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As is the nature of a cybersecurity blog, we spend a lot of time talking about ourselves.  But all that really matters is what our users think about our product. We sat down with the IT department of Evermore Resort to hear about their experience using Coro. 

Coro: How did you hear about us? 

Evermore: We did a quick Google search of top cybersecurity companies and you guys came up, so we decided to check you out. What made you stand out immediately was how simplistic the dashboard was. We had used various cybersecurity providers in the past, but Coro’s simplicity really caught our eye. Additionally, we were drawn in by the fact that Coro could handle everything that we needed and was entirely cloud-based at the same time. What really drew us to Coro was the fact that you are lightweight, cloud-based, and have a clean, simple interface. 

Coro: Why was simplicity important to you? 

Evermore: Simplicity was paramount to us. Working in the hospitality industry means that we have urgent requests coming in endlessly. Our IT department isn’t huge, but we are responsible for making sure that all of our resort’s technology runs smoothly. We get a lot of last-minute requests and simplicity is something that we needed in order to keep our team balanced. Even though we have somebody who monitors applications, he might need to be hands-on with something else at a moment’s notice. He could be a systems admin one minute, then a network technician, then an engineer. Simplicity was imperative to keep our daily operations flowing.  

We could push a lot of script and it was actually functional — we could see it in action in real-time. Everything we did on the Coro console we could see immediately taking effect on our devices. We never needed to stop and ask, “oh wait, did that work?”  

We were especially impressed by Coro after seeing how other security providers deal with malware. When it comes to malware, Coro was effortless. We took care of everything on the console, and it just worked. 

Coro: You’ve been using Coro for the past six months. What has stood out about our product? 

Evermore: We’ve simply had no issues. You don’t ever really see that. Prior to this we had a Trend Micro, and we had so many issues — I’m talking with corrupting the file system and such. The fact that we installed Coro and it went off without a hitch was extremely surprising. Not to mention the fact that we’ve been using it for six months and haven’t even had one issue

Another impressive thing is the responsiveness of the SOC team. We’ll get a call from them within moments of an issue arising. With other cybersecurity providers we might have received an email, but that’s it.  

And finally, the un-intrusiveness of the software is fantastic. No matter how we use it, Coro never interrupts our employees. The UX is lovely both on the console and for our employees — they don’t even realize it’s running. We are deploying 100% on an active environment with no downtime and no complaints

Coro: Can you talk about your experience with CoroSOC? 

Evermore: Starting from the setup, everything went flawlessly. Since getting to know our team, we get to talk to them about every other day. And the SOC just works smoothly. We’ve never seen anything like this with the other cybersecurity companies we’ve worked with. They’re so caring. If there’s something [suspicious] going on, they’ll help us resolve it immediately. 

Once we get a notification that there has been an event, our phone will ring before we even log into the console and it’s Coro calling us before we have a chance to call them — and they’re like, “here’s what’s going on, here’s what we recommend.” You guys are nailing the attacks

And when someone picks up the phone from Coro, they’re happy and they know what’s going on; which isn’t often the case with other cybersecurity companies. 

Coro: Your company is getting bigger. Do you have any concerns about scaling Coro as you grow? 

Evermore: Absolutely not. We are actively deploying stations and as we deploy, the integration is seamless. One thing that impacts a lot of people in the IT workforce is something as simple as changing a PC name. Most antivirus systems do not automatically integrate those updates, but with Coro it does. As far as our deployment goes, we call it set and forgot. We boot up and we’re good to go. 

Coro: How long did it take you to get comfortable using our platform? 

Evermore: Two days. It was super quick. The product is simple and intuitive. Also, we had engineers working with us whenever we needed them to answer any questions. It was an unbelievably fast process. 

It only took two weeks for us to realize that we were in good hands. We get attacks daily targeting our key people, especially BEC (business email compromise). In the past, we’ve had to block these manually. But now we are able to see Coro automatically block these attacks in real time. 

You know, you haven’t asked if we’d recommend Coro to someone else. 

Coro: And would you? 

Evermore: We would definitely recommend Coro. And we already have! 

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