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What’s Going On With Cybersecurity Provider Zscaler’s Shares On Tuesday? — TradingView News | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

Zscaler, Inc. ZS and NVIDIA Corporation NVDA, two major players in the tech industry, have entered into a strategic partnership to enhance AI-driven security solutions.

Zscaler will utilize NVIDIA’s AI to refine the user experience and bolster security-focused services across enterprise operations.

The partnership leverages AI tools, including NVIDIA NIM inference microservices and the Morpheus framework to amplify data processing capabilities on Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange platform, thus boosting defense mechanisms against cyber threats and streamlining IT management.

Zscaler’s new ZDX Copilot, equipped with NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails, marks an advanced approach in digital experience monitoring, offering critical insights into network, device, and application performance, thus facilitating enhanced IT operations and support.

With over 400 billion transactions processed daily, the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform stands as the largest security cloud globally.

By integrating NVIDIA’s sophisticated AI algorithms, Zscaler enhances its capability to swiftly identify and mitigate emerging threats, marking significant progress in predictive and generative AI applications within the cybersecurity sphere.

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Further collaborations between Zscaler and NVIDIA will see the development of new AI-driven solutions, such as the ZDX Copilot with NVIDIA Morpheus.

This initiative aims to optimize the filtering, processing, and classification of vast streams of cybersecurity data in real time, thereby enhancing threat detection capabilities.

Additionally, the integration with NVIDIA NIM will support a broad range of large language models, enhancing the deployment of generative AI across various security applications.

The advancement of a cybersecurity vendor’s AI is becoming the critical ingredient in its ability to maintain an advantage over adversaries,” said Punit Minocha, EVP Business and Corporate Development, Zscaler. 

In a separate announcement, Zscaler has intensified its collaboration with Alphabet Inc GOOGL GOOG Google to focus on fortifying Zero Trust architectures, eliminating the reliance on traditional VPNs by leveraging Google’s Chrome Enterprise and Google Workspace platforms.

The enhanced integration between Zscaler and Chrome Enterprise is set to provide advanced threat protection and data security to hundreds of millions of enterprise users without necessitating legacy VPNs or additional browsers.

This collaboration also includes safeguards against data leaks from popular applications like Gmail and Drive.

ZS stock has gained 19% in the past 12 months. Investors can gain exposure to the stock via Spear Alpha ETF SPRX and Global X Cybersecurity ETF BUG.

Price Action: ZS shares are trading higher by 0.97% at $185.70 at the last check Tuesday.

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