Figure, why would the Roman Empire allow King Herod to build the second Temple for the Jews. For corruption (the Romans were stealing the Jews money through Roman soldiers pretending to collect taxes) and control of the Jews, exactly how our legal system operates, and needs to be shutdown by Homeland Security and our President.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.Zuniga still mocked my early-morning newspaper route at that time that allowed me to study, research, investigate, write, write and re-write, make legal copies and arrange process service to receive rightful justice.

Keep praying, jokes on you.Catholics mock prayer because they don’t believe in rights.

I smell a rat.Zuniga knew what year I was born in and knew I was born in the Year of the Rat. The judges were and are used to violating our privacy and applying the Catholic “Mocking Act”.

Haste makes waste. – Term used for referring to legitimate litigants, whether attorney represented or pro per, spending hours preparing their legal documents because Zuniga knew the court system doesn’t hear cases, but without notifying anyone of their illegal activities, regardless that our laws state that justice is created in the instant.

You’re nosey. – Derogatory term they use referring to investigating cases.

Bit off more than she / he can chew. – Excuse for blaming victim(s) filing legal documents as pro pers.

Sore loser. – Name calling so litigant(s) can’t receive rightful justice, because Catholics don’t believe and practice justice. Catholics use the legal system as a playground for them to win.

Growth spurtJudge Barbara Zuniga’s explanation of her victim’s suppressed reactions (shut up) that they have finally grown up. Catholic teachers use this term snidely to repress their pupils further.

She’s fickle., and On and off again. – Once the Hybrid-Women launch their “Sex Slander Attack Act”, used to Network Terrorize, for single, heterosexual females, they look for ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands, ex-sex partners and ex-male interactions, even co-workers and roommates, to sexually slander her and apply their “Mocking Act” and demoralize her as a “fickle”. That justifies destroying her and allowing their “friends” and family to steal, pillage, torture, and alienate and annihilate.

She’s vain. – Term used to degrade the physical appearances of females defending themselves.

What the “Master Calendar assigned judge” and or Presiding Judge Mary Ann O’Malley would do:

The Master Calendar is full. – The Presiding Judge of the court didn’t want to assign cases so they could be heard because they don’t hear cases. Once I was held captive at Napa State Hospital, they claimed that 95% of court cases were not heard. It’s more like 99% at that time and perhaps continuing as such. The court system is only used to protect them, not the general public.

What Judge Barry Baskin said to me in his courtroom while I represented myself:

“You wanted it.”, and “Are you finished yet?” – I was presenting my case pursuant to law, as an attorney representing my client, then I, as Perri, the Prevailing Party, the Aggrieved Party, interceded suddenly, and I firmly and decisively said something to the effect that I didn’t agree with the services, referring to Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al. Judge Baskin had said during different court hearings in response to my simple, firm, yet verifiable legal documents, “You wanted it.”, “Are you finished yet?”, and refused to hear my case, wouldn’t referee between parties in the court of law, and again Obstructed Justice, Destroyed a Witness, and Deprived litigant of rights.

“Lower your expenses.” – Upon a hearing before Judge Baskin, he questioned me about my expenses and court “Fee Waiver” information and a discrepancy knowing that I was early withdrawing from my retirement accounts. I quickly thought what could he be referring to and said something about taxes. Then he told me to “Lower your expenses.” and I said, “How?”. He didn’t respond. My water heater at my sanctuary home broke and so I decided not to have it replaced even though I located a decent plumber and instead I resorted to manually heated water.

“You’re in my court” – My civil case was illegally sent back to Contra Costa County Superior Court (because it was a conflict of interest with the entire legal system), Judge Baskin’s courtroom, from Judge Herrick, Lake County Superior Court, after Judge Barbara Zuniga intentionally and criminally Obstructed Justice in Fast Track court. Baskin asked me about my Case Management Statement because I didn’t file one prior to the hearing? I paused, thought carefully, brain scanned law I had read, and I said, “It was my understanding that Case Management Statement was to be filed in the first court.”, something to that effect from local court procedural law and that’s all that was needed because that would be on record. His response was, “You’re in my court.”, as he egotistically lifted up his judgeship rather then following law. I did file more Case Management Statements per his court. Then I discovered in 2019 that Judge Baskin and the court were lying about Baskin’s court because Baskin was a Fast Track civil court too. My civil case is an “Iron-Clad”, “Slam Dunk” case. A very simple Fraud Cause of Action. I had included other causes of action, including Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and cited another local case where $5,000 was awarded to the pet owner. I requested $55,000 General Damages Award (pursuant to property laws) and Punitive Damages because the veterinary practice intentionally caused great bodily injuries on both my Pug, Elvira and me.

(Below is a highlighted photo of a September 2010, Contra Costa County Bar Association, “Bench-Bar” edition, “Civil Law”, by Hon. Barry P. Goode, p. 10. This article has since been removed from online search look-up and CCCBA website does not include 2010 archive articles anymore while I’m writing this article.)

Pursuant to court laws, the judge is the referee and guides the lawyers and self-represented parties to civil settlements. Fast Track is to settle expeditiously pursuant to legal guidelines, and not drag on and drain victims further and cause them to lose more. But the latter is exactly what the court did because they were involved in organized crime rings with Commissioner Joel Golub (Walnut Creek, Superior Court location), Presiding Judge Mary Ann O’Malley and her husband, attorney Dan O’Malley, California Veterinary Medical Board, Executive Office Susan Geranen, Dr. Roger Johnson and Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al, and Judge Barbara Zuniga, Commissioner Judith Sanders, Judge David Herrick, Judge Barry Baskin, Justices Ignazio “Nace” Ruvolo, James Marchiano (who claims emphasis on mediation something he “set-up” in Contra Costa County), and Justices Robert Dondero, and Kathleen Banke.

What Commissioner Judith Sanders implied about me in her Exparte courtroom:

“Ms. Hooker” – I was waiting in a very busy Exparte courtroom before the same Commissioner who was very familiar with my case and on that morning there was a young, mid-20’s to 30’s, woman, who was called by Sanders as “Ms. Hooker”. Much later, in 2016, after I requested that the VA correct my medical record based on the received records, the governments, collectively, began using conspicuous, sexual insinuation attacks around me through other people. A few years later I realized they changed to terrorist attacks again because I proved with evidence that they lied. Also realizing definitively that Sanders had clandestinely planted “Ms. Hooker” (fictitious name?) in the courtroom because Sanders still would not hear my case. At the time I sensed peculiarity and expressed in conversation with one of my woman, senior clients who had also been harmed by a male dentist who jammed something into her mouth.

