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Yesterday we did a Rando Texto that was from a woman who had this Brother in Pain drop a killer line on her in her inbox … “I’ll let you touch my beard if you let me touch your butt” … GENIUS!!! We were wondering though. What was his profile like? What would be a bad thing … goofy or not … that someone could put in their profile? Let’s see what you guys came up with …

What’s something someone could write in their online dating profile that would be an immediate turnoff? (Can be serious or weird)

  • Let’s see….. the “ No drama” phrase that all men seem to overuse. Nothing but pics of his toys, animal kill pics, “sexy” no shirt pics when they should be covered up, marijuana is for me, those that don’t embrace their baldness and have hats on in every pic, filtered pics, and the pouty lip pose! Really guys? Unbelievable…
  • No drivers license/has a drivers license but no reliable transportation.
  • Video games are stupid
  • Long walks on the beach. Yeah right!
  • Between jobs
  • I’m involved in a multi level marketing business.
  • Political stuff
  • Won’t be available for 3 to 5 years
  • I just got out of prison because of covid.
  • Too much religious talk… right there I figure it wouldn’t work…
  • I have 16 cats
  • Loves cats
  • I smoke cigarettes
  • “Add me on Snapchat”
  • Using the wrong they’re, there and their or your and you’re
  • I don’t like housework or cooking
  • Their arrest record
  • Believes Carol Baskin didn’t whack him
  • Unemployed
  • Smoker!! Or Chewing Tobacco!!!
  • Smoking! It’s a gross smelly habit. & I found out I have adult-onset asthma a couple years ago and now I hate it even more!
  • I’ve had several ex-wives… but I’m a nice guy.
  • I only like skinny girls
  • Red pill bro
  • They Don’t like to cook and has nasty teeth.
  • Living with mom
  • Live with my parents
  • Ohio State fan
  • Vegan
  • Cat lover
  • No work history
  • Male
  • Don’t like horror movies
  • Acid wash jeans and denim jackets never went out of style
  • Live in my parents basement
  • I have TikTok
  • I have kids lol
  • Big turnoff would be I do not like children
  • Any sentence with the words my mom
  • No cap
  • I’m a non-smoker
  • Men who are holding guns with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth. ???
  • don’t want children, don’t believe/faith
  • Seeing a woman who has swearing in her profile is a complete turnoff. Potty mouth can stay single. Or has a cat. Gross. Can guarantee I’d be skipping that purrrson.
  • “No drama.” Every person who says that usually thrives and creates it.
  • Don’t like grilled food or the outdoors… or vegan hit the road
  • “Married man seeks sister wife”
  • I live with my ex
  • I hate dogs
  • My stuffed toys like to watch…….
  • My husband likes to watch
  • Mama’s Boy… I married one and divorced him two years later.
  • “Working on my mullet.”
  • Wears a pink bunny suit to bed every Tuesday.
  • Ideal first date: grabbing a drink and some laughs and then meeting my parents.
  • A selfie profile pic of them in the bathroom mirror with nothing but a towel around their waist and flexing. And the caption under that picture that says “why do nice guys always finish last?”

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