Windows 10 “Hello” Facial #Reco Is Easily #Hacked & #Fooled

In response to the news that hackers have fooled the Windows 10 facial recognition with a mere photo, VASCO Data Security, leaders in multifactor authentication commented below.

“That hackers found a way to spoof Windows 10 Hello facial recognition as they did with the iPhone X Face ID isn’t surprising – no one technology, including biometric authentication technology – is immune to creative attacks. Organizations can better mitigate fraud by taking a layered approach to security that doesn’t rely on a single authentication mechanism. For example, behavioral biometrics combined with other MFA technologies is easy to implement, provides a far better end user experience, and much better at preventing fraud.

“The Holy Grail of fraud prevention is combining intelligent risk analysis with a variety of authentication methods to enable dynamic authentication. This approach essentially ratchets up security, in real time, with additional authentication steps only when a higher level of risk is detected. This also provides the best possible user experience while reducing fraud.

“Going into 2018, behavioral biometrics and dynamic authentication technologies will play an increasingly important role not just for banks and FI’s, but for other businesses that are focused on providing the best experience for customers and mitigating fraud across all common digital channels and devices.”

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