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Swiping left and right used to be a novel feature for dating apps, but it’s now the default function for many dating apps in the market such as Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble. As a result, developers have to be innovative in order to remain competitive.

One dating app that’s hoping to change the formula for how people meet online is Snack, which has been described as the “TikTok of dating apps”. So what is Snack and how does it work?

What Is Snack?

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Snack is a “video-first” dating app where users upload videos of themselves onto their profile instead of just photos. Users watch each other’s videos on their respective profiles, and a match happens when two users tap “like” on each other’s videos. Matching profiles will allow both parties to message each other.

So why videos? Founder and CEO Kim Kaplan told MUO that the arrival of TikTok laid a blueprint for the younger generation on how to create compelling videos, thus birthing the fundamental belief that video-first social networking is the way to go.

With Gen Z being the group that’s essentially the video-first generation that grew up with Snapchat and TikTok, Snack caters to them.

Snack is currently available only on iOS, but users can sign up on the Snack website to be notified when it is released on Android.

Download: Snack on iOS (Free)

Features and Functions

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Snack is all about creating and watching videos, so naturally, most of the app’s signature features are video-related. This means that Snack forgoes the swipe left/swipe right functionality that defines dating apps.

But why sacrifice this convenience? Kaplan notes that sharing videos instead of images can actually enhance the user experience.

You’re going to have higher-intent people on the app. You have to put in a bit more thought behind a video, this gets rid of users who do not necessarily have the intent to date.

Slowing down and actually taking in a 3D version of somebody versus a 2D version takes an extra few moments, and by taking those extra few moments, you become less judgemental and you avoid superficialities that occur on 2D [platforms].

With TikTok being the app that defines Gen Z, users can also connect their Snack profile with their TikTok account and let others watch the videos that they’ve posted on TikTok.

Snack’s sign-up process only allows you to use your phone number or Apple ID. Email addresses are not allowed, as they can be easy to fake. This is aimed at preventing catfishing on the app.

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Who Uses Snack?

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You may have guessed by now that Snack’s target demographic is Gen Z, which are people born after 1997. However, you have to be an adult in order to sign up for the app.

However, this doesn’t mean that older users don’t have a place on Snack. Kaplan reveals that users as old as seventy years old are on Snack—not for dating, but creating funny videos with family members and sharing them with others on the platform.

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Snack also takes this to a new level with a dedicated Discord server and a community project called Snack Squad that recruits individuals above 18 to promote the app and organize fun campaigns and events within their community via Snack.

Video-Driven Dating With Snack

Navigating online dating is a tricky game for many, but Snack aims to cultivate a community where everyone is able to build genuine connections through videos.

If you are experiencing dating app fatigue with Tinder and Hinge, give Snack a crack—who knows, you might find yourself recording the latest TikTok dance trend with your new match.

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