I learned very recently that at the time Judith Sanders was working for high profile attorney Melvin Belli in San Francisco starting in 1982, according to her court profile, Melvin was married to Lia Belli, his fifth wife. Judith resembles Lia in appearance. I was shocked when I came across the photo of Lia. Could you image why Melvin hired Judith? And what Judith did while working for him? That marriage ended in 1991. In 1996, Melvin married Nancy Ho. I was shocked when I saw a photo of her with Melvin. Nancy looks like me when I was at the courthouse because I wore my hair up, slicked back with hair gel, to look neat and tidy and professional for court appearances. My suspicions were correct about Judith terrorizing me. I realized when I saw Nancy that Judith was transposing her nasty thoughts about her jealousy about Nancy Ho and that’s why Judith referred to me a “Ms. Hooker” and Presiding Judge Mary Ann O’Malley mocked me, called me “Mr.”, and Judge Barbara Zuniga tortured me because is a “man”, and all were denying me my rights.

(Scanned photo collage: Left is Lia Belli, 5th wife of Melvin Belli, where Judith Sanders (Middle photo) worked as a new hire as an attorney. Right is Nancy Ho, Belli’s 6th wife and she looks like me when I was dressed for court. Note: Melvin Belli was connected to the Mafioso.)


Put on your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. – When people make legitimate complaints about abusive judges, the judge’s guilty mind believes that action may be taken against them, but they don’t know, so they act absurd.

“Don’t rehash.” – This is a similar remark made by the attorney representing veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Bissonnette, the surgeon who maimed Elvira, my beloved Pug. In Cruel Catholic M.O. terms, Catholics are taught that when victims and witnesses file “complaints”, they are wanting to repeat their own experiences in life through someone else mocking them, which is the Roman Catholic teachings, interpretations and processes for complaints about offenders, and wrongdoers. Therefore, vengeance and perpetual sin are what people want, “You wanted it.”, Catholics and there recruits say, hence attacking the complainant(s), the victim(s).

Round and round and round we go, where we stop know one knows. – Another way of saying Catholic perpetual sin = no justice, no corrections, no providing, no legitimate services.

Godzilla’s mother. – What Catholics and their recruits refer to moms distressed about their children, including fuzzy family members.

What Contra Costa County court said:

“You’re a dead horse.”Behavioral Health Court program case manager, Raven Oyedeji, called me when I would speak up and tell the truth and fight for my rights.

“You have delusions of grandeur.”Criminal Conflict Panel program, court appointed attorney, Jane Elliot, referred to me when I spoke up for my rights.

History of Catholics Hijacking Protestants…

Walter Walsh, an English Protestant, author, wrote “Secret History of the Oxford Movement”, first published in 1897. He explains in detail about the Catholic secret Jesuits (Order) in a clandestine disguise to teach Romanism, Popery, and torturous rituals that were to force Protestants to convert to Catholics through a movement referred to as the Oxford Movement because the educated men were from Oxford University. (!Law Enforcers: Protect this video and YouTube Channel!): In the video, “Secret History of the Oxford Movement” by King James Bible Believer, YouTube Channel, (Click here for video) the narrator starts by saying, “…it was a movement in England and it entailed usurping the Church of England and reformers and Protestants to bring them back to the Catholic Church.” I wondered, what does the word “usurping” mean.

(Photo from “The Random House College Dictionary, Revised Edition, Copyright 1980)

The Tractarian Movement, also known as the Oxford Movement, began in 1833.

I learned that it’s similar to how I say that our legal system was overthrown by Cruel Catholic M.O.ers. That’s a term I came up with because Catholics here are mowing us down to complete loss of our existence (M.O. stands for “modus operandi” or “mode of operation”), and that’s usurping.

On page 35 of Walsh’s book, explained is Catholic“Discipline”…using a knotted, either cord or steel, with which each penitent is whipped on the bare back, either by himself or another, as a penance of his sins.”” As I’ve said many times, Catholics believe and practice torture. Their definition of words are war, hence, “Word Warping”, which leads to physical war through their heinous training methods that are forced (threatening operations) into societies all over. That’s how Catholics here are using the courthouses, police and sheriff departments, and lawyer and medical offices.

…other Clandestine Hijacking in progress:

1. Millions of people buy from Amazon, the online shopping website. But you probably don’t know about the Catholic Vatican hijacking of Amazon and tarnishing Jeff Bezos’ reputation through the Pope’s “Final Document”, “The Amazon: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology”, as a facade to make the Catholics “look good”. Keep in mind that the Catholic Church Vatican is sneaky and wiggle their way in. (Click here for Vatican News, “Final Document on the Synod on the Amazon: Full Text”, released on October 26, 2019) In reading this document, you think you are learning about the Pan-Amazon Region of South America, and the Vatican’s New Paths. The Synod on the Pan-Amazon began in October of 2017. Coinciding and distracting with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (also known as AOC, a Catholic, and the Democratic House of Representative for New York’s 14 Congressional District) political war against Amazon, the online shopping website, where AOC continued to publicly and viciously attack Amazon in 2018 of their goal to open an Amazon Headquarters in Queens, New York City. Then, during the Coronavirus, all of a sudden, Amazon employees were attacking Amazon about their safety. No one talked about an operative planting of the Coronavirus at Amazon to dirty the company and ruin the business through a lawsuit too. Amazon did not open a headquarters, dropping that goal in 2019 and AOC responded with snobbery and pompous appearance, as looking for a pat on her back that Amazon is opening a smaller office instead. Notice how AOC never spoke for the safety of Bezos’ life, AOC didn’t provide proper communications, and she never said anything about why Roman Catholic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Roman Catholic influenced New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio “…aggressively lobbying…” for Amazon “HQ2”. (Click here for Snopes, February 20, 2019 news article, “Did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘Chase’ Amazon Out of Her NYC District?”) It’s Cruel Catholic M.O. of let’s play Bezos for a fool and see if he can figure it out. And use the media and make a spectacle out of Amazon. (Click here for The Guardian, December 6, 2019 news article, “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Amazon’s new New York City offices: I told you so.”) AOC does not reflect American females because AOC is a Hybrid-Woman. It’s all a Catholic thespian show. Behind the scenes, Catholics are influencing nefarious business dealings in the United States and wasting tax-payer’s money and time and destroying the U.S., city by city, state by state.

