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LOUISIANA (KLFY) — Millions of Americans fall victim to technology scams every year. If you ever get on your computer and a pop up appears with a link saying the device has a virus on it and to call a specific number, then do not click on it. If you do, you may have just put a virus on your computer.

IT professional Ryan Delcambre has dealt with viruses and scams for over 20 years. He said this type of fraudulent activity has been common and is catching more and more victims.

“The specific type of scam that will lock your computer up unless you pay a ransom is called ransomware,” Delcambre said.

People with no knowledge of what is fraudulent or not may click on the pop up saying a virus was detected which will immediately download an actual virus onto their device, giving the scammer the opportunity to then collect data or hold the device down for ransom.

“It will tell them to immediately call this number, or the machine will not function,” Delcambre said. “And or it may say the IRS has blocked your machine. If you don’t want to go to jail, you better call this and pay this fee.”

Delcambre said the number of victims to ransomware is increasing every year by the millions. The majority of them being elderly people and young professionals.

“It’s going from million, to tens of millions, to hundreds [of millions]even now into the billions that ransomware is getting from elderly citizens as well as big corporations,” he said.

Delcambre advises everyone to educate themselves and family members on technology to prevent others from falling victim.

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