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December 27, 2021

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Proxies

You probably already know that a proxy is an intermediate server in computer networks that acts as an intermediary between the target resource and the user. It allows the user to make indirect requests and receive responses from other network services.

Do you think that proxies are only necessary to ensure anonymity and security of personal information? Well, there is a lot more to it than that! Thanks to today’s article, you will understand: proxies can be useful for almost everyone, in different situations.


Proxy connection benefits

Next, our readers will find technical literacy – important information for anyone who cares about performance, Internet security, and control over the work of their employees on the Web.


Anonymity and protection

The intermediary function allows proxies to enhance the security of your smartphone or computer. They provide encryption of traffic and protect data from cyberattacks.

There are many ways to hack your device. Attackers can gain access to your PC and files on your hard drive with malicious software: viruses, computer worms, Trojan horse software. Such cases are not by no means uncommon, and they often occur when running an online game, downloading a movie, or installing seemingly harmless software. Hackers gain control over your computer or phone to organize DDoS-attacks, gain access to social networks pages to spread spam and viruses, steal your accounts promoted in games for their subsequent resale. By enabling a proxy, you increase the protection of your device and prevent unauthorized access to your account.

In addition, proxies will help you avoid eavesdropping, which is especially important when you share the Internet in cafes, airports, hotels. They will make you 100% anonymous on the Web.


Maintaining high speeds for convenience in online games and when watching movies

One of the purposes of proxies is to increase the speed of request processing. Proxies save traffic by storing a copy of the data in local storage so that you can download that information faster the next time.

With increased efficiency and performance, you can play online games without worrying about slowdowns and high pings. Proxies also help you watch YouTube videos and movies on media resources without buffering obstacles or annoying disconnections from your ISP.


Hiding your real location

Proxies are useful if you are away and don’t want your relatives, colleagues, bosses, or potential thieves to know about them. All you need to do is to select and connect proxies located in your country.


Restrictions and controls for company executives

Quality proxies are a must-have for businessmen. The use of this tool opens a lot of new possibilities:

Access control. You can always block access to social networks and messengers if you want to increase the efficiency of your employees.

Traffic balancing. With a proxy, you have the ability to rebalance requests to the server to eliminate restarts and ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the site on the client side. This way, you’ll not only increase conversion rates but also improve your site’s ranking through behavioral factors.

Test new features and performance. Once the proxy is connected, the manager of the company will be able to view the performance of the features through the eyes of the customers. In addition, you can check the loading speed of the official site for users from different countries, to test the performance of the Internet resource in conditions of high load.

Competitive intelligence. Thanks to the proxy, data collection will not raise suspicions, which will allow you to avoid blocking your IP address. Besides, you can easily send requests from the addresses of needed countries or regions.

Brand protection. Proxies can help you in the fight against counterfeiting. All you need is a proxy of the same country as the counterfeit site. Once you’ve identified the fraudsters, you can make a legal claim against them.


Free to watch TV in other countries

Modern users are able to watch most of the world’s TV channels on the Internet, including the BBC, Discovery Channel. However, there are restrictions, according to which the viewer must be in the same country as the TV channel. You’ll need proxies to get around this convention.


Saving money on VOIP and Skype calls

Many people consider IP telephony to be a more convenient and profitable option in comparison with usual long-distance phone calls. If you choose a paid service, the cost of this type of communication may depend on your location. Thus, using a proxy will give you instant access to cheaper local calls.


SMM and SEO-promotion

Professional promotion of a business or a blog in social networks usually involves the use of additional software and mass actions that contradict the established limits. Do you wish to actively promote your accounts without fear of being pessimized or blocked by the system? Then make sure you enable the proxy. This way, you’ll have access to a lot of activities in social networks, a safe setup of delayed posting, and maintenance of multiple pages simultaneously without the need to enter captchas.

Proxies are also useful for SEO monitoring, such as website traffic analysis, SEO text monitoring, external link auditing, technical analysis, and semantic analysis. The benefits of using proxies for search engine optimization:

  • guarantee of anonymity;
  • high-speed thanks to caching;
  • parsing without the risk of blocking;
  • rapid detection of errors in the delivery of content in different regions;
  • bypassing restrictions associated with massive requests.


Access to restricted resources

Messengers, social networks, and some sites are subject to regional restrictions. If you want to fully use your favorite sites and applications, we advise you to activate a proxy without delay. It is relevant in different situations, including when visiting another country, where the platforms that were launched in Russia do not work.


How not to make a mistake when choosing a proxy

First of all, let’s understand the classification of proxies. They can be public (free) or private (paid). When you connect a public proxy there is a great risk that your personal data will be compromised, besides, free proxies can be on the black list of many sites. You do not want to use them because of their instability, frequent crashes as a result of reboots, and possible IP blocking. Public proxies are only good for short-term use, for example, testing.

Private proxies are strictly private. They are authenticated so that other people cannot get access to your proxy and your personal data. The advantages of private proxies include high anonymity, protection of accounts from blocking, speed, and the possibility of detailed setup.

It is better to buy quality private proxies from a direct proxy providerproxybros.com – you are guaranteed to get the best conditions here.



Proxies can be useful in a wide range of situations: they can help to avoid eavesdropping, control traffic, bypass local and regional restrictions. In addition, they are useful in competitive intelligence, SEO analysis, and promotion of accounts in social networks.

It is important to choose really good quality individual proxies to ensure trouble-free work. This way you will reduce the risk of blocking and leakage of personal information and will be able to count on maximum performance!

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