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How did your neighbors vote? I’m an unapologetic Democrat and voted for Biden in this recent election. I will say that I thought that with everything that has happened over the past 4 years that Biden would have been the popular choice across both parties. Like many Democrats, I was hoping for a mass repudiation of the way our government has been used & abused by this administration.

Unfortunately, this did not happen and I, like many people, will have to learn to wrap our minds around that fact and move on, hoping against all hope, that the other side can move on also. I’ve lost decades-old friends (but luckily no family) to differences of opinion I had never known were there. I’m sad to have lost them but know deep in my heart that anyone can be fooled and you just have to move on with the rest of your life without them.

This morning I wanted to see how my neighbors voted so I searched for the information and found that evidently, Dunedin was not the progressive area I thought it was but I also know that won’t affect my love for the area we call home. Again, all we can do is try to heal our wounds & differences and move on, trying to make our little slice of the world better. The website is here: https://www.votepinellas.com/Election-Information/Find-Your-Precinct-Polling-Place

The one thing I hope for is that science will again rule our little slice of paradise and people will start wearing face coverings when they go out into public to protect our fellow citizens from getting sick. No matter what our current president says, the Virus keeps growing daily with current cases topping 100,000 yesterday for the first time ever. I have too many things wrong with me to chance to be in close proximity to people with the Virus ramping up like this.

Anyway, that’s how I feel this beautiful morning and I’m looking forward to hearing the final results of this damn election that has been 4 years in the making. On that, I’m sure my neighbors and friends agree wholeheartedly.

Beyond that, how does everybody else feel today?

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