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Why RHOA Fans Are Disappointed With Marlo’s Parenting | #parenting | #sextrafficing | #childsaftey | #hacking | #aihp

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans are unsupportive of Marlo Hampton’s parenting journey, as she navigates caring for her two nephews. Season 14 is giving viewers an inside look into Marlo’s at-home life, for the first time since she earned a full-time spot on the show. Marlo has shared how she ended up taking in her nephews after her sister, who lives with mental health issues, ended up in prison. Marlo has no children of her own, so raising her nephews is giving her a clearer sense of what motherhood is like. She is a proud “Muntie” to her nephews.

Of course, things aren’t always easy when caring for two teenage boys. Recent The Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes have shown Marlo’s breakdown, after her nephews started misbehaving inside of the house. Marlo admitted to kicking the boys out and sending them to stay with her younger sister, who has a full house of her own kids. Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss have criticized Marlo for telling her nephews to “get the fu*k out,” and sending them to stay with someone who has kids of her own. With Marlo enjoying her lavish life in a big house all by herself, viewers mostly agree with Kandi and Kenya’s thoughts on the family drama.


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During Reddit’s Bravo Real Housewives live episode discussion, viewers ripped Marlo apart, after she explained to her therapist that she kicked her nephews out of her home for a 30-day break. “Marlo. Shorten the thirty days and get them into therapy,” one Redditor wrote. “Marlo has no right to be criticizing her sister,” another user quipped. “YOU dropped your nephews off to her and her plate is already full,” they added. Marlo complained about her sister allowing the boys to play video games during their time at her house. She felt the choice disturbed the structure that she’d put in place with her nephews.

However, viewers were taken aback by Marlo’s criticism of her sister, considering the four children she has to care for. “Honestly Marlo, what did you expect sending them to a woman who already needs to dedicate time to 4 toddlers?” one Reddit user asked. “That poor sister looks as if she could use some help,” added someone else. Between Marlo’s parenting choices and the low blows she’s been taking while engaged in a showdown, fans aren’t too impressed with her performance in her first full-time season. For years, Marlo had the pleasure of stirring the pot while avoiding having the cameras inside her home.

However, now that Marlo is a peach holder, viewers are getting more details about her at-home life with her nephews. There is still room for Marlo to redeem herself. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star continues to be transparent when it comes to talking about her parenting struggles. Criticism is bound to come with reality television. If Marlo is paying any attention to the feedback, she can make some behavioral changes, should she receive another peach next season. For now, Marlo should prepare herself for all the fan-submitted questions about her parenting at the season 14 reunion.

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Source: Bravo Real Housewives/Reddit

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