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Week in review: Attackers trying to access Check Point VPNs, NIST CSF 2.0 security metrics evolution | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos:

RansomLord: Open-source anti-ransomware exploit tool
RansomLord is an open-source tool that automates the creation of PE files, which are used to exploit ransomware pre-encryption.

Attackers are probing Check Point Remote Access VPN devices
Attackers are trying to gain access to Check Point VPN devices via local accounts protected only by passwords, the company has warned on Monday.

Snowflake denies breach, blames data theft on poorly secured customer accounts
“We are aware of recent reports related to a potential compromise of the Snowflake production environment. We have no evidence suggesting this activity was caused by any vulnerability, misconfiguration, or breach of Snowflake’s product,” cloud company Snowflake said in an update of Friday’s warning about identity-based attacks targeting its customers.

How to combat alert fatigue in cybersecurity
In this Help Net Security interview, Ken Gramley, CEO at Stamus Networks, discusses the primary causes of alert fatigue in cybersecurity and DevOps environments.

The evolution of security metrics for NIST CSF 2.0
Combining effective use of metrics plus a deeper understanding of how security processes play out is the best way to build more security agility and enable teams to react more quickly and effectively.

Check Point VPN zero-day exploited since beginning of April (CVE-2024-24919)
Attackers have been exploiting CVE-2024-24919, a zero-day vulnerability in Check Point Security Gateways, to pinpoint and extract password hashes for local accounts, which they then used to move laterally in the target organizations’ network.

Encrypted Notepad: Open-source text editor
Encrypted Notepad, an open-source text editor, ensures your files are saved and loaded encrypted with AES-256. With no ads, no network connection required, and no unnecessary features, it’s a tool that simply works.

Cybersecurity jobs available right now: May 29, 2024
We’ve scoured the market to bring you a selection of roles that span various skill levels within the cybersecurity field. Check out this weekly selection of cybersecurity jobs available right now.

Chronon: Open-source data platform for AI/ML applications
Chronon is an open-source, end-to-end feature platform designed for machine learning (ML) teams to build, deploy, manage, and monitor data pipelines for machine learning.

NIST says NVD will be back on track by September 2024
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has awarded a contract for an unnamed company/organization to help them process incoming Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) for inclusion in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), the agency has announced on Wednesday.

Moonstone Sleet: A new North Korean threat actor
Microsoft has named yet another state-aligned threat actor: Moonstone Sleet (formerly Storm-1789), which engages in cyberespionage and ransomware attacks to further goals of the North Korean regime.

How fraudsters stole $37 million from Coinbase Pro users
A convincing phishing page and some over-the-phone social engineering allowed a group of crooks to steal over $37 million from unlucky Coinbase Pro users.

PoC exploits for critical FortiSIEM command execution flaws released (CVE-2024-23108, CVE-2023-34992)
Horizon3.ai researches have released proof-of-concept (PoC) exploits for CVE-2024-23108 and CVE-2023-34992, vulnerabilities that allow remote, unauthenticated command execution as root on certain Fortinet FortiSIEM appliances.

Avoiding the cybersecurity blame game
Cyber risk management has many components. Those who do it well will conduct comprehensive risk assessments, enact well-documented and well-communicated processes and controls, and fully implemented monitoring and review requirements.

Cybersecurity teams gear up for tougher challenges in 2024
In this Help Net Security video, Tom Gorup, VP of Security Services at Edgio, discusses the continually changing threat landscape.

Human error still perceived as the Achilles’ heel of cybersecurity
While fears of cyber attacks continue to rise, CISOs demonstrate increasing confidence in their ability to defend against these threats, reflecting a significant shift in the cybersecurity landscape, according to Proofpoint.

NIST unveils ARIA to evaluate and verify AI capabilities, impacts
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is launching a new testing, evaluation, validation and verification (TEVV) program intended to help improve understanding of artificial intelligence’s capabilities and impacts.

34% of organizations lack cloud cybersecurity skills
Incident response today is too time consuming and manual, leaving organizations vulnerable to damage due to their inability to efficiently investigate and respond to identified threats, according to Cado Security.

Digital ID adoption: Implementation and security concerns
As digital transformation accelerates, understanding how businesses are preparing for and implementing digital ID technologies is crucial for staying ahead in security and efficiency, according to Regula.

A closer look at GenAI impact on businesses
This article includes excerpts from various reports that provide statistics and insights on GenAI and its impact on businesses.

New infosec products of the week: May 31, 2024
Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from Adaptive Shield, Dashlane, Detectify, and Truecaller.


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