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Wickliffe Schools installing ballistic film to windows | #schoolsaftey

WICKLIFFE, Ohio (WJW) — It’s a move designed to slow down or potentially stop a school shooter.

The construction of the Wickliffe City School District‘s new $60,000 preschool through 12th grade campus began two years ago, with the safety of students a top priority.

“We worked with the Wickliffe Police Department and we examined all of the elements of what is a secure school building,” said school superintendent Joseph Spiccia.

He says in addition to surveillance cameras, telephones in classrooms and automatic alarm doors, an added layer of security will have crews installing ballistic film windows and entrance glass doors.

The film is not 100% bullet proof.

“Bullets will still go through but it slows the ability of the intruder to enter, thereby giving law-enforcement more time to respond and prevents glass from shattering,” he said.

The Wickliffe school district is not immune to gun violence. In the early ’90s, a former student entered the middle school killing a custodian and injuring several others.

“If we could buy a minute, two minutes, three minutes, that could potentially save people from harm,” Spiccia said.

A school resource officer will still be in the building during school hours to also allow for a faster response.

The film should be in place before the new school year this fall.

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