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digit You can find a browser wars veteran a mile away. These horrific conflicts that fought across the world’s desktops, not 20 years ago, left deep scars. Just whispering “looks best in IE6” in the Generation 95 crowd, as grown-up men and women cry like babies, grab an invisible mouse and click on the old closed window. You can see.

By Gen XP, that was all over and the Internet desktop was under full empire control. Then came the Chrome and Firefox Rebel Alliance, and within a few years we were released.

Like all peacetime generations, they have forgotten conflicts ever since. They assume that freedom is of course here. The desktop is an antique battlefield as old as a Baltic warship. We’re mobile, the cloud, and everywhere access lock-ins are burned.

Bad news. Windows 11 is trying to change that all. Grab that Lee-Enfield .303, soldier. The old enemy wakes up again.

Internet Explorer has transformed its 5% market share for Netscape into a killer score of 90 or higher by simply integrating it into Windows 95 via a service pack. Windows 11 is certainly very enthusiastic about using Edge. It pops up in a system search like Win 10 even if you use a different default browser, but there is no sign that it will be more than a Chrome install applet.

No, the new Super Weapon available for free is Microsoft Teams. This is now very good. Installed on Windows 11 desktop Just click from a simple sign-on to the empire. Everything else that MS really wants to use (OneDrive, Office 365, their blast widgets) can be deprecated. team? Oh, not so many. The team is, on the surface, there to talk to others, and if they are on the team, you have to use it too. Documents, spreadsheets, files of all kinds – OneDrive, Office 365 users can exchange content with Google Drive and apps.

In these WFH eras, you need to talk to others over the internet. The outdated battlefield is a physical office, and the new shiny conflict zone is the intermediary channel that carries all our work interactions.

And this time, there isn’t even a deep-rooted opposition.Google’s conferencing system is a shrine that doesn’t know its own name, and the only line of defense created is With Salesforce and newly mobilized Slack..It doesn’t look good to Slack who knows it – it started a year ago Complaints to Microsoft about including the team in Office.. There is no doubt that it will extend to Windows 11, but no one will win World War in court.

What creates a meeting space like the Mesopotamian oil fields that seduces resources into a great power? It’s the same as the browser wars-the people who control the conversation between humans and digital control the world. Every file you share, every connection established, every link exchanged is a treasure to be collected. It’s all automatically poured together. Watch access channels within your team emerge throughout your business for helplines, content accumulators, special offer conduits, and payment systems.

The long way of interaction between users of a conferencing system and their resources creates a rich seam of action that can be quickly mined. It’s very profitable because it’s task-focused. Just click on all the metadata and real data on Microsoft’s servers, the raw materials ready to feed your AI / ML machine, the EULA. Microsoft can make a lot more money than Salesforce because Salesforce is installed by default in almost every business in the world and has a lot to sell. Make home users a team habit and you’ll be back in IE6’s happy hunting grounds.

This is a terrible outlook for everyone, not just Slack. The reign of IE6 was characterized by stagnation. All companies consider spending development resources for exclusive services a waste. It was afflicting the slave army at the factory, they should be grateful for what they get. And if you find it less interesting than tickling the tonsils of Turbot that Teams breaks down, wait until Microsoft settles down to enjoy the new monopoly.

It was the open standards of the Internet that saved the world. Microsoft was unable to manage that lock-in, as it tried. This time, the standard doesn’t exist or isn’t used by the big players who control the entire chain end-to-end where it exists. Third party endpoints are not allowed. Therefore, whether you’re using a non-MS desktop or a mobile device, you need to use Microsoft apps. Is there a lock-in in the cloud? Nice to meet you.

It may be too late. Windows 11 will soon be everywhere. The rest of the industry is in turmoil. But if Google and Salesforce, Amazon and Apple decide it’s better to live in a state coalition than to see everything go back under the old four-pane logo, build a new Rebel Alliance. I can. If Microsoft wins the most, it loses the most – Salesforce’s love for Slack is as a CRM channel, and in any case, you’ll get metrics and aggregated channels. Google and Amazon have the scope and infrastructure to sell conferencing services in an open market with open access points. And, unlike Microsoft, they are creatures built from open standards. Google won mobile by being open. It’s great if there are signs of understanding the meeting.

Fixing your hopes for an uneasy alliance to solidify the foothold of war before the focused enemy has already won is not a way for the sane to create a better world. But the proof of hope is there. Just ask the veterans of the last war and listen when they say – there’s a better way. ®

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