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The popularity of TEMU is a wave that leaves some individuals wondering whether the website is legit, real, or fake. In this article, we cover Temu’s legitimacy and explore different TEMU scams to keep you safe online. Is there propaganda about Temu, or are competitors afraid of the fact that Temu has infiltrated their market?

Currently, the Temu mobile app is one of the most downloaded on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. It has overtaken giants like Shein, Walmart, Amazon, etc. This can lead to many scammers and online attackers taking advantage of its popularity.

What is TEMU, and is it a legit website?

Temu is an online shopping superstore that has all the categories one can imagine on its website. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States of America, but there are unverified claims that it is owned and operated by a Chinese business giant due to its association with Pinduoduo. This website connects buyers, sellers, businesses, and manufacturers worldwide.

According to its official website, Temu offers free shipping across the world, a welcome coupon of $100, and other extraordinary offers.

Temu is a legitimate website in its original and official form. It’s a genuine online shopping platform that offers an alternative shopping experience to conventional ones. Perhaps their offers, prices, and popularity make people feel skeptical about making any purchases. Also, there could be propaganda by its competitors who feel it is a threat to them, thus spreading fake news and concentrating on a few setbacks by the company.

There are reports of the emergence of fake websites and apps that disguise themselves as real Temu. They scam unsuspecting internet users and go away with cash or personal data. The worst are the scams and cyberattacks associated with Temu. On another note, Temu has been accused of having bad customer service, poor packaging, wrong products, poor return policies, etc. This could be portrayed as scamming, and some people will think twice when they see such reviews.

What are different TEMU Scams?

There are quite a number of people who have been scammed online in the name of Temu. If you love shopping only, it would be good if you were aware of the different Temu scams across the world. Here are some of these scams:

  1. Fake apps and websites
  2. Phishing emails
  3. Malicilicious advertisements
  4. False, exaggerated offers on social media
  5. Substandard products on the Temu website

These are scams, and malicious attacks are spreading like wildfire. Let us look at them in detail.

Tip: It is always good to spot Fake Shopping Websites to avoid landing in scammers’ territory.

1] Fake apps and websites

Nowadays, when a product or service becomes so popular, scammers try to come up with fake versions of the original ones. Temu is not spared, and you might see a website or app that looks almost exactly like Temu. To avoid being scammed here, you need to counter-check the website URL before you click a link.

The official website of Temu is If you want to download their app, only get it from official stores like the App Store for iOS devices or the Play Store for Android.

2] Phishing emails

What are different Temu scams? Is Temu legit website?

Phishing is a popular scam that misuses the fair name of Temu. Some individuals have reported that they received emails claiming to come from Temu. The email has a bait of superb offers, coupons, etc., and gives you a link to claim the offers. Once you click, you are directed to a website that is not Temu’s. They might advise you to enter your payment details and other personal information for ‘free delivery’.

These scammers will then pick your details for fraud and take your money with no products delivered. To avoid phishing emails, always counter-check the links and activate phishing protection in your email clients.

3] Malicious advertisements

You must have come across funny and suspicious adverts online, especially on social media and certain websites. Some use catchy words and an irresistible call-to-action button. Like phishing emails, once you click these malvertisements, they will take your financial details and use them to get money from your card or use them to scam other people with your details further. The rule of thumb is always to check the web addresses before you load them in your browser.

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4] False, exaggerated offers on social media

What are different Temu scams? Is Temu legit website?

There are popular social media profiles and pages that give fake information about offers at Temu. Some might send you a private message, comment on sponsored pages, or even promote their own posts to scam even more people. They use coupon codes, discounts, classy items, etc. to entice you to click the link and possibly make a payment. Always confirm links before you click them and avoid online shopping fraud.

5] Substandard products on the Temu website

What are different Temu scams? Is Temu legit website?

There are some complaints from buyers about some products that are below standard which can be termed Temu scam. Some say their products were tempered before they were delivered, and returning them was a hectic endeavor. It seems there are scrupulous vendors in Temu, and it’s a setback to the company. However, the company says that its Purchase Protection Program, allows buyers to get a full refund for items not delivered or returned within 90 days of purchase.

NOTE: Online Temu scams keep evolving and mutating. Scammers become smart as technology advances and it’s always good to be ahead of your online protection. Anything suspicious in your email, social media, websites, etc., is worth being careful about. Don’t click anything you are not sure and don’t share your personal details with anyone.

That’s it for now!

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Does Temu really give free stuff?

Occasionally, Temu gives out free stuff like gifts, discounts, and coupons as a way to create trust and appreciate their customers. This is normal for online shopping platforms and cannot be mistaken for scams. It is also a genuine way to reward returning, new, and loyal customers in any business category.

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Where is Temu shipped from?

Most of the products in Temu are shipped from Chinese manufacturers. Perhaps the reason why some of these products are extremely cheap is because the cost of products in that country is quite low compared to the Western countries. It is the hope of many buyers that Temu will include other products from other regions.

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