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KOLKATA: To enhance its efforts in combating cybercrime, West Bengal has unveiled a dedicated Cyber Crime Wing (WB-CCW) within the state police force. This strategic development aims to streamline the management of cyber-related matters and improve administrative convenience. With the creation of the WB-CCW, the state government intends to address the growing menace of cybercrimes more effectively.

This new unit, along with the creation of 188 new posts across various categories and the transfer of 305 existing posts from four stand-alone units under West Bengal Police, aims to streamline the management and administration of cybercrime-related matters within the state.

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Strengthening the Fight Against Cybercrime

  1. Background of Cyber Crime Management in West Bengal

    Presently, cybercrime complaints in West Bengal are managed by 34 Cyber Crime Police Stations situated across different Commissionerates and Districts. Additionally, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) oversees one Cyber Crime Police Station. Furthermore, four stand-alone units under the West Bengal Police are actively engaged in handling cyber-related matters. To improve administrative efficiency and enhance the management of cybercrime cases, the West Bengal Police Directorate proposed the creation of the West Bengal Cyber Crime Wing (WB-CCW).

  2. Creation and Responsibilities of WB-CCW

    After thorough consideration, the Governor of West Bengal has approved the establishment of the WB-CCW. This dedicated wing will assimilate existing units, including the Cyber Patrol Cell, Cyber Crime Cell, Cyber Forensic and Digital Evidence Examiner’s Laboratory (CFDEEL) under CID, and the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS). WB-CCW will exercise overall administrative control over the Cyber Crime Police Station of the Criminal Investigation Department in West Bengal.

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  3. Allocation of Personnel and Resources

    The initiative includes the creation of 188 new positions across various categories, encompassing 134 regular posts and 54 IT personnel recruited through engagement. Additionally, 305 posts from different categories will be transferred from the existing stand-alone units under West Bengal Police to the newly established WB-CCW. The financial allocation for this initiative will be drawn from the appropriate budgetary provisions for the West Bengal Police.

The establishment of the West Bengal Cyber Crime Wing (WB-CCW) is a strategic move aimed at bolstering the state’s cybersecurity framework. By consolidating efforts, streamlining operations, and allocating dedicated resources, West Bengal endeavors to provide a safer online environment for its citizens and businesses. This development is in line with the evolving landscape of cyber threats, ensuring that the state remains at the forefront in combating cybercrime effectively.

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