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Who was the first hacker of The Circle season 5? An attempt to eliminate a strong contestant fails | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Netflix dropped episodes 9 to 12 of The Circle on Wednesday, January 11 at 03.01 am ET.

Sasha, who was eliminated in episode 8, gave Jennifer the power to hack any conversation before leaving the show. In reality, Jennifer is a team consisting of two former contestants from The Circle season 5, who were eliminated in episode 1, Brett and Xanthi. They were allowed to chat with anyone from the show while impersonating another player but were given a warning that the other contestants would learn that there was a hacking in the show.

Jennifer (Xanthi and Brett) decided to talk to Sam while impersonating Chaz, as he was the most trustworthy player, and called Sam his wife in the game. In a challenge, Jennifer had called Tamira a two-faced person and the latter fought with Jennifer about the same.

Jennifer decided to target Tamira and told Sam that Tamira tried to create a rebellion against the OGs of the season by forming a group of newbies with the help of Sasha. This was not true, as Sasha was the one who created the group and Tamira refused to be a part of it.

Sam trusted Chaz and felt that Tamira needed to be taken out of the game about the revelation.

Jennifer did not tell other The Circle cast members that Sasha had gone home after meeting her in person

Sasha, Shubham in real life, met Jennifer before heading home, but the latter did not tell anyone about the same. Others were confused about why no one was saying who Sasha met before heading home, which happens every time someone is eliminated. Jennifer took advantage of this and pretended that Chaz was the one who met Sasha.

Pretending to be Chaz, Jennifer called Sam his ‘wifey’ and revealed that Tamira had more involvement in the rebellion than she was showing in the group chat. This made Sam target Tamira in the rankings and caused the latter to receive the lowest rank in the popularity vote.

Sam became an influencer in the rankings and wanted to evict Tamira. However, she spoke to Chaz after it was announced that the chats had been hacked (not revealing the identity of the hacker.) Chaz informed her that he had not spoken to her in the past 48 hours.

Sam immediately connected the dots and decided not to evict Tamira with fellow influencer Raven. Raven and Sam decided to send Marvin home, who tried to double date Raven and Tamira on The Circle.

How did Sam come to the conclusion that Jennifer was the hacker in The Circle season 5?

Sam knew that she did not call Chaz her “husband” in any group chats but one, which involved just Jennifer, Chaz, and her. She immediately told Chaz about the same but the latter felt that Tom, another newcomer, was the hacker as he had not informed him about the rebellion group despite being his friend.

Chaz, Sam, and Jennifer later got into a group chat where Jennifer said that she had told the “rebellion” group members about the husband-wife type of relationship between the duo. Sam knew that Jennifer was lying but had no proof.

Later on, Jennifer told Tom the truth but he was eliminated after ranking last.

The first 12 episodes of The Circle season 5 are now available on Netflix. The finale of the show will be dropped on January 18, 2023.

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