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In some ways, the Internet has been a real help for anyone looking for love. Several dating sites and mobile apps give you hundreds, even thousands of potential matches.

Unfortunately, not everyone looking for love is who they appear to be. A lot of romance scammers are out there who love to prey on the emotions of people looking for love and use that connection to bilk their victims out of money or personal information, wreaking havoc on their bank accounts and credit scores.

These scammers aren’t perfect, though. They tend to rely on the same tactics over and over again, and once you can recognize the signs of a romance scammer, you’ll know how to avoid them.

Here’s how to recognize the signs of a romance scammer

What is a romance scammer?

In order to understand the tactics romance scammers use to trick their victims, you need to understand how romance scams work. So how do romance scammers operate?


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