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Who Is The Morning Show Season 3’s Hacker? 6 Most Likely Suspects, Ranked | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker


  • UBA faces its biggest challenge yet in The Morning Show season 3 with a mysterious cyberattack, leaving viewers anticipating the secrets and reveals that will follow.
  • The introduction of new characters in season 3 adds to the list of potential suspects, while UBA continues to fight for its reputation, making for an intriguing storyline.
  • Suspects for the cyberattack include Your Day, America, Hannah’s dad seeking revenge, former UBA president Fred Micklen, Russian hackers, and Paul Marks, creating an interesting array of potential adversaries.

UBA and its employees have been just barely coming out on top of each major obstacle thrown their way in The Morning Show, but a cyberattack in The Morning Show season 3 threatens to finally topple them. The Morning Show season 3, episode 2 introduced the storyline that will likely be receiving the most attention this season, with UBA becoming the target of an unknown cyberhacker. This sets up a thrilling plot, as viewers will have to wait and see just what secrets the hacker will reveal, what the impact of these reveals will be, and perhaps most importantly, who hacked UBA in The Morning Show season 3.

The Morning Show season 3 added new characters that lengthen the suspect list, but UBA and its employees have made many enemies for itself in the show’s first two seasons. UBA’s fall from grace following the exposure of Mitch Kessler’s sexual misconduct at the start of The Morning Show and their uphill battle to restore the network’s reputation and legacy is part of what makes the show so intriguing. When it seems like they’ve solved one problem, more will appear, forcing them to face what they’re willing to do to prevail, for better or worse. The Morning Show season 3’s cyberattack might just be their biggest challenge yet.

6 Your Day, America

At the start of The Morning Show, UBA was the leading network and home of the show-within-the-show of the same name. Its biggest competitor in morning news was, and still is, Your Day, America, which benefited from all of UBA’s scandals. Unlike UBA, not much is known about the executives running YDA, though Mindy Kaling has guest starred in The Morning Show multiple times as Audra, one of the Your Day, America’s anchors. While Cory and other executives at UBA can be pretty cutthroat, the lack of information about YDA makes it hard to determine whether they would actually hack their main competitor.

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If Your Day, America was actually behind the cyberattack and discovered and exposed, it would surely backfire on them and ruin any credibility they may have had as a news organization. They may have something to gain in bringing UBA down, but there’s even more that they can lose. Laura Peterson returned in The Morning Show season 3 but is now working for YDA. While she’s no longer a UBA employee, her relationship with Bradley has made her a target by association. The hackers have threatened to release a private, intimate video Bradley sent Laura, and it would be a mistake for YDA to potentially hurt their big-name co-anchor.

5 Hannah’s Dad

Gugu Mbatha-Raw As Hannah Schoenfeld In The Morning Show.jpg

Following Hannah’s overdose and death at the end of The Morning Show season 1, her father sued UBA in a wrongful death lawsuit. This was one of the many things in The Morning Show season 2 that threatened to tear UBA down once again, along with Maggie Brener’s tell-all book, and the impending financial failure of their new streaming service. The outcome of this lawsuit is unknown, but something must have happened between Hannah’s dad and UBA during the two-year gap between The Morning Show seasons 2 and 3.

It was revealed in The Morning Show season 2 finale that he couldn’t afford the legal fees incurred by the lawsuit, and that Claire was the one paying it. While UBA seemed pretty set on not paying the $119.2 million settlement that Hannah’s dad wanted, if they did pay him, he could have used the money to stage a cyberattack. Hannah’s dad had told Cory, “the money is meaningless to me unless I can use it to resurrect her or buy her a better dad,” but he might have found a use for it in hacking UBA in an effort for vengeance.

4 Fred Micklen

Tom Irwin As Fred Micklen & Steve Carell As Mitch Kessler In The Morning Show.jpg

Someone who certainly has the money to attack UBA, including the $119.2 million they actually paid him to leave the network, is former UBA president Fred Micklen. After playing a significant role in The Morning Show season 1, he played a much smaller role in season 2. He has yet to be mentioned in the first two episodes of The Morning Show season 3, but someone like Fred never truly goes away. The Morning Show season 2 killed off Mitch, but as long as Fred is still alive, he’s a potential threat and suspect.

Despite receiving the payout from UBA, Fred wasn’t satisfied and has refused to take responsibility for his actions and the part he played in creating a toxic, dangerous workplace environment in The Morning Show. Fred’s reputation was ruined by Alex and Bradley’s broadcast coup at the end of season 1, so he has nothing to lose, and in his case, it’s clear that misery loves company. He was the one who tried to smear Hannah in the press and who leaked the video of Alex at Mitch’s funeral. Fred is constantly looking for revenge, and he’s an easy choice for the villain of The Morning Show season 3.

3 Russian Hackers

Billy Crudup As Cory Ellison & Greta Lee As Stella Bak In The Morning Show Season 3.jpg

Another potential suspect named by The Morning Show characters themselves was a group of Russian hackers. In 2016, agents with Russian military intelligence hacked into the emails of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign staff, and ever since, the topic of Russian hackers has been a mainstay in the news, whether due to actual cyberattacks or suspicion and fear. With UBA being an American news organization and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War, it wouldn’t be surprising if UBA was hacked for any specific coverage. This is similar to the theory the characters have about January 6, which could lead to larger storylines about the risks journalists take to deliver the truth.

2 A Far-Right Extremist Group

Reese Witherspoon As Bradley Jackson In The Morning Show Season 3.jpg

In The Morning Show season 3, episode 1, Bradley proved her professional growth by receiving a First Amendment Award for her reporting on the January 6 United States Capitol attack. There are many people at UBA the hackers could have gone after specifically, but targeting Bradley in particular raised concerns for the characters that it could have been because of her January 6 coverage. If the cyberhack is a direct response to UBA and Bradley’s coverage of the Capitol attack, it’s likely that a far-right extremist group is behind it. Like most of the other suspects, they would be looking for revenge for the damage UBA caused them.

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1 Paul Marks

Jon Hamm smiling in The Morning Show

The number one suspect is shaping up to be one of The Morning Show season 3’s main villains, whether he is behind the cyberattack or not. Jon Hamm has returned to television in The Morning Show as Paul Marks, a corporate tycoon who wants to buy UBA. While Cory was working on a deal with him privately, nobody else seemed to want Paul to take over UBA, despite their financial situation warranting a buyout. This created an element of danger about Paul, with Stella even warning Cory about his “tricky” nature.

Paul certainly has the motivation to hack UBA, and Cory views him as a main suspect as well. As Cory said, Paul could be holding the network hostage so that Cory would name his price. Paul is also upset about how Alex ditched Hyperion One, so it wouldn’t be a shocker if he wanted to reveal some secrets to do more than just hurt UBA’s stock, which would give the company no choice but to accept a generous offer from Paul if they want to avoid financial ruin. Even if Paul isn’t the hacker in The Morning Show season 3, he’s shaping up to be an interesting adversary for Cory.


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