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Williams-Sonoma Kronos hack class action lawsuit overview: 

  • Who: Mia Appluewhite filed a class action lawsuit against Williams-Sonoma Inc. and Williams-Sonoma Direct Inc. 
  • Why: Appluewhite claims Williams-Sonoma failed to pay proper overtime to its non-exempt workers during a Kronos service outage resulting from a December 2021 ransomware attack. 
  • Where: The class action lawsuit was filed in California federal court. 

Williams-Sonoma workers who were not exempt from overtime under federal law were not paid properly following a hack against the Kronos timekeeping payroll systems, a new class action lawsuit alleges. 

Plaintiff Mia Appluewhite claims Williams Sonoma’s non-exempt workers were not paid for all of their overtime hours worked and/or paid their proper overtime premium on time, if at all, during an outage of the Kronos timekeeping and payroll systems. 

Appluewhite argues the December 2021 ransomware attack caused Kronos to suffer a service outage that led to problems in both timekeeping and payroll throughout the Williams-Sonoma organization. 

“The Kronos outage interfered with the ability of Kronos users, including Williams-Sonoma, to use Kronos to track hours and pay employees,” the Williams-Sonoma class action states. 

Appluewhite wants to represent a class of Williams-Sonoma non-exempt workers who were not paid their full overtime premiums on time, if at all, for all their overtime hours worked during the Kronos service outage. 

Williams-Sonoma estimated hours worked during Kronos service outage, class action says

Appluewhite claims Williams-Sonoma estimated the number of hours its non-exempt employees worked for the pay periods during the Kronos service outage, which they arguesled to them being paid incorrectly.

“It was feasible for Williams-Sonoma to put in timekeeping and pay systems during the Kronos outage so that employees could be timely paid the full and correct amounts of money they were owed for the work they did for the company,” the Williams-Sonoma class action states. 

Appluewhite claims Williams-Sonoma violated the Fair Labor Standards Act. They demand a jury trial and request an award of unpaid wages and liquidated and penalty damages for themself and all class members. 

In July 2022, Williams-Sonoma faced a class action lawsuit accusing it of inflating the thread count of its bedding products. 

Did Williams-Sonoma not properly pay you during the Kronos service outage? Let us know in the comments. 

The plaintiff is represented by Matthew S. Parmet of Parmet PC and Andrew R. Frisch of Morgan & Morgan, P.A. 

The Williams-Sonoma Kronos hack class action lawsuit is Appluewhite, et al. v. Williams-Sonoma Inc., et al., Case No. 3:23-cv-05235, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

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