On a much smaller scale, here in Pleasant Hill, California, Western Christian Bookstore
(their merchandise was much more than books) was attacked and sabotaged. Nefarious people infiltrated into the bookstore, gave horrible service, customers were treated badly at times, and slowly and methodically the business was ruined and closed. Catholics here have attacked and sabotaged other much smaller, single proprietor businesses too.

…and then California

Courthouse Movement

A couple of months ago a young man was promoting the new California Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Cap Initiative (2020) petition in front of a store. He explained his lawsuit experience against a doctor due to the medical treatment he received because of an automobile accident he was in and that his attorney told him that the law did not provide more for him then the settlement he received. I told him that this new medical cap petition is ONLY for judges, doctors, lawyers and their friends and family. I informed him with the current law that the litigant can sue each doctor involved under the cap of $250,000.00 each doctor, and you can sue each and every person involved as well as the business(es). (There is also exemplary damages that I didn’t even get to.) I told him that his attorney was lying, flat out. When he told me that they caused more problems to his condition, I said they did it on purpose. I knew this because my senior clients had told me of their horrific and traumatizing experiences at the hospital, nursing homes and dental office and those malicious acts were meant to harm them too. Needless to say he was shocked. I then told him that it is proven with evidence that our legal system has been overthrown by Catholics and they are denying our rights. He immediately told me that he had read the Bible several times and he noticed that the Bible tells us to have repentance (“sincere remorse or contrition for a sin, wrongdoing, or the like”), but the Catholic church teaches penance instead. What does this have to do with Cruel Catholic M.O. and our court system? If you’ve been keeping up with my FB posts you will remember my recent post about St Augustine Catholic Church in Pleasanton, California holding drive-through confession during the Coronavirus (Click here for the March 22, 2020, KPIX CBS SF Bay Area news report, “East Bay Catholic Church Offers Drive-Through Confessions”). “Confession”, as I wrote about in my Part 2 article series, is also referred to as, “Reconciliation”, but what its true teaching is, is Perpetual Sin and Penance where the discipline is physical punishment, making our hijacked courthouse a trap, like a dirty torture playground, made by Catholics and their recruits to use as a place of physical punishment on people they don’t like. Catholics made the legal process into a spectator event as Romans thrilled over torturing people and animals in their amphitheaters. Shut down Catholic court immediately!

Recently, in March 2020, Christ the King Catholic Church in Pleasant Hill, California, began holding drive-up church services (Click here for) KPIX, CBS SF Bay Area, March 24, 2020, news report, “Worshippers Maintain Social Distancing at Drive-Up Church Services” where Catholics use the media to influence and force their ways as “normal”. Notice that the man interviewed has the name “Hunter”. That’s an Order by the Catholic Church that reflects their terrorist regime. They need to be outlawed.

Last April, I discovered a Richmond police officer, Mitch Peixoto, who graduated from Catholic St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California, the infamous sexually offensive Catholic campus life, who was made into a hero claiming to be The cop who freed a sex slave. Catholics using media to make themselves “look good”. (Click here for the Richmond Standard, February 18, 2014, “Richmond cop honored for rescuing sex slave.”) He’s also listed on LinkedIn currently working as the “Lead Security Officer, Dignity Health Medical Foundation, Woodland Hills, California”. Here, in the area I’m living, police are participating in heinous medical fraud Ponzi schemes where patients are harmed regularly and legal services are denied ahead of time without them knowing. They’ve gotten so greedy, Catholics and their recruits are getting rid of victims by killing them off at their doctor appointment, at restaurants, through sabotaging auto mechanics,…, they keep stealing and we, the victims, keep losing, and they get wealthier, and we end up homeless and dead. Catholics are perpetrating Sectarian Violence and Female Heterophobia.

…more, “new mission”, “new paths”, “New Order”, “Novus Order”

Many of you have been reading and learning about the horrific terrorist attacks I’ve endured by Catholics. Two of the Catholics, or as I knew them as ex-Catholics, who were contacted by attorney Jane Elliot, without asking me for my permission, told me that they would pack, move and store my belongings knowing that they were going to steal from me, steal my precious belongings, and they did. In addition, they defiled my antique, historical Bretagne (Breton, Brittany) French and Belgium furniture, along with many other sentimental, precious and personal belongings and property.

The ex-Catholic sister who lives(ed) in the same mobile home park where I purchased my sanctuary home in Concord, California, was also where the Behavioral Health Court Program forced me to stay (couch surf). She had mentioned that she attended a Catholic school when she was growing up. Either she mentioned the all-girls Catholic school, Carondelet High School in Concord, California, or I didn’t understand. Recently, last March, I learned that she attended the Roman Catholic, St. Elizabeth High School (under the Franciscan Order) in Oakland, California during the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. They closed in 2017 and reopened in 2018 as Cristo Rey De La Salle High School under the Lasallian Christian Brothers all over the world. In The Catholic Voice, they announced their “new mission” for Cristo Rey De La Salle and seven other schools, including St. Catherine of Siena elementary school in Martinez, California under the “Lumen Christi Academies” who are for unity of the schools in the Oakland Diocese for their “Rooted in Mission” theme. These themes change regularly, and the Catholic Church keeps reinventing itself to hijack and overthrow Protestants, Asians, secular, Jews, Armenians, Greeks, and everyone else, included the disabled, and our government offices, including the disabled, veterans and our government offices, such as Workman’s Compensation, CalFresh EBT Food Stamps and Social Security, and organizations too. All seven schools are illegally recruiting by inviting government officials to their campuses.

Note: Catholic women standing at the “cathedral alter” are trained to be Hybrid-Women (alter is a pedestal where change happens for sacrifice, for torture and using-up for the Catholic Church’s supremest terrorist regime. That’s Catholic religious role model.) It is proven with evidence.

