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If you are curious about where to watch and stream Alice in Wonderland online for free, then look no further. This movie follows the plot of 19-year-old Alice Kingsleigh, who struggles with her emotions after her father’s death. She again spots a familiar white rabbit in the garden and follows it down to the hole. This movie is now available for free online streaming.

Here’s where you can watch Alice in Wonderland online.

Where can you watch and stream Alice in Wonderland?

You can watch and stream Alice in Wonderland on Disney+. This movie is directed by Tim Burton and is available for online streaming through a subscription.

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The cast includes Mia Wasikowska as Alice Kingsleigh, Johnny Depp as Tarrant Hightopp, aka the Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter as Iracebeth of Crims, aka the Red Queen, Anne Hathaway as Mirana of Marmoreal, aka the White Queen, Crispin Glover as Ilosovic Stayne aka the Knave of Hearts, Matt Lucas as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Frances de la Tour as Imogene, Leo Bill as Hamish Ascot, Marton Csokas as Alice’s deceased father, Lindsay Duncan as Alice’s mother, Jemma Powell as Alice’s sister, and more.

How to watch Alice in Wonderland and stream online

You need to buy a Disney+ subscription to watch and stream this movie online.

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You can buy a Disney+ subscription by simply visiting its website and signing up. Complete the payment to start enjoying your favorite television shows and movies. The most affordable Disney+ subscription plan costs $7.99 a month and comes with ads. You can also opt for an ad-free subscription plan, which costs $10.99 monthly.

The official synopsis for Alice in Wonderland reads:

“Alice, now 19 years old, returns to the whimsical world she first entered as a child and embarks on a journey to discover her true destiny.”

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