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IPad opened people’s eyes

Although Apple’s iPad wasn’t the first tablet computer, it was the first that consumers really liked. The iPad family of devices remains the most popular of all tablets.

Today’s devices are powerful, with screens that display crisp, bright images rivaling those of high-end TVs. They support the optional Apple Pencil, and you can interact with an iPad using your voice by talking with Apple’s personal assistant, Siri.

IPadOS — the operating system that powers Apple’s iPads — should be immediately familiar to those who own an iPhone. The look and feel are very similar to those of the iOS operating system.

All iPads offer a Wi-Fi version or a Wi-Fi plus cellular option, should you want wireless connectivity outside the home. Plans are typically $10 a month through your existing mobile carrier.

Because of their popularity, you will easily find accessories for any iPad model: iPad mini (8.3 inches), iPad (10.2 inches), iPad Air (10.9 inches with a Liquid Retina display) and the supercharged and larger iPad Pro (12.9 inches with a Liquid Retina XDR display).

Like other Apple devices, iPads are very secure, and you have access to the App Store for more than a million iPad apps and games. IPads can also run most iPhone apps, and you can expand them to run full screen.

For people who like to use their iPads for video calls, a handy feature called Center Stage has been added to FaceTime. It allows the camera to follow you around, keeping you centered in the frame. Center Stage works with these tablets: the fifth generation of iPad Air, fifth generation of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 12.9, third generation of the 11-inch iPad Pro, ninth generation of iPad and sixth generation of iPad mini. It also works with some MacBooks.

Just as Macs tend to cost more than Windows PCs and Chromebooks, most iPads are more expensive than Android and Windows tablets, though you’ll find some exceptions. IPads with Wi-Fi only start at $329; iPad minis, $499; iPad Airs, $599; iPad Pros with an 11-inch display, $799; and iPad Pros with a 12.9-inch display, $1,099.

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