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Now it’s official, Microsoft has introduced Windows 11 and partially updated the user interface. There is, for example, a modified start menu that does not contain live tiles, but contains an area with recently opened programs. In addition, Windows 11 comes with a minimalist redesigned file explorer. Microsoft showed off a preview of the new design during a developer event after the launch of Windows 11.

This is new in File Explorer in Windows 11

Microsoft is using the previous Windows 10 File Explorer for the redesign. What’s new, however, is the toolbar at the top of Explorer, which says goodbye to the ribbon menu and instead works with icons and fonts. The goal is to improve accessibility so that people with disabilities can also find their way around more easily. At the same time, the toolbar is scalable in size so that actions can be performed as easily as possible on a computer with a touch screen.

Datei-Explorer Win 10 vs Win 11


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Windows 11 laptops

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Windows 11 File Explorer With New Toolbar 01

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Windows 11 File Explorer with New Toolbar 02

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WinUI 3 Elements

To celebrate the 1 billion devices with Windows 10 installed, Devices & Windows head Panos Panay shared a video on Instagram in March 2020. The newly designed file explorer can be seen here, which should be snag-free and should be easy to use with both a touch screen and a mouse. Now the new File Explorer is used in Windows 11. As can already be seen in the video preview, the new File Explorer retains all the functionality of the previous explorer, and only the toolbar has been redesigned. Microsoft WinUI 3 uses the XML XAML extension, which was already announced at the Build 2020 developer conference. WinUI 3 will be available as a final version of Windows 11; The development is documented on Github.

Windows 11: Microsoft presents the new operating system in the video

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The new File Explorer suite in Windows 11:

  • Windows 11 has a redesigned user interface that includes the start menu.
  • In addition, a redesigned File Explorer will be included in Windows 11.
  • In addition to the familiar items, there is a new toolbar that replaces the previous ribbon menu and uses only icons and labels.
  • Microsoft uses WinUI 3 as a technical basis, which enables menu items to scale better than the previous file explorer.

Sources: Microsoft, Windowslatest, Github, Instagram

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