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The TLC reality series about teen parents, Unexpected, has seen some interesting and unique relationships between both the expecting teenage couples and their whole families.  The seasons are full of pregnant teens whose own mothers, and even grandmothers, were teen parents themselves, a unique dynamic that enhances the classic teen/parent battle of who knows best. The battle played out big time when it came to season two’s Emiley Noack, her mother, Bridgette, and the stubborn father of Emiley’s baby, Diego Reyes.

During season two, Diego openly admitted he didn’t like or respect Bridgette, and that he only started dating Emiley because she seemed like a sporty, independent girl who would do her own thing instead of clinging to him. Understandably, none of this went down well, and Emiley wound up feeling alone and abandoned when Diego wasn’t there for her. This was doubly painful considering Diego’s father, Fabian, and Emiley were so close. Hurtful as it was, it quickly became clear Diego was not ready to be the boyfriend or husband Emiley needed.

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Since leaving the show, Emiley took to social media and shared her advice about how to move on and date as a single, young mom. She met her new boyfriend, Hunter, when he followed her on Instagram. Emiley was nervous to introduce Hunter to the world, but finally made it Instagram official on January 12, 2020. Most recently the two made the news when they decided to move into an RV with Aria. Apparently, Hunter has to travel a lot for work (which seems to have something to do with pipes and welding), and Emiley was tired of being apart. Now, they travel together as a family, and Emiley absolutely loves her new life on the road. Check out this sweet family unit below:

Along with her new RV life, Emiley often posts her daughter on social media. Her feed is filled with happy pictures of Aria going on various adventures, including days spent in the snow, ATV rides, and birthday celebrations. Emiley has made it clear she doesn’t miss being on the show. The negativity and hate that came after the series aired put a bad taste in her mouth. She’s not in contact with her Unexpected co-stars anymore, either. In a February 2020 YouTube video, she said, “We’ve gone different ways in life… I’m not into the stuff they’re into… but still support them in anything that they do.

As for her relationship with Diego and his family, that’s going well, too. Diego went into the army and seems to have really turned things around for himself. During the early days of the pandemic and before Emiley’s move into the RV, Diego’s father, Fabian, was helping out and watching Aria while Emiley went to work. Emiley also says her relationship with her mother is going great.

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