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Westville Prison- the new home of Montford child molester | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

A Durban magistrate recently handed down a six-year imprisonment to a sexual predator after he molested a child over a period of five years while maintaining his innocence throughout the court proceedings, which spanned over two years.

Montford resident, Ashraf Hamid portrayed a caring, doting and religious side to family and friends, however, without warning, he became a monster to the girl, sexually assaulting her on multiple occasions, all while keeping up the façade of a loving man.

The child, who cannot be named, said that the man’s revolting behaviour occurred while she mourned the loss of her mother. The girl was 10-years-old at the time.

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“It all started in 2016. My mother passed away from heart failure. In our culture, we have 40 days where every day, people will come read verses and so on. This is when he started getting close to me. One day, he took me into a bathroom, he lifted my shirt and said he wanted to see the size of my breasts. I was 10 and I did not know exactly what was happening, but I was scared. I knew that if I told people, no one would believe me. This happened while I was mourning my mother. It lasted about two minutes. In another occurrence, we were having a meeting at his house. I was outside when he came to talk to me and as he did, he grabbed my breast and kept checking inside to see if anyone else could see. The next-door neighbour saw this and told his wife. The next day, he and his wife came over to me and made it seem like a joke as if that lady was lying,” the teenager said.

The now 17-year-old further stated that whenever Hamid violated her, he said, ‘Whatever happens between us must stay between us’.

“In another instance, I was alone with him in the car. He began massaging my stomach. His hand was inside my shirt and he went lower until I could feel his hand inside my pants. Before he could go further down, he saw his wife coming and he quickly stopped. This was around five years ago, I was 12. There were random incidents between these two years, where we would talk and then he would randomly grab my breasts. It would usually happen at my house when no one was there especially when my father would go to the graveyard, or to work,” she claimed.

Court documents confirmed that Hamid, who is in his 60s, was sentenced to six years imprisonment, half of which is suspended for five years.

“I was afraid. When I wanted to tell someone, it was too late. Since I opened up now, his wife says that I broke her home and her family,” she added.

She further explained that Hamid eventually got caught after the last incident, which was two years ago.

“This time he confronted me and sat on the bed and spoke to me. While speaking, he started massaging my neck, and then my shoulders, before saying perverted things to me. He said he wanted to see the type of material of my bra and massaged my neck more. He then told me to turn over and when I turned over on my stomach he sat on top of me, and I could feel his private part on me. As he did this, he continuously checked the outside of the room to see whether anyone was coming,” she explained.

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She further stated that when she felt Hamid’s genitals on her, she made an excuse to go to the toilet.

“When I came back, I told him I wanted to go home because I had lots of homework yet, he forced me to stay and eat. I gave in and ate before going home. Then I phoned my boyfriend and I told him what had happened. He forced me to tell my father, but I did not have the courage for that. The same week or so, I told my stepbrother. I did not tell him everything, I just told him about that particular incident. He was shocked but kept it to himself until I slit my wrist. My father became worried. There were some other factors as well as this that made me cut my wrists. The minor explained that she was going through a tough period in her life and this recent sexual assault added to her woes, causing her to cut her wrists. I was in a toxic relationship, my family were always doing their own thing and I felt alone. There was no one to go to. After the attempted suicide, my father became worried. Eventually, the man’s wife found out and came over to talk to me and asked me what happened. She wanted me to go over and confront him on what he did, but before anything could happen, my family went to open up a case against the man, who was denying it, saying that I was lying. I would describe him as the person that ruined my life. He is a monster. He robbed me of my childhood. All of this affects my mental health now and affects my future. I have to see a psychologist and a psychiatrist. They are helping me. It was always just random conversation, then he’d suddenly become perverted. I want him to get a long jail sentence,” she continued.

The girl added that despite her trauma and abuse, she hopes to pursue a career in health sciences, industrial psychology, physiotherapy or chemical engineering.

The teenager’s 65-year-old grandmother confirmed that Hamid pretended to be a loving and caring person.

“He did things to her when a lot of people were around when no one would suspect. They are saying she made up the story. His wife stood up in court and said she is making up the story. She just entered 10 and her mother passed away. On every court date, I was with her and my grandson. When they came to know that day, their family wanted to go talk to him and sweep it under the rug. When she spoke about all the things that he was doing, I could not believe it. I even collapsed at one point as I could not take it,” said the grandmother. The child’s father also spoke to the Rising Sun.

“There’s no one that you can trust. I lost my wife, and I did not know how to go on, the last thing we expected was this. His wife says that my daughter should have come forward when it initially happened, why did she not come forward? My daughter was not very mature at the time, she was still small and naive in her thinking. My advice is, if you have daughters, do not trust them with anyone. You have to monitor their phones to check who they’re communicating with, especially on social media,” the father said.

The family say that they are happy with the imprisonment, but feel as though the man should be spending more years in jail. Hamid is currently serving his sentence in Westville Prison.

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