Why have Trump on CNN the day after losing in court? | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

One of the more bizarre public spectacles was the recent town hall on CNN with the former president of our county spending two hours repeating multiple lies about the many legal perils that face him- the day after a jury essentially declared him to be a sexual predator.

Watching Donald Trump talk about how he would free January 6 convicted rioters, blaming Nancy Pelosi for not protecting the Capitol, continuing to blast E. Jean Carroll, his sexual assault victim, and getting applause and laughter while doing so was really revolting to watch. It is astounding how Donald Trump continues to show how unfit he is to not only be president, much less have any position of responsibility.

And yet, some people still support and enjoy his “bad boy, class clown, bully’ juvenile behavior.

Which begs the question, why did CNN put this man on TV?

Did CNN not think he would use this as a forum to spread lies to millions of people who could not help but rubber neck this car accident of a “candidate”? Are ratings really worth helping this man spread his disinformation?

Was it really worth inciting even more people to send death threats to the woman who bravely took him to court and won? When someone who clearly did everything he could to overturn an election- inspiring rioters to help him do just that, and is given a public forum, is it really in the public interest?

CNN and other responsible media outlets have hard decisions to make in their coverage of Donald Trump in this election season. Responsible journalism is more than giving air time to the spectacle that is the disgraced former President.

Tom Buglio, Malvern, Pa.

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