Who We Are

National Cyber Security (a division of National Cyber Security Ventures, Corp.) (NCS) specialize in Penetration/Vulnerability Testing, Cyber Security, Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Crime Training, Mobile Forensics, IT Security Training, Cyber Forensics Investigation, Parent Security, Teen Security, Dating Scams and Intelligence Gathering and Background Checks.


Continuing Legal Educations & IT/Cyber Security Training: NCS owns the largest selection of computer/cyber security certification courses in the world. (National Cyber Security University) Our courses are designed for those who nothing about technology to experience cyber security experts.  NCS is also certified to provide Legal Education Credits (CLE) to local, state and federal Attorney’s.

Cyber Crime Investigation: NCS also provides consulting on cyber security, cyber blackmail/extortion, cyber-attacks, cyber bullying, social media investigations to consumers, small to large businesses, local/state/federal law enforcement agencies, athletes, entertainers, government agencies around the world.

Cyber Security: NCS performs penetration/vulnerability testing for corporations and governments around the world.

Investigations & Background Checks: NCS is a licensed private investigation company that can run background checks and gather intelligence on individuals, company’s and other organizations around the world.

NCS Team is very familiar with federal government agencies and departments and thoroughly understands the complexities of several organizations, its missions and critical functions; and has trained federal government employees for the FBI, DEA, ATF, DSS, US Marshalls and Air Marshalls. Moreover, NCS understands the Foreign Service Institute’s (FSI) charge to train one our nation’s most critical strategic enablers—the Diplomat. Our vast international experience in 28 countries to include the UK, Bosnia, Iraq, Cameroon, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia and Canada allows us to fully understand the operational variables (political, economic, religious, social, and technology) and mission variables (organizations, structures, people, and capabilities etc.); and how they impact our diplomats and their families abroad, whether on PCS, TCS, TDY or on personal travel.  NCSV fully understands how to work collaboratively in joint and combined operational environments with assigned, attached and embedded personnel.

Additionally, members of NCS’s Board of Advisors frequently make guest appearances during lectures to enhance discussions and provide senior executive and senior management expertise. Our Board has over 200 years of combined experience in a multitude of industries and disciplines within and supporting the federal government.