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Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, July 29, 2021

Email security software should also allow for customization so that it is tailored to the risk appetite, employee preferences, and business environment.

FREMONT, CA: Security leaders have a lot to think about when developing a cybersecurity strategy. There are several threat vectors, dozens of ‘types of data to secure, thousands of products to choose from, and frequently a restricted budget to work with.

A spear-phishing attack could compromise data. Malware embedded in a single malicious attachment has the potential to infect an entire company’s network. By emailing spreadsheets to their own email accounts, insider threats could effortlessly exfiltrate data for financial benefit. That is why email is the most significant threat vector for security and IT leaders and why selecting the appropriate email security software is so vital.

Is It Easy to Deploy?

Cybersecurity solutions should make the employees’ and IT department’s lives easier. In the end, a time-consuming setup process costs time and resources. Worse, it may result in deployment failures, leaving the firm susceptible. That is why email security software should be simple to implement throughout the organization and integrate with several email clients without causing any administrative headaches. Before diving too further into the sales process, find out what kind of support the vendor offers, how long deployment takes, and–if feasible–speak with an existing client about their experience.

Is It Adaptable and Scalable?

The business tools must adapt as the organization develops and changes. This includes email security software, which should always function, regardless of the size of the organization. The email security software should alter as one scales up or down. Email security software should also allow for customization so that it is tailored to the risk appetite, employee preferences, and business environment. Too little flexibility is confining, while too much variety is exhausting (and could be resource-intensive).

Are Employees (And Data) Safe on Multiple Devices?

Since the emergence of COVID-19, businesses have become increasingly reliant on cloud computing, remote working, and home offices. It is difficult enough to secure a set of company workstations on company property. It is even more challenging to keep track of security on various desktop, laptop, and mobile devices spread throughout businesses, public spaces, and employees’ residences. Unprotected devices, on the other hand, are a serious security risk for the company. As a result, a good email security solution should work on every device employees can use to access company data.

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