Will Anonymous Hack Facebook- & Beware of Facebook Comments – 2012 jan

Download link from here:-dengee.net for virus:- virustotal.com———— Lyrics You’re never gonna see me From your side of the screen And I’m watching every move By you and companies No, Sony isn’t safe Nor News International Fox, PBS, cause the truth isn’t factual You’re bout to get distributed Denial of a service. Mastercard, Visa. Cause Nobody’s perfect. We’re here to make a name And decentralize. While they run us with money That enslaves all our minds and the FBI, CIA isn’t even smart enough protecting the wealthy with a firewall of garter belts I’m here to take it down And I haven’t got the tolerance The 99% Call me anonymous I am anonymous I am anonymous I know you want to call me crazy But you haven’t seen the proof I could always hack into the mail Of any corporate group So it isn’t what you’re told about It’s what you’ll never know Cause the media is gullible Watch the Daily Show A Guy Fawkes mask Doesn’t even represent it all It’s who we are inside That’ll bring another downfall Facebook, Bankers None of you are safe But beware of all the Legitimacy in what we state Cause anybody out here Could be who we are Controlled opposition? Or those behind bars? The Westboro Church Doesn’t even have security – It’s never for the lulz – We do it for communities Always on the run Never sit in one place Cause the cops have a gun With no names or a face Wall Street is next Cause they’re in it for profit You don’t know who I am? Call me anonymous I am anonymous We have no

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