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What we know about the MOVEit exploit and ransomware attacks | #ransomware | #cybercrime

The Clop ransomware group has created the MOVEit exploit using a zero-day vulnerability in third-party file transfer software MOVEit Transfer, owned by Progress Software. The aim of the attack was data theft, particularly personally identifiable information (PII) from customer databases.

The vulnerability, now tracked as CVE-2023-34362, is believed to have been exploited since around May 27th and has led to multiple waves of data breaches in the weeks following. Shortly after attacks began, Progress identified the vulnerability and a patch was offered in late May, though not all clients applied it. Since then, advisories on other vulnerabilities have been issued with fixes closely following.

The ransomware group gave impacted companies until June 14th to contact them. On that deadline day, the names of 13 companies was released on their leak site. In the days that have followed, numerous other companies have been named. The group has stated that it will start publishing content from those organizations that do not negotiate an extortion payment by June 21st.

Clop have recently released statement claiming that it has erased all data stolen from government, city, and police services as they have “no interest to expose such information.”

The current victim list is massive and growing, and Clop continues to share new entries every day, which begs the question, how many companies have actually been affected by this attack? Some victims have publicly announced their involvement in the breach, other have simply been named by Clop themselves. We’ll be following this attack closely and updating this blog with new information as the story unfolds.

Let’s take a look at the victims that have been announced to date:

  1. University of Rochester, based in Rochester, New York
  2. Austrian Finance Market Authority
  3. Zellis, UK based software development company
  4. Government of Nova Scotia
  5. BORN Ontario, healthcare organization in Canada
  6. Extreme Networks, US based software development company
  7. Synlab, French medical diagnostic service provider
  8. Government of Illinois
  9. Minnesota Department of Education
  10. HSE, public health service in Ireland
  11. Landal Greenparks, European holiday facilities
  12. Ofcom, UK’s media watchdog
  13. Ernst & Young (EY), global accountancy firm
  14. Transport for London (TfL), UK government body
  15. Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB), Malaysian insurance company
  16. Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN), Malaysian takaful company
  17. State of Missouri
  18. 1st Source Bank, Michigan based bank
  19. Datasite LLC, US based SaaS provider
  20. First National Bankers Bank, US based bank services provider
  21. GreenShield Canada, a non-profit benefits carrier
  22. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, German precision engineering company
  23. Leggett and Platt, US based manufacturing firm
  24. National Student Clearinghouse, US based educational not for profit organization
  25. OKK, insurance company based in Switzerland
  26. Putnam Investments, US based investment management firm
  27. United HealthCare Services, US based health insurance firm
  28. Shell, British multinational gas company
  29. University of Georgia, based in Athens, Georgia
  30. John Hopkins University and Health System, based in Baltimore, Maryland
  31. HealthEquity, US based financial technology and business services provider
  32. CU*Answers, US based software company
  33. NavAXX S.A., Luxembourg based financial services company
  34. Delaware Life, US based insurance company
  35. Fiduciary Outsourcing, US based fiduciary retirement plan administration provider
  36. Enzo Biochem, US based medical diagnostics firm
  37. CareServices LLC, US based healthcare services provider
  38. Genericon Pharma, Pharmaceutical company based in Austria
  39. Brault, US based technology firm
  40. A + Federal Credit Union, Texas based Credit Union
  41. Bar Harbor Bank, US based bank
  42. Power Financial Credit Union, South Florida based Credit Union
  43. East West Bank, US based bank
  44. US Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
  45. Oak Ridge Associated Universities, based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  46. Louisiana’s Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV)
  47. Oregon Department of Transportation
  48. Marti Group, Swiss contracting company
  49. PRA Group, US based debt collection agency
  50. Umpqua Bank, US based bank
  51. University of Missouri, based in Columbia, Missouri
  52. IC System, US based debt collection services
  53. ARBURG, European plastics manufacturer
  54. Boston Globe, US daily newspaper
  55. China CITIC Bank, commercial banking company
  56. STIWA Group, Austrian manufacturing company
  57. Cegedim SA, French technology company
  58. Aon, global insurance company
  59. Nuance Communications, US based software company
  60. Pan American Life Insurance Group, US based insurance organization
  61. Gesa, Washington based Credit Union
  62. Telos, US based Information Technology company
  63. Santa Clara University, based in California
  64. Skillsoft, US based educational technology company
  65. Cree Lighting, US-based LED lighting manufacturer
  66. Gen Digital, the parent company of cybersecurity brands Avast, Avira, Norton and LifeLock
  67. Stockman Bank, Montana based community bank
  68. Baesman, US based marketing services provider
  69. EMSS Inc, Hawaii based IT services and IT consulting organization
  70. CBE, construction company based in Australia
  71. Zurich Insurance Brazil
  72. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), global accounting firm.

Last update: 22nd June 2023 16:25

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