Cruel Catholic M.O. Extermination process:

1. In horrific case against Doc’s Pharmacy in Walnut Creek, California, a couple of miles away from Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al, 3 patients died of meningitis contamination from compounding medications and 10 hospitalized in 2001. The case was not presented truthfully to the public. However, Cruel Catholic M.O. is apparent. The two licensed, women pharmacy technicians, Heidi Medeiros and Margo Cantrell, were at the forefront of the contamination. The California Board of Pharmacy claimed that the longtime, and steadily reputable, licensed Pharmacist, Robert E. Horowitz, was responsible for the fatal contamination. The State of California prosecutors set-him-up so he therefore surrendered his license because otherwise they were going to revoke it through a trial, versus that Horowitz had a long history of causing problems with adverse results at his business and constituted revoking his license; They didn’t proceed as such because there was no such history. Notice that Horowitz was the one being targeted, the man. Also, his new business partner, Jamey Sheets, was accused too. He eventually committed suicide and no one talks about how he may have been terrorized with any of the Cruel Catholic M.O. terrorist attack operations I’ve identified. One or both women could have planted the fatal bacteria or a break-in by police may have happened. The State report claims gross negligence occurred by the two pharmacy technicians but that Horowitz was ultimately responsible for the technician’s contaminating the compound medication. But it is actually a criminal murder case of possibly technician(s)-who-kill and conceivably connected to organized crime ring(s) committing bio-terrorism, exactly like the Rajneesh cult. I recall at the time that the case was in the news that there were government official statements being made that were upsetting that the case was mishandled. That not enough was being done. Meaning that there were local government officials holding back proper legal procedures. Perhaps some were being threatened. I can not find any news articles online to that effect and may have been a radio broadcast that I heard. The fact that the case is a crime scene, no such investigation exists. For example, could someone have broken in, bypassed the alarm system, if one existed, and planted the bio-terrorist substance? Were any of the patients on a hit list? Did Mr. Horowitz have any enemies, such as left-wing terrorists or Cruel Catholic M.O.er operatives. Then, today, Monday, June 15, 2020, I did some intensive research into the States legal documents and the State of California Deputy Attorney General, W. Lloyd Paris III, State Bar No. 124755, from the San Francisco AG office, who represented the State, is dead now. I was shocked! When you are an investigator, and a decent investigator, you follow the law and seek justice. But not knowing that the legal system has been overthrown or infected by Cruel Catholic M.O.ers, you wouldn’t suspect that you, as a Deputy Attorney General, that you would be targeted by a terrorist group within the government. I could not find any information on how Mr. Paris died. If the little information I did find is correct, he died not too long after this Doc’s Pharmacy case. I just don’t know enough though.

People who are familiar with my case know that Encina prescribed liquid Cyclosporin, an ointment for Elvira’s chronic dry eye, was through Doc’s Pharmacy. I was in the pharmacy regularly to pick-up her prescription.

Who murdered Mr. Shimansky?

2. While investigating the Doc’s Pharmacy case I learned about the death of Contra Costa County, Danville Councilman Mike Shimansky, who died from meninigitis on September 15, 2009 while visiting family in San Diego, California. I researched his affiliations that are strongly connected to supporting veterans. That would put him very high on the Cruel Catholic M.O. hit list. I could not find any public religious memorial acknowledgements, however, there was a public memorial event held at Oak Hill Park in Danville on October 3, 2009, and there is the Michael K Shimansky Community Service Award. Mr. Shimansky is also Republican and a conservative and that is two more “hits”. There is no mentioning of his religious associations. Notice how he is excluded compared to Cruel Catholic supremests.

Mr. Shimansky also supported the historical societies (Click here for SFGate, September 17, 2009 news article, “Danville Councilman Shimansky Dies of Illness”), and was functional to the San Ramon Valley Historical Society. While I was forced into the Contra Costa County Behavioral Health Court program in September of 2013, the case manager, Raven Oyedeji, who referred to me as a “dead horse” later in the program when I would speak up for my rights, set me up for mandatory volunteer work at the Contra Costa County Historical Society where I was delegated to clipping obituaries. I learned that the different historical societies in the county were familiar or had contact at times with the different historical societies. Justice James Marchiano was a member of the Contra Costa County Historical Society where I was ordered to volunteer. While there, unbeknownst to me at the time, the workers had been participating in Cruel Catholic M.O. directed at me and began ramping up terrorist tactics to make me look like all the “bad” behaviors that the Cruel Catholic M.O.ers and their recruits had been already practicing elsewhere throughout the community. Such as, stealing money out of the donation box or the cash register. Wanting attention through the media. Playing favorites. And stealing supplies. Gossiping and flirting. Using equipment for personal use. Each of those examples, as slight accusations and secret plots, were carried-out by other volunteers at the historically society as a set-up directed at me, Perri Mink. After a few months, the CCCHS Director, Priscilla Couden, placed me as front desk volunteer where I would answer the phone, continue clipping the obituaries and advanced me to clipping news articles and screen-selecting them as well. Eventually I would learn to ring up sales. The donation box was nearby. They would pretend that they couldn’t supply paper clips. A specific archival box I was working with went missing. I was asked if I wanted a scan of my artwork that I created at the Veterans Affairs program and I agreed. Then the VA stole it. I was invited to a group media session to tape an interview for a public announcement and they placed me in front for a photo shoot. I never saw the photo and I never asked to be positioned as such and I never asked to see the photo(s) later. The Marketing Volunteer, Tara Weber, would place herself nearby with a male board member and talk and talk and talk. I wasn’t to clip news articles that had to do with murders of black people, but I did anyway. Most of the articles recognizing people of color were not selected, so I selected them. Then, the individual mentioned above, but not identified, in “More Local Cases…”, 2., began aggressive obsessed attacks directed at me and began calling me at the historical society. That combined with the terrorist attacks by the people working there, I explained that other people’s lives there may be in danger because of the government’s injustices and I quit for safety reasons.

Instead of the CCCHS board members and volunteers of the historical society speaking out as a collective and warning me about the potential attacks against me or making a public statement that members, such as James Marchiano, were engaging in illegal activities and that his donations to the historical society constituted their obligations to participating in exterminating Ms. Mink, and that they were shocked and opposed. I was never informed that the board members filed an official complaint with Homeland Security, the FBI, INTERPOL, or any other law enforcement agency. No such public announcement occurred either. Why was that? Because Cruel Catholic M.O.ers and their recruits are terrorists. Mr. Shimansky was pushed out and alienated as the news article explains, as if he doesn’t exist here (Click here for SFGate, December 14, 2000 news article, “Bumps Bigger Than Dimples For Our Pols / Feuds, squabbles abound on city councils”).

Bacterial Serratia was a choice bio-terrorist substance on their codex, as well as cyanide and warfarin (rat poisons) that they used on Winnie (my service dog) starting in October 2019 through January 2020 and then again in April 2020. I reported the first part of the terrorist attacks to Contra Costa County Animal Services and they were attacking me too with the same accusatory and crazy talk.

