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  • A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone else online to find friends, romantic partners or victims on the internet.
  • The term “catfishing” comes from a 2010 documentary in which a man presented his own experience of being tricked online.
  • The FBI recommends being careful about what you post online as scammers can use details to target you.

Catfishing has tricked countless internet users in recent decades.

People have used the deceptive practice for anything ranging from pranking their friends to carrying out serious crimes, like sexual assault and identity theft.

Catfishing regularly makes appearances in news headlines and crime stories. Just last week, a suspect died in a shootout with deputies after California police said he drove across the country to meet a teen girl he catfished, then killed three of her family members.

There are television series about it, including MTV’s “Catfish: The TV Show,” an eight-season reality TV show. There are documentaries about it, like the story ofManti Te’o, the football player who struggled through a girlfriend hoax.


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