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We can still hear our parents bickering over the car they were buying for their 16-year-old daughter. Red?! She’s going to rack up speeding tickets! It’s going to cost too much to insure! 

We don’t want to pick on our parents, because it was incredibly generous of them to buy us a brand-new car at 16 to begin with. However, it was a little funny to watch them dive headfirst into the urban legend that red cars get speeding tickets more often because their bright color stands out.

In reality, the police aren’t looking for certain color cars to pull over. They’re looking for you breaking the rules. Were you actually speeding? Were you texting even though Idaho has been enforcing its hands-free law since January 2021? Were you following too closely? Did you pull an illegal U-turn? Did you run a red light? Your driving behavior and ability to follow basic traffic laws play the biggest role in you getting pulled over and receiving a ticket. 

Christopher Furlong

Christopher Furlong

As for your insurance premium? Allstate explains that the color of your car has nothing to do with your insurance rate. Most insurance companies are more interested in the make/model of your car, your driving history, the age of the driver, and a few other factors. 

Even with all that explained, you know that someone was going rank which car colors get the most tickets, and here’s what we found out! 

What Make and Model Gets Pulled Over the Most Often?

Earlier this year, Insurify ranked all the major brands based on the percentage of its drivers who have a speeding ticket on their record. According to their deep-dive driving, Infinity drivers are most likely to get a speeding ticket. And they’re far more likely to get pulled over behind the wheel of a G37 than a QX60. According to their database, 8.7% of Infiniti drivers have a speeding violation. 

BMW ranked #9 on the list with 7.4% of their drivers with a speeding violation on their record. While the brand itself is lower on the Top 10 list, Insurify found that BMW i3 drivers are the most cited. 17.6% of those drivers were busted for speeding. We’re a little surprised because this thing doesn’t look sporty or fun at all. 

What Color Car Gets Pulled Over the Most?

According to American Auto Insurance, the color car that gets pulled over speeding the most is white and that may be simply because of the law of averages. Their report explains that white has been the most popular car color in America for more than a decade., a tool designed to help motorists find the cheapest deals on used cars, dove into it even deeper and discovered that white cars are the #8 most affordable in 2023 with an average price tag of $35,503. That must be good enough for Idaho, because 29.2% of drivers are behind the wheel of a white vehicle, making it the most popular color in the state too.

So there you have it. The myth that red cars get pulled over more is false! And for the record…we never did get pulled over for speeding in that red Chevy Cavalier.

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