3. Former, Retired Concord Police Chief (2011 to 2020), Guy Swanger, is from San Diego, California, where he worked in the San Diego Police Department since 1984. He was actively participating in terrorizing me by having Concord police officers illegally enter my mobile home by forcing my monthly-paid alarm company to deactivate my alarm and using a locksmith to unlock my front door on more than one occasion when I drove off (I caught them in progress and another time one of the officers left his business card). It was an unnerving experience and violating to my entire senses, as if they believe and practice that entering the victim’s home, of veterinary Ponzi schemes, is okay. It was total terrorism. Swanger admits in a 2017 interview that he is the one that becomes the offender, the criminal, he’s recruited by the organized criminals by using an elaborate explanation, “It’s a game changer. When you start cross working with different specialties or disciplines, you actually change your discipline. You don’t realize it. You think, I’m going to get them to change, but that’s not what happens. You actually change yours.” Then he gives examples of people in mental health, domestic violence, dealing with homeless, and working with gangs, as conforming to criminal life, low life, to violence, is the way for society to function. Then he goes on to admit that if you have family or co-workers who refer you to the Family Justice Center, you’re their solution. It’s nun-sense. In another disturbing statement that is repulsive, Swanger says to unconcerned Carey Watson, M.D., the interviewer, “Are we really missing dealing with people of Asian descent? We don’t have a cultural understanding of how it works there or how to extract themselves.” This is an offensive statement directed at Asian people and multi-racial Asians, that wasn’t questioned at all by the woman doctor. His statement instills and encourages hatred of a certain ethnic group because they are isolating that group in a degrading way versus accepting a certain ethnic group of people and is not based on the individual as a person or in a comprehensible conversational way. It’s evidence that the government doesn’t provide and it’s another dangerous trap by law enforcement officials in concert with medical professionals (Click here for ACE’s Connection, 5/22/17, “Audio Interview with Concord, CA, Police Chief Guy Swanger”, by Carey Watson, M.D.).

About Guy Swanger: He grew up poor with his parents in a small town, Calpatria, in Imperial Valley, California. He is embarrassed by his mother’s role in the family. You can sense from his voice tone in the audio interview. His own expressions may be because he was abused as a child and couldn’t heal. He got out of that small town to go to college where one of his professors had a friend at the Crime Analysis Unit and referred him to an internship position at the police department. (Referring someone based on a friend or family is illegal. That’s Conflict of Interest laws.) Right off, Guy learned illegal behavior that he continued throughout his government career, either by participating or supporting. His wife, Lora, also worked for the San Diego, California, Police Department many years ago (Click here for The Mercury News, August 2, 2011 news article, “SENIORITY: EIZO KOBAYASHI Concord doubly fortunate with Swangers). Hmmm, wonder what was going on there? He claims that he was “chosen” to direct the San Diego Family Justice Center and brought that concept to Concord. (Click here for Rotary Club of Concord-Diablo, March 2, 2015 article, “Guy Swanger Brings Family Justice to Concord) It’s a ruse for females so male and Hybrid-Women police officers and their recruits will ruin them or play favorites instead of removing corrupt employees and officials and balancing the violent circle with creating offender healing centers too and banishing Catholic rapist and terrorist Hybrid-Women training. Why was Guy Swanger referred to as “Captain” in the November 2019 issue of The Informant? Was he demoted? BOLO! Dangerous, most wanted list! He committed Obstruction of Justice, Perjury, Deprivation of Civil Rights, Intimidation, … Money Laundering.

(Below is a redacted screenshot photo of page 27, “On the Road”, of The Informant, The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officer’s Association, Vol. XXXIX, No. 11)

If you do more research, you will find that Guy and Lora Swanger have an upcoming association with Chapel of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Texas.

I proved with evidence that the court system’s words-to-live-by had to do with outside of the court system because they are a supremest terrorist regime. That’s why their absurdity is that they claim that your friends, family and co-workers are to fix your life. With me, they scared my friends and associates away, then mocked and terrorized me. The government has been overthrown by Catholics and their recruits and they do not provide; they steal, pillage, torture, terrorize, alienate and annihilate, get their rocks off and go live it up at tax-payer’s expense. The interview is another piece of the evidence puzzle that our government is a set-up to The People and needs to be shutdown.

Note: Swanger mentions in the interview about advocate drive-along with police and benefits thereof. I had applied for ride-along thinking that I could provide female Jesus’ teaching practitioner mentorship based on my natural, stable and spiritual guide and tutorship abilities, but the law enforcement agency denied me. They didn’t even speak with me in person. Notice how they reject female Jesus’ teachings practitioners. It’s because all they can think about is slanderous sex within the government.

I had also applied for the Contra Costa County Search and Rescue wanting to provide my abilities to find people through some paranormal activity that I possess (I don’t announce paranormal activity because I can’t guarantee it and don’t want to mislead or disappoint people). And again, they rejected me by completely ignoring me, not even a letter, because I’m not sexy and they are a slanderous sex club. I did go in person, spontaneously, and met the white man who selected volunteers. The government people are not there to provide for the community as they say. It’s their dirty secret sex club. I met a young, blonde, married female who applied and she was brought onboard without problems. Most likely she was profiled as someone they could groom to have wife-swapping or Menage a Trois because she was married. She informed me that her and her husband were already moving out of state and didn’t speak of any search and rescue events.

