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WhatsApp Nude Video Call scam: Man loses Rs 1.57 lakhs but gets back Rs 1.39 lakh; check how | Personal Finance News | #whatsapp | #lovescams | #phonescams | #datingscams | #love | #relationships | #scams | #pof | | #dating

WhatsApp has been a go-to platform for many Indians when it comes to connecting with our friends and relatives. However, every technology comes with several benefits and then there remains a dark side of it. WhatsApp nude video calls have been a cause of concerns as many people lost their hard-earned money to the scammers after they got trapped in the scam. What happens is that scammers make a WhatsApp video call to strangers and if a male picks up the phone, a nude woman appears on the scammers’ side and if a woman picks the call, a nude male appears on the other side. 

The scammers record these videos and then use it to blackmail the victim. In one such instance, a Jind resident (identity kept secret) lost Rs 1.57 lakhs to cyber thugs after he became a victim of WhatsApp nude video call scam. “Jind resident received a WhatsApp video call from cyber thugs. They recorded a nude video and blackmailed him and extorted a sum of Rs 1.57 lakhs,” said the State Crime Branch of Haryana. 

It further said that though the victim paid money to the scammers, he kept his cool and called on cyber crime helpline 1930. “He filed a complaint on 1930, and the sum of Rs 1,39,140 was saved,” said the police, explaining that they blocked two transactions worth Rs 90,140 and Rs 49,000 and got the money returned to the victim.

The police urged people to not accept video calls from strangers. The police have been advising people against clicking on unknown link received through messages and mails. If you have also lost money to cyber thugs, you should immediately call on 1930 and also get an FIR registered if required. 

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