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CHARLOTTE, N.C . – Halloween is supposed to be a spooky time for kids. It isn’t supposed to be frightening for parents but it can be. Once kids reach a certain age they don’t want their parents tagging along from house to house.

Kids want to be with their friends to roam the neighborhoods on their own.

The Department of Justice says there are some 780,000 convicted sex offenders released and living in neighborhoods across the country. Convicted felons of rape, possession of child pornography, assault on a child, and other crimes of a sexual nature.

While some states prohibit convicted sex offenders from handing out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters that doesn’t necessarily mean that kids won’t knock on their doors.

Parents who are concerned about their children approaching the home of a sexual predator should arm themselves with information on who’s living nearby.

The Department of Justice makes it easy to find out that information on this website,

There’s also a smartphone app for iPhone and Android. To search the registry, you can simply enter a name, city, county, or zip code to see all sex
offenders who are required to register their address.  Each home address is marked and by tapping the screen you can see the names, ages, and
mug shots of each convicted offender.  All of that information is gathered from each state’s database of offenders.

Some states also include a description or details of their crime.

NSOPW is a free app for all smartphones.

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