** Make America Pure Again, Forever!

In my Part 5, February 13, 2019 article, “Despotic Legal System Commits Cruelty to the Core of Humanity” (Click here), I mention that the United States Founding Fathers are Puritans. For this article I checked at the list of Founding Fathers religious affiliations and at least 21 are Puritans stemming from Calvinism (John Calvin from France and Geneva, Switzerland) and 28 are Anglican (Episcopalian) stemming from King Henry VIII beginning in 1533, when he was vehemently against the Roman Catholic Church and freed England through Protestant Reformation (Martin Luther from Germany and John Calvin) from Europe. Thereafter, Queen Elizabeth I continued a Protestant England. Catholics have obsessively attacked Protestants and over time throughout history attacked the Church of England and the English Reformation. After Queen Elizabeth I, King James I and VI was one of the most bravest strengths for Scotland, England and Ireland combined and came from his desire to unite factions and a Holy Bible for the common people. He was exceptionally wise in creating unity through his guidance that lead to the making of the King James Bible. He was raised Puritan (known as Protestant Reform, Presbytarian). (Click here for the 2011 movie, KJB – The Book That Changed The World”, available on metacafe) King James I and VI true and amazing contributions have been almost eliminated from main stream media in our times because the Catholic Church doesn’t want the masses to read the King James Bible (KJB). Many articles and documentaries will belittle him and mislead with changing his life story, such as claiming he’s gay (a Sex Slander Scam Act). This is untrue. He was married and had three children. And notice how the KJB is no longer in hotel and motel rooms? George Washington, our first President, swore in on the King James Bible. George Washington was an Anglican (Church of England) and was only for a unity of peace with other religious groups under our U.S. government laws. The Puritans that came to the New World stand for individual rights to coexist without being attacked for religious beliefs and a governmental system separate from a hierarchal system where commoners have no rights due to the factions during that time. That’s what our United States is about. Many of our Founding Fathers did express their distress and concerns about inhumane practices that are Roman Catholic based, such as slavery, female heterophobia and misandry. But they (Catholics) don’t want you to know and continue to rewrite and suppress the truth of our history. (Click here for Britannica, “The Founding Fathers and Slavery”) There was only one Roman Catholic who signed the U.S. Declaration of Independence and that was Charles Carroll who owned many slaves. At his death, he did not free them (Click here for The History Junkie, May 18, 2012, “Charles Carroll of Carrollton”).

Perri Mink – Survivor of Purging; Veterinary-Genocide, Renters-Genocide, Court-Genocide and other Ethnic Cleansing, extermination, “Final Solutions”:

Warning to the general public: Our legal system and our representative offices and other government departments have been hijacked by Roman Catholics who are perpetrating their Catholic supremist terrorist regime and you are trapped if you need court services and more. They use your private information behind your back claiming that they have the right to torture you, your family members and people you may know, even an ex-husband or ex-wife, a childhood friend or a past co-worker, and change your personal information to influence and force other government officials and employees to harm their target(s) through medical, during their online interactions and transactions, during your efforts to seek assistant and right to your property, right to your body, and right to your total being.

During the last couple of years of my fourteen years of seeking justice in the instant (legal term under our laws), I recollected several different Protestants (Southern Baptist, non-denominational, Episcopalian, Mormon, Home Church), and even some Catholics of different age ranges, marital status, work history and careers and living spaces, that had all informed me at some point that they were being targeted and harassed in the community either by police, neighbors, in the workplace and even while driving and at their medical appointments, and many don’t even know.

Here are examples of real-life clandestine Catholic terrorist attacks:

1. When I bought my first home, a condominium, in Pleasant Hill, California, in 1995, unbeknownst to me, the third-party condominium property management was operated by Sue Angeli, the then Mayor of Pleasant Hill, who had previously owned a condo there too, but had since moved to the next residential area a short ways down the street. Upon my new residential status as homeowner, a neighbor asked me if I would join her in a condo complex activism to find out why neighbors were so upset and what their experiences were with the property management. We went door-to-door and each person that we spoke with was very upset with Angeli and that she wouldn’t get back with them, or their requests were not resolved, or the time from the report, such as a grounds lightbulb out, would not be fixed expeditiously, and one owner said she would keep calling and leaving messages in a different conversation. Years later, Sue Angeli even duped me in a property damage repair and one of my neighbors told me later that that was not a homeowner association issue. Now, I understand that Angeli’s scam is part of the Catholic supremist terrorist regime where they set-up unsuspecting people to make them look “bad”, “criminal”, “mentally ill”, or all at the same time. Angeli was terrorizing all of us there.;

1.a. When I first moved to my condo, I attended the Home Owner Association Board meetings. The president of the board was a white woman, about age 60, who worked in the banking industry. Later, all of a sudden, it was announced that she died in her condo one night while sitting in a lounge chair in front of the TV from a blood clot resulting from a routine medical procedure. Who killed her?;

1.b. There was a widowed, senior woman, (her deceased husband was a Contra Costa County Superior Court judge) who expressed her concerns to me about Sue Angeli’s irresponsible behavior about her filing for bankruptcy news in the newspaper. Afterall, Angeli was the Mayor of Pleasant Hill, the property management for our condo complex and she worked for BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Angeli would be making enough money to pay her bills. In 2003 she made contact with me that she was in the hospital. Prior to that she had disclosed to me that she had cancer of the woman’s reproductive organ. She died shortly after I visited her in the hospital. She was about age 70. Did Sue Angeli have something to do with bio-terrorism that killed her? Who killed her husband?;

1.c. It didn’t sink in until recently that Sue Angeli is and was a scout, the “look-out” to then refer the middle “hit men and women” to terrorize the target(s). Since she targeted me too, I recollected back to when I bought the condo, and moved in about Thanksgiving Day. Then the next month in December 1995, I came home to a “plastic” poinsettia plant basket at my front door. The card indicated a different “Camelback” address and I called the floral shop and the woman was very rude when I referred to the display as plastic, snidely responding, “silk”. I then calmly told her that I was concerned about the sender and recipient and that I would leave them outside for the driver to pick them up. No one ever did. That now is a realization that the flora shop was in on the terrorist scam and scheme. If you’re kosher, you wouldn’t behave that way. Then, thinking a few years later, I received a strange phone call from a man, with an American, white, California accent who used my birth name. I said that no one was here by that name because the call did not come across as legitimate. If the call were, I would have said, “Who may I ask is calling?”.;

Fast forward: Then, after I outsmarted the supremest terrorists and was released from West County Detention Facility and spoke monthly with Dr. Nicole Miller, VA Mental Health psychologist about someone claiming to be my niece who had contacted me out-of-the-blue, I looked up about my mom, and discovered that she passed away in October 1998. That would mean, based on Cruel Catholic M.O., that after Angeli “ordered” a “hit” on me through the Pleasant Hill Police Department, then the police contacted their people and they then “hit” my mom through her medical professionals, torturing her until she died. There is no statute of limitations on murder. I demand they be prosecuted for murder!;

2. My non-denominational Christian fellowship, married woman friend from New Zealand informed me that she and her husband were being harassed regularly by people in the community in Walnut Creek, California. They were also swindled out of a few thousand dollars in an auto repair service. She also disclosed to me that her husband was influenced by sexy women at some nightclub he ended up at and something happened and he was arrested. This is part of the Cruel Catholic M.O. police terrorist tactic where they use sexy women to set-up the husbands to break-up marriages. Part of the motive is to ruin Protestant families and the other is to exploit married couples by triggering upset to lead to divorce proceedings where attorneys steal people’s money.;

