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Whitehouse ISD uses new technology to increase school safety | #schoolsaftey

Mutualink will allow dispatchers access to school cameras, giving first responders additional information as they arrive on campus in the event of an emergency.

WHITEHOUSE, Texas — An East Texas school district is going high-tech to keep its students safe. 

Whitehouse ISD unveiled a new system called Mutualink. Mutualink allows dispatchers access to school cameras, which will help first responders by giving them additional information as they arrive on campus to respond to an emergency. 

“That platform allows us in communications, during an emergency event, to access school cameras and have some direct communications with school officials to provide some real-time information,” said Jimmy Jackson, Chief Deputy for the Sheriff’s Department.

Today, the district and frst responders held their first simulation drill of how this new communication tool will play out in case of an emergency.

“When the dispatcher gets that notification, within seconds, she’s able to put eyes inside that emergency. Anytime, there’s going to be multiple people, it appears to be a platform that will help us cut out misinformation and maybe get accurate, critical information that’s important to saving lives,” Jackson said.

Whitehouse ISD Director of Safety and Security Jeremy Black said the district is piloting this program on two campuses, but the plan is to implement it district-wide. To make this happen, they need money from the state.

“School funding is a huge thing we’re really waiting for the state and for our legislators to release that. So to give us those funds for these mandates, and for these other things to really keep our students safe,” Black said.

Jackson said they’re excited to utilize this new technology and capitalize on it.

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