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“We need fundamental changes to prevent North Korea from hacking the courts. That’s why we need a co.. | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

“We need fundamental changes to prevent North Korea from hacking the courts. That’s why we need a control tower when it comes to cybersecurity.”

In a recent interview with Maeil Economy, Lim Jong-in, a special adviser for cyber security in the presidential office, said, “South Korea’s cybersecurity system remains in the ‘in the early days of the Internet’ era,” and stressed, “We need an all-out defense system for national cybersecurity in the era of artificial intelligence (AI).”

According to the National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency recently, North Korean hackers hacked the court’s computer network from before January 2021 to early last year. During this period, a total of 1014GB of court data was transmitted outside the court’s computer network. Even though the Supreme Court detected and blocked malicious code in February last year, it was reported that it did not have its own forensics capability, so it was not possible to know whether the actual information was leaked.

“It is virtually impossible for any country on the planet to 100% prevent hackers from attacking like North Korea in a ‘life-and-death’ manner,” Lim said. “So all ministries in South Korea must be organically connected and cooperated.” Korea’s response system to cybersecurity is currently separate, including the Ministry of Science and ICT in the private sector and the National Intelligence Service in the public institutions, he said. “In the early Internet era, such organizations can respond sufficiently, but in a situation where cyberattacks are widespread and difficult to prevent, all-out war should be waged.” He also said that the government should consider strategies to encompass areas that have been blind spots in cybersecurity, such as the courts, the Election Commission, and the National Assembly. In order to launch an all-out cybersecurity war, Lim insisted, “We have no choice but to gather around the presidential office.”

[Reporter Won Hoseob]


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