3. A Mormon, single, heterosexual female, in her late 50’s, was a co-worker and executive to the CEO of an internet start-up company where we worked in Moraga, California. She had been targeted both in the workplace prior and employment was very unsteady for her. She had been living with her parents in Walnut Creek, California. She had also been defrauded in auto repair services and had met people who were intentionally unpunctual. Catholics know that ceaselessly terrorizing people one at a time changes people’s demeanor.;

3.a. Another co-worker there explained how her boyfriend’s father had great opposition to the government and had moved out of state. Neither of us suspected that he was profiled, targeted and terrorized by the Catholic government here.;

4. One of my senior client, an Episcopalian, married woman, whose French husband had an adverse reaction to a medical test that caused him to deteriorate was accused by medical staff of being delusional and that nothing happened. She had also explained to me that when she called around for home health care for her husband, an ex-sheriff deputy had inflated the hourly wage trying to exploit her and her husband needing round the clock care-giving for him because his health deteriorated after the medical test.;

4.a. She also explained how one of her son’s, a chiropractor, had hired a hauler to take refuse to the dump. Instead, the hired service workers dumped his debris on the side of the road. Police checked the rubbish and found his name and address. They sent him a citation with fine. Who profiled, targeted and terrorized him and his wife?;

4.b. His wife had been in a Contra Costa County lawsuit where she had been sexualized by her wealthy boss. I don’t know if the rubbish incident occurred before or after the lawsuit.;

5. An age 30’s ish, fellow-worker at the newspaper distribution center in Walnut Creek California, who was also a Jesus’ teachings practitioner, had shared her horrible experiences at the car dealership auto repair service department where I also patronized and that they had damaged her vehicle and stole her money too instead of maintaining her car.;

6. A male co-worker, from a Mormon background, who lived in Walnut Creek, had told me he was having problems with the auto dealership about the warranty on his car. After he had assisted me as process service for my legal documents, strangely, his wealthy, senior mother from Blackhawk, California, passed away. Who murdered his mother?;

7. A car dealership service representative’s Catholic boss would not advance his pay, so he got work at a different dealership. He is Southern Baptist, with wife and children. He was also targeted by the Walnut Creek police to dirty his record. He was ticketed for crossing the street with no crosswalk. If the man were the police officer’s friend or family, there would be no very petty ticket. It was extremely petty – jaywalking is to cause danger. Was it illegal to ticket him?;

8. I was a temp car loan processor and all of a sudden one day, the owner of the company fired the decent, professional, white male banker, CFO. The owner was an ex-race car driver and the women employees were to look sexy. I wasn’t, so he said to me, “What happened to you?” I was there to provide temp car loan processing.;

9. A middle-aged white man was also delivering a walking newspaper route in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, California, and he explained to me that he got the route because he was laid-off from his mathematician job. His wife worked full-time. He was given favors by the Lafayette police though. He said that he was pulled over for speeding on the way to his route and the police officer checked his record. He claimed that since his record was clean that he wasn’t going to write a ticket and let him go. I wonder what that was about?;

10. I met a middle-age white man at a pet grieving group and he disclosed that he lost his job and was living off savings and he was still grieving for the loss of his dog.;

11. This story is very disturbing. I met a couple at the Veterans Memorial Building next door to the Contra Costa County District Attorney building in Martinez, who were volunteering. I was told how the husband, a tall, white man, about age 55 to 60, used to work as a successful banker. He had been put through extensive medical treatment for his heart. They lost their house and savings because of it and were renting. They had to sell most of their belongings. They didn’t even have dental insurance anymore. His wife was Asian (me thinks Filipino). I was shocked and distressed because how could he lose his property if he had medical insurance? Why would he have to lose his job? For surely he had medical leave and vacation time? Who profiled him to cause medical treatments to cause his demise?;

12. I met a physically weak, senior white man who spoke with me about how he was a successful building contractor making about $250K a year. All of a sudden he was defrauded by a company and he represented himself in court. The case kept going on and on and on and on to no avail. I noticed him because he would walk around Martinez with legal papers in his small cart. He was broken spirited.;

13. A senior client, white female, had expressed anguish over an attorney complaint hearing where the hearing officer denied her by degrading her education from UC Berkeley in comparison to the attorney offender. This was the exact terrorist tactic that Judge Barbara Zuniga used on me in her torture chambers claiming the three attorneys representing the defendants had combined, numerous years of, experience over me, even though her courtroom indicates clear Pro se notice type plaque.

14. TO HOMELAND SECURITY: PROTECT PETE BENNETT! because I’m posting his horrific experiences here. He’s weak and still alive.: Pete Bennett has been destroyed numerous times through terrorist attacks by law enforcement and other government people. Pete Bennett’s website, CNET SCANDAL COM, lists corrupt events that he’s been fighting against for decades (Click here for CNET Scandal). (Click here for Pete’s, “Contra Costa County ~ Treat Us Better” Blog, in the May 14, 2017 article, “The Safeway Witness Murders – Officer Bergen stole about 50K in my equipment”.) Pete is also on YouTube (Click here). I tried several times to edit-in Pete Bennett’s YouTube Channel and it wouldn’t accept it. Here is URL: https://www.youtube.com/user/petercbennett/featured

He needs justice.

15. I bought my historical antique Bretagne (Brittany) French and Belgium furniture from the business, “European Antiques”, in Martinez, California, down the road from what used to be Home Base, a building supply store similar to Home Depot that’s there now. “European Antiques” was owned by a married couple from England. The wife, a tall, blonde woman, and the husband travelled to Europe much of the time on business. An Austrian woman was their part-time floor sales representative and a young British woman prepared the shipment of antique furniture, and did restoration and repair. It wasn’t until 2020 that I realized that they were targeted too. Their shop slowly lost customers and they closed a couple of years after 2005, but not the antique stores in downtown Martinez. The lightbulb that went off was that a few times they had carried-out deceptive practices that reflected the police who target unsuspecting people, such as myself, and 2 times, out of the many times that I visited, the young Brit ignored my business transaction questions. The English couple was targeted too by use of the “2-Fold / Double Whammy” threat I speak of above. Back then, in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s we had no idea that law enforcement had terrorists who bug our businesses, our homes, and our medical visits, where the police track our interactions. Also, the young British female disclosed to me one day that she got influenced to get training in the pharmaceuticals business and thought she would enroll for training. The mature Austrian woman was a widow and now I wonder if her husband was murdered because they had a business together. The gov terrorists target small business owners. She was also terrorized by a neighbor at her condo complex in Walnut Creek. Similarly, the “European Antiques” owner wife had, I believe, cancer. Was she targeted by law enforcement who instructed the doctor to give her cancer cells?

16. There is Zamboni’s Pizza in Orinda, California, in my county, Contra Costa, that was bought by new owner, Tim Miyamoto-Mills, who graduated from Miramante High School and had worked there for a decade. Tim is half Japanese and half Caucasian and that puts him very high on the Cruel Catholic M.O. “hit list”. By happenstance, I picked-up the local newspaper, Orinda News, at the public library not too far from the pizzeria and was surprised to read about the “bureaucratic gauntlet” they were subjected to for the required building changes to reopen (Click here for the September 2019, Vol. 34, No. 2, Orinda News, page 11, “Zamboni’s Pizza Company”). “Gaunlet” was the word I used, years earlier, about 10, in my legal documents describing the horrific behaviors by the court system, as well as “interrogated” because of attorney John H. of Jackson and … law offices representing Dr. Kevin Bissonnette. Litigants are not to be interrogated in propria persona when making business phone calls regarding legal proceedings. Interrogations are specific to deposition laws. Back to the pizza restaurant renovations, our governmental system, including building permit process, has been completely overthrown by Cruel Catholic M.O.ers who are driving businesses out of California. It’s not just the changes in building laws to be “green”, it’s the supremest terrorist regime that’s causing the stealing, waste, trauma, and “death sentence” operations. Then, the government terrorists are getting their rocks-off and living-it-up as sadomasochists, who torture and steal from you and who fluff you off. Apparently, Zamboni’s was possibly going to open in December 2018, but in Cruel Catholic M.O., the government kept illegally extending the process by 4 months and Zamboni’s opened in April / May 2019 (Click here for Orinda News, “Business Buzz – April 2019”, “Grand Reopening of Zamboni’s Pizza” and Click here for “Zamboni’s Pizza Reopens After Remodel”, September 26, 2019.) Perhaps some changes were still having to be made through September 2019. To Homeland Security!: Protect Zamboni’s and the owner and his family and friends. They are being used and made into a spectacle.

God works in mysterious ways

Why is Zamboni’s pizzeria special to me? When I worked in Moraga during the mid-late 1990’s for a startup internet company as the Office Manager, the customer service reps and I were trying to create an email name for me and I added “…boni” to my name because I had heard about this pizzeria. God works in mysterious ways (Romans 11 and 16:25, KJB).

Since waiting for the legal system to create justice for me and return my sanctuary home, and for the U.S. federal government to stop the terrorist attacks directed at me by the Veterans Affairs HUD VASH program, county housing authority through my landlord and neighbors along with local police departments, I wondered recently, why did God want me to keep watching Greek Dancing, including the Zorba Dance, for about a year? I finally discovered the movie in which the Zorba Dance comes from, “Zorba the Greek” (1964), about the misogyny, sexism, deceptive communications, faulty and dangerous manufacturing, and prostitution that plagued the period of the Greek writer, Nikos Kazantzankis, that reflects his upbringing in the Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Church (that was infected with Romanism) during WWI, WWII and the genocide of Greeks, Armenians and Jews by the Ottoman (Turks). He also mocks an Englishman. Today, the movie is listed as a “comedy” and that mocking, vile sexism, misandry, vengeance, prostitution, terrorizing, and murder is “fun”. That insidious categorizing needs to be banned.

Statement by Perri Mink

I simply filed a civil lawsuit in the Superior Court of California Contra Costa County, Mink v Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al, (April 2008) for a fee dispute. I had a Right-To-Sue-Letter from the California Veterinary Medical Board to contact my local court for said claim. I asked for $55,000 General Damages Award and Punitive Damages, not $250,000.00 per doctor under our medical laws (MICRA), for a total of 6 doctors, plus staff and two businesses. Without knowing at the time, I had already been placed on the government terrorist regime’s hit-list for torture, terrorism, alienation and annihilation through their (Catholic) perdition (Purgatory, Condemnation, Damnation). I’ve written a series of articles, Part 1 – 6, and now 7, that proves with evidence that our legal system, our representative offices and other government departments and agencies, as well as Veterans Affairs, Northern California Health Care System, are under the control of the Catholic Vatican, and applying their Holy See, Canon Law, instead of applying our laws.

(Below are photos and close-up photos of my precious and sentimental gold necklace that my mom bought for me in Japan in the late 1980’s and my gold cross that I bought at discount from Macy’s department store in the early 1990’s)

(Gold necklace ex-Catholics stole. Photo taken in 2005)

(Close-up/cropped photo of the same Gold necklace. Photo taken in 2006)

(Close-up/cropped photo of me wearing my same Gold necklace and Gold cross. Photo taken about 1991)

(My Gold necklace with my Gold cross. Professional Portrait taken 1999)

What can you do?

Pray Puggy! and or any other effective measures so we can regain our government offices and justice.

Why Pray Puggy?

History snippet: The Roman Catholic Church Pope was against anyone joining the Freemasons, who was the English establishment founded in 1717. During that time, the Anglican (Church of England) artist, William Hogarth, was ambitiously honing his craft with his beloved Pug, Trump. Pugs were the symbol that the English identified with their King, King William III, who brought Pugs with him from the Netherlands (at that time, the Netherlands was a safe place for Protestants, French Huguenots (Calvinists), Jews, and more). In Germany, the Freemasons were hijacked by the Roman Catholics who transposed the group into the Order of the Pugs to mock the King of England. Technically, the group is a Freemason Order that was overthrown by Catholics. The Order of the Pugs ended in 1748 (Click here for My Pugs Home, “The Pug in Germany””MOPS”) (Click here for Art Documentaries YouTube, Click here for Art Documentaries YouTube, “1/2 Hogarth – One Man and His Pug – Secret Knowledge”, BBC Four, and Click here for Click here for, “2/2 Hogarth – One Man and His Pug – Secret Knowledge”) The Order of the Puggy today is the love for Elvira, Perri’s beloved Pug, who was medically tortured, maimed and murdered by Encina Veterinary Clinic, Inc. et al, and that justice be served. Please Pray Puggy and that the judge Order according to our laws.

.  .  .  .  .  .  . .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   .   .   .    .    .   .   .   .   .   .  .   .   .   .  .  .   .  .

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