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We’ve watched threat actors hack the planet through supply chain attacks for years. Those of us in threat research have collectively uncovered an endless stream of software vulnerabilities, which we then report to vendors in hopes of disclosure and a patch. 

However, this experience has shown us that there is a better way to defend against software supply chain attacks within our organizations. 

My co-presenter and I will discuss some of the best strategies at RSA 2024 during our session, What Hacking the Planet Has to Do With Defending the Software Supply Chain.


Can’t Miss RSA Session: Software Supply Chain Security

As BlackBerry’s Vice President of Threat Research and Intelligence, I’m passionate about defending organizations against adversaries and their tradecraft, including the use of software supply chain attacks. So is my friend and co-presenter at RSA, Douglas McKee. He’s a respected SANS Instructor and SonicWall’s Executive Director of Threat Research. 

Here are some of the actionable takeaways that will come out of our session:

  • An understanding of the diverse types of supply chain attacks 

  • How to leverage an organization’s already offensive and defensive capabilities to prepare for supply chain attacks

  • How to enhance your zero trust security approach

  • How to be proactive against supply chain attacks you have no control over

Join us on Monday, May 6, at 1:10 p.m. in Moscone West #3009, and walk away with new insights to take back to your organization. 


Can’t Miss RSA Session: Artificial Intelligence

Another session you won’t want to miss at RSA 2024 is, AI-equipped Threat Actors Versus AI-enhanced Cyber Tools – Who Wins? As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more accessible and advanced, malicious threat actors increasingly turn to AI-powered tools in their arsenal. Rather than reacting after the fact, AI also enables a more proactive security posture. 

My colleague Shil Sircar is leading this session. He is the Senior Vice President of Product Engineering & Data Science at BlackBerry and his insights about where we stand in today’s AI landscape are second-to-none. Find his session on Wednesday May 8 at 9:40 a.m. in Moscone South #156.

Where is BlackBerry at RSA 2024? 

You’re invited to visit the BlackBerry booth in the North Expo #5871 for some powerful demonstrations of the Cylance® AI based tools we offer to cyber defenders. You can also schedule a meeting to walk through your organization’s specific needs and discover how BlackBerry delivers world-class security around the clock.

There is so much more to discuss, see, and explore with BlackBerry at RSA 2024, which will be held May 6-9 at the Moscone Center. Here are all the details. I will see you there.


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