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In an age when almost every cellphone is also a camera and few of us ever leave home without our cellphone, it’s safe to say that the special moments in our lives are likely to be well-documented by those in attendance.

Though capturing those special moments might be easy, retrieving the photos taken during those celebrations can prove to be a very daunting task.

That’s why one wedding expert’s hack for getting guests’ photos back quickly and easily is gaining hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok.

‘The best way to get your guests’ photos immediately after the wedding!’

@sundaymorningeasyco The best way to get your guests’ photos immediately after the wedding! I will do another video on how to bulk create the QR codes on Canva 😊 #weddinghacks #weddingtips #weddingtipsandtricks #wedding101 #weddingmustdo #bridetobesoon #bride2024 #bride2023 #brideadvice #weddingplanningtips #weddingorganization ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

Laura (@sundaymorningeasyco), a content creator who specializes in wedding and honeymoon organizational tips and digital templates, uses her platform to share the tricks she employed while planning her own wedding this year.

In her latest viral tip, she’s teaching couples how to rely on more than just a simple hashtag for gathering all their guests’ photos from their big day.

Instead, by generating a special QR code that takes guests straight to a shared Google Photos album, friends and family can immediately upload all of their pictures and videos right from their wedding table.

And Laura’s hack can come in handy in a variety of occasions. Birthday gatherings, graduation celebrations, engagement parties — any special event could utilize the QR code tip.

As Laura explains, you simply need to set up a Google Photos account, create a shared album, generate a link and connect a custom QR code to that link (a process she explains in-depth in a follow-up video).

While guests would need a Gmail account to upload photos — and the couple would need ample storage available in their Google Photos account — Laura says in her caption that this method is “the best way to get your guests’ photos immediately after the wedding.”

‘We did this and it worked so well!’

Many TikTokers have lauded Laura for the idea in the comments.

“I love this idea! we have a smallish wedding so I want to have a thank you card at each of their places & these would be perfect to include!” wrote @coalcountrywoodworks.

“we did this and it worked so well! we put the qr code on people’s place names on the table,” commented @10u153.

However, some were a bit skeptical of the hack.

“Listen I can’t even get my guests to RSVP online,” wrote @michelerene221.

Others suggested a more old-fashioned — but still quite trendy — method for gathering up guests’ photos: disposable cameras.

“I did the ‘old school’ version of this at my wedding, before phones with cameras were a thing…disposables on every table and dotted around the venue,” wrote @felixbunny77.

Disposable cameras vs. digital cameras

@bridediaries Seeing the day from all different perspectives was so worth the money spent on these 🥹 #disposablecamera #disposablecameratrend #weddingideas #weddinginspo #weddinginspiration #weddinginspo2023 #2023bridetobe #2024bridetobe #2024weddingtrends #weddingtips #weddingideasforyou ♬ Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Original Extended Version – Boys Town Gang

While many people might prefer the more analog approach to collecting guests’ reception photos, disposable cameras come with their own set of pros and cons.

According to Shutter Junkies, while disposable cameras are durable, easy to use and cheaper than instant cameras ($10 to $20 per disposable camera versus $60 to $120 for a Fujifilm Instax or Polaroid camera), they can be quite costly to develop, sometimes as much as $20 per roll of film.

There’s also no guarantee the photos will come out clear, as guests might not use flash when they should or may inadvertently have their finger in the shot. There’s also the chance that guests could snap photos the couple won’t want but wouldn’t be able to eliminate before sending them off for development.

Still, no matter how couples choose to gather up their guests’ photos, capturing their loved ones’ POVs on their special day is sure to be a decision they’ll be happy they made years down the road.

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