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A Twitter user was given life lessons by a WhatsApp scammer. Photo: Twitter/Mahesh


  • A Twitter user was given some life lessons by a scammer.
  • The scammer encouraged the man to make more money than friends.
  • Internet found conversation hilarious.

Recently, the instant messaging app WhatsApp has been widely used by scammers to trap innocent people. Thanks to the increased awareness, most citizens dodge the persistent attempts of these fraudsters and also challenge them with witty responses. However, in a recent occurrence, the interaction between a scammer and an individual turned into a masterclass on life and money.

A Twitter user named Mahesh shared the unique interaction he had with the scammer on social media. Posting a screenshot of the conversation, he wrote, “A WhatsApp scammer taught me a valuable lesson today.” Initially, the scammer asked Mahesh for a few of his minutes to discuss the work. In response, Mahesh told the fraudster that he wants to make friends. However, ignoring his message, the scammer went on to explain the job. Meanwhile, Mahesh did not give up. He stated that he wants loyal friends that are not two-faced.

Further, the scammer decided to acknowledge the man’s responses. The fraudster told Mahesh that it was making money was a better idea. The scammer then proceeded to say, “Life is just all about love and friends. Think of yourself first, think first how will you survive in this world. Do you want to earn money or not? Just answer my question.”

After the intense life lesson, Mahesh responded, “Nobody has ever cared enough to teach me this. I would like to sign up for your money-making plan.”

The post garnered a lot of comments online. “This conversation is worth a lot bro,” said one. Another stated, “These people are more honest than people I see and encounter every day. Talking with them is more real than the people I see around. Love him.” A third person commented, “Scammer got philosophical real quick.”

What do you think of their conversation? It looks like the scammer got